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seen | AW’13 Group Show at Wellington Fashion Week – DAY TWO

The feature show of Day Two was the AW’13 Group Show featuring Trelise Cooper, moochi, twoWORLDS, STORM, Mondegreen, Sabatini/Goodness and Taylor – all of which are iconic fashion labels within the fashion industry itself and are house-hold names down Lambton Quay and Willis Street in Wellington.

The first group show of Wellington Fashion Week offered a plethora of fashionably artistic elements. Trelise Coopers Autumn/Winter range was full of the colours of Autumn. The browns, the oranges and reds. The aesthetic design and print was typically something you would expect from Trelise Cooper and was actually what differentiated her from the other designers. Her Autumn/Winter range that was showcased tonight has a mixture of bold yet somewhat attractively absurd textures with an amazing array of colour and fabric. The trim of her garments are made to perfection and are what makes her label so unique and diverse.

My favourite however was Taylor. Although their Autumn/Winter range was predominantly black and white, I actually thought they gave black a new name! They were that good, and THAT inspiring! The overall aesthetic of Taylor’s Autumn/Winterrange was very relaxing and simplistic but it also maintained that chic element through the odd pink and red. Never before, have I seen black worn so elegantly.

Kieran over and out on Day Two of Wellington Fashion Week 2013. Check out a few photo’s below – the official set will be posted on Wellington Fashion Week 2013 Facebook page soon. Be sure to also follow Kieran on Twitter for all the latest and up to date info hot off the runway at Wellington Fashion Week > @TheCLASSYKiddo



seen | WORLD at Wellington Fashion Week – DAY ONE

Today saw the beginning of Wellington Fashion Week for 2013, it’s second year in operation. And what better way to begin the five days of festivities than beginning with the fashionably well-renown WORLD Showcase.

WORLD is known as one of New Zealand’s foremost avant garde fashion design house and is also an iconic and well-known retailer in Wellington. WORLD has showcased it’s couture at Fashion Weeks in Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and now what I like to think as the Fashion Capital of New Zealand, Wellington.

The models rocked the Great Gatsby-style hair which was incredibly pleasing to the eye with lips shimmering with glitter to compliment and add a more fashionably artistic touch to the overall look. It was a classy twist which was perfected by WORLD’S aesthetic intention as well as the make-up and hair artists.

WORLD’S Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection Showcase was somewhat of an easy guess for me in terms of knowing that we would not be left sitting there twiddling our thumbs. One thing for sure is that whatever they were going to showcase would be absolutely fabulous in design and eye pleasing in colour! It was exactly that plus more. As models walked the runway, you witnessed modern design of a big, bold and beautiful nature at it’s finest. The colour mustard which is my absolute fav, was well utilised within most of the clothing garments. Obviously though, cause it’s an Autumn colour! The standard Greys, Blacks and Browns were often complimented with a touch of orange or pink – that of which proved to be an artistic flair!

Overall, without doubt, WORLD opened Wellington Fashion Week with the kind of ground-breaking show that the brand has become known for across the fashion speaking WORLD. A fashionably amazing show leaving us all with no excuse as to why we all shouldn’t flock to WORLD store tomorrow and purchase clothes at left, right and center of the store… I mean, come on! We totally have to!

Kieran over and out on Day One of Wellington Fashion Week 2013. Check out a few photo’s below – the official set will be posted on Wellington Fashion Week 2013 Facebook page soon. Be sure to also follow Kieran on Twitter for all the latest and up to date info hot off the runway at Wellington Fashion Week > @TheCLASSYKiddo

Adios amigos x










been | Ted Baker AW2013 Launch

British Aristocracy and fashion combined, the life of the fabulous. And no doubt Ted Baker delivered a fabulous, diverse and well constructed Autumn Winter collection. Prints, tailoring, british herritage and warm colours, Ted Baker has presented a perfectly well put together range that’ll have you rocking upper class threads in no time. Put down the jeans, take off the tank top and dive into the luxury.

Inspired by Great Britain’s Great Outdoors, Ted Baker has mixed town with country by bringing together heritage fabrics, classic silhouettes and moden looks that will accompany you whatever the occasion. “Survival of the Fittest” is a collection worthy of the name. Each piece being so carefully created and selected, you’ll be sure to weather any storm, be it a storm of people on the metro or a hailstorm of traditional english fashion.

