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NZICF 15 | Neel Kolhatkar Truth Be Told

Said to be one of the brightest prospects in the comedy world, Neel Kolhatkar boasts a CV rivalling many seasoned professionals. With a subscriber base that had previously garnered him millions of hits on his videos, Neel sky-rocked to Internet stardom in 2013 with his viral video, Australia in 2 Minutes.

It was that very same year that I first encountered Neel – I was living in Sydney and I was working at a YouTube festival where he happened to be a part of the line-up. Being the non-video watcher I am, I had no clue who he was or how much I enjoyed his material, until after the fact.

This week, Neel made his New Zealand debut with his latest show, Truth be Told, at the NZ International Comedy Festival. A set that covered the lack of positive role models for ethnic Australians growing up, the ludicrousness of needing drugs to enjoy house music (and clubbing), growing up with one of rap’s finest artists (50 Cent), and being gifted Chingy’s Jackpot album at the age of 10…. by his grandparents.

While his jokes about European DJs lacked originality, his dig at indie music was hilarious.

Neel’s comedic timing and stage presence is beyond his twenty (something) years of age. His confidence and ability to interact and engage with his audience makes him a delight to watch. I can see why audiences around the world (Edinborough, New York, Los Angeles, London) have loved him, and why New Zealand will too.

He has two shows remaining, including tonight. Log out of YouTube and go to Q Theatre where you can see him live.

Wellington Style

Wellington Style TV

We all know that Wellington has style. Serious style. Wellington Style TV just sent a link through to their latest video. They sat down with Trelise Cooper to find out more about how she works and the things that inspire her.

Wellington Style TV will be getting out there and finding out what inspires other Kiwis soon. And hopefully sharing a few more defining moments.