For women Ted’s classic prints are derrived from vintage botanical themes, imagery coming from Foxglove, Sweet Pea, and Decoupage cluster prints. Ever present across all pieces in the range, you’ll be sure to find a gown, pants, blouse or skirt in your favourite print. In the natural element of the collection, we see a lot of tweed jackets with natural wooden buttons. Fur coats and angora blends make for that super lux feel and no detail is too small to be lost. But not being too caught up in the old ways, Ted introduces clean lines, minimal silhouettes and bold colour. Tighter fits and synched waists compliment the figure and introduces that ever so fashionable sex appeal.

Men are treated to incredible tailoring with vigillant attention to the small details. Classic fabrics on a tailored sillhouette streamline the look, meaning anyone can look good ‘Ted to Toe’. The introduction to 2% synthetic fabrics for shirts means the elimination of annoying crincles and increased breathability and ease. Ted’s suits are second to none and of course are ever present in this collection. Tweeds and Wools follow with the British Herritage theme meanwhile incorporating pheasant and steam train inspired prints. Chinos are slimmer and the introduction of chord hits a new and exciting trend. The mix of fabric is exciting and creates such a diverse sellection, something I find personally appealing. The key is in the detail and Ted manages to nail it season after season.

Armed and ready to ride, Ted is stocked full off accessable and lux garments for men and women both. If survival of the fittest was ever an issue in your life, let it be no more. Because equipped with these latest threads you’ll be ready to take on the world, one cityman at a time.

For more information or to shop online, don’t hesitate to gallop on over to www.tedbaker.com where you’ll find it all on display.

seen | Deryn Schmidt “The Wall”

A couple of weeks away from my second year at university, I sure can identify with the feeling of hitting the wall. Inspired originally by a wall in wellington, the name also correlates with the metaphorical wall we all experience some stage in life. In fashion you will be faced with so many challenges, and Schmidt reminds us that no matter how hard things get, just past “The Wall” is an excellent and bright future.

The collection opens with a stunningly gorgeous older model, solidifying the fact that Deryn is targeting women of all ages. Extending fashion to the whole consumer community. The Wall is a beautiful showcase of natural tones with small hits of colour. A huge trend for this season. Schmidt’s first solo Fashion Week show, The Wall is a great start and an excellent addition to the New Zealand market.

With a quite noticeable architectural influence, the collection features an array of patterns and interesting lines, playing with colour here and there whilst still pulling off neutral tones without a problem. Each piece is a classic. Feminine and modern, The Wall is an essential in the closet for seasons to come, with the collection being driven by the demand of women and the aim to impress rather than a product of the trend machine. Not to mean you won’t look fabulous in The Wall.

Being made 100% in New Zealand, the quality of clothing is divine, and being known for her excellent tailoring and flawless finish Deryn delivers an exquisite show.

Deryn Schmidt is now available in Wellington at Kirkcaldie & Stains plus other stockists which can be found at Deryn Schmidt.

been | NZFW2012: Stolen Girlfriends Club

Perhaps one of the most anticipated shows of NZFW would be SGC’s. Known for their unconventional shows (remember the New World Supermarket fashion show last year?), this year they chose to showcase their collection in the Wall Fabrics car park in Grey Lynn.

With an open bar on one end by the entrance of the car park and photographer’s pit down the other, the runway was interspersed with a series of fluorescent lights which illuminated the lengthy space.

After being told to take our seats over a loud speaker, we were then asked to light up our mobile phones for the first 90 seconds then bam……Cypress Hill’s I wanna get high starts playing and models come out walking!

The collection was entitled Dead End and featured quite heavily a snake-camo print and crocodile embossed leather. There was another print in white which at first I thought were dinosaurs but after zooming in on pictures, they appear to be swordfish on scooters(?!). I LOVE how fun and ridiculous this print is!!! It came in shorts, shirting and a cap. Speaking of caps, the white woolen cap with the black brim was brilliant!

With a whole lot of contrasting happening with cotton shirts and PVC sleeves, I thought it was actually quite a different yet nice combination. The crocodile embossed leather was a highlight. It came in backpacks, jackets and tops.

I also really liked the exposed silver metal zip detailing on the jackets and the backs of some of the full length dresses which had high splits! There was an acid yellow featured in the collections which came in jersey dresses and silk shirting.

We’ve got more pics over on our Facebook page thanks to Sin-mae! (:

NZFW 2012 Designer Feature: Riddle Me This

An image can inspire a world of emotion, but in this case a wonderful series of collections. Home grown designer Liz Turner is excited to show at this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week under the New Generation group.

This cute cocktail dress is elegant and fun, spice it up with a playful hat or a classy up do.

After graduating from the Bay Of Plenty Polytechnic at the end of 2008, she launched her own label Riddle Me This in the same year, starting with a Summer 2009/10 range and quickly being snapped up by major retailers nation-wide. Since then, the label has grown a loyal following and is heading in the direction of great success, with a menswear label perhaps on the horizon.

We love the non plus tee and the use of mixed fabrics, the over sizing is super cute, hitting the “boyfriend shirt” look perfectly.

The super sexy crossover dress shows just the right amount of underneath for the extra adventurous girl.

With everything being NZ made, the label has a great quality that is appealing to the New Zealand market and ensures the buyer a decent well constructed garment. And not only is it longevity that sells, but the garments are accessible and trans-seasonal as to be worn all year round in every day comfort.

Classic beauty is played sexy with a short hem line and some rocking heels.

And for all you hard edged girls out there, the Bra Clasp Dress is cute and hard at the same time. Punk it out with some studded heels or a denim patched satchel and you’re ready to mosh all night long.

The Winter 2012 collection Non Plus looks sexy and cute, but we wonder about some of the hemlines in the chilly New Zealand weather, so girls get your tights ready.

We look forward to the show and you can be certain to see plenty of exciting new looks. But for now be sure to check out the website for all the fashion goodness!

Images thanks to Riddle Me This

Paul Blomfield PR & Showroom S/S 12/13 Preview

 With winter just knocking at our doors, it was nice to enter Kermadec into the warm showroom housing some of the great pieces from Sheryl May, Loobie’s Story, Canterbury of New Zealand, MENA, Kagi jewellery, Egoist, Ooby Ryn and MisteR. Presented by Blomfield P.R

Bloggers Katherine Lowe and Aych

Kermadec Fine is the new, fine dining area of the Kermadec restaurant and was a perfect location for the days show. Champagne from Moet & Chandon and samples from the Kermadec menu circled the room as guests flicked through racks of clothing, deciding what they want, need, or just plain love – all of the above for me. 

Colin Mathura-Jeffree looking fierce as usual

With a short speech from Paul Blomfield, the show started and the models worked their way out. One by one witnessing the gorgeous prints summer has to offer. A wonderful show that keeps me optimistic for the season to come.

Sheryl May‘s First Light Caftan has a print that is “reminiscent of goddess like garments”. Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite movement, the collection is quite romantic with its use of color.

Sheryl May’s Bloom with a View Dress

We loved the colors used in Egoist‘s collection, especially the purple above. A few pieces we really liked were the stylish black jumpsuit, low crotch pants, skinny leg carrot shaped pants and  the lemon shorts with the button detailing.

Gorgeous bold prints from MENA‘s collection was a favorite of ours. Beautiful bright colors of yellow, orange, blue and green gave the collection such a vibrant richness.

Loobie’s Story St. Tropez dress comes in a bright coral vibrant print that’s perfect for summer.

We love the work done by MisteR, the playful use of color and quality cut pieces. The exciting mix of prints with a twist on a classic MisteR silhouette is exactly what I’m going to need when the sun decides to show it’s beautiful face again. Their collection was inspired by the movie “Footloose” and it definitely did have that fun vibe with the use of pop bright colors mixed with a classic color base.

We couldn’t stop admiring Mickey Lin’s (one-half of MisteR) adorable cross-over. Definitely a must have for this summer!

If someone would send me these shorts in my size that’d be great. Thanks.

Overall the use of prints in all the pieces was excellent and is an awesome way to end and start the year. So fear not, because after the long wait through the dark and damp winter a bright and bubbly season lies ahead and you’re going to want to join in.


Words by: Tommie Flamingo and Dru. D

Images by: Tommie Flamingo