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NZFW17 | Ovna Ovich AW18

For Ovna Ovich’s presentation, Chapter nine ‘Tread Softly’, lush dream-pop duo Purple Pilgrims provided the live music for what appeared to be a stripped back show with seating arranged on only one side of the runway. The runway itself was white with wet paint splatter that matched the colours within the collection as we later discovered.

Models came out treading softly onto the runway with smudges of paint on their bare feet; there was a rather meditative feel to the show which reinforced the whole concept of the collection.

The clothes itself were beautiful, relaxed with the sort of Japanese minimalism that’s been evident in other collections. There was a play on tension and ease with gathers and ruffles but it was balanced with the collection’s fabrication of denim, linen and knitwear. Such fabrication has a sturdiness to it that makes the collection feel grounded.

Colour palette was muted and again we saw mustard making an appearance, making it a popular colour for next year’s colder months. Beauty look appeared natural with a light green eye shadow and hair pulled back that complemented each look of the collection.

The show’s liner notes asked “How often do we stop to think about the origins of what we wear?”. Transparency is such an important issue within the fashion industry especially after the horrible Rana Plaza incident of 2013 and the fact that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. It’s admirable that labels such as Ovna Ovich call on consumers to be conscious of their clothing consumption but what is even better is that labels are dedicated to creating socially and environmentally aware work, something which Ovna Ovich prides itself on.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Lyle Adams. More here.

NZFW17 | Hailwood AW18

Mister state trooper, please don’t stop me,
Please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me

When Bruce Springsteen’s State Trooper opens up the Hailwood show, you know you’re in for a sultry collection.

It’s funny because earlier in the day I was reading about Kim Kardashian channeling Jackie O for her recent photoshoot in Interview magazine with her daughter North. Jackie O of course sported a voluminous bob which is what we saw on the runway at Hailwood.


Giving us a 70’s vibe, the collection was hedonistic with velvet pants, sequined wrap dresses, faux fur coats and floor length gowns. Opening up the show was Ashleigh Good who previously served as Karl Lagerfield’s muse at Chanel; so it was perfect to see Good embodying the Hailwood woman.

It was a sophisticated callback to the 70’s without it being dated or over the top. The beautiful thing about the collection was Hailwood’s love for women. It was evident in the way the garments flattered and respected a woman’s body. The 70’s were a time when there was the women’s liberation movement; women felt free from sexual identities and this collection carries beautifully that same energy.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Lyle Adams. More here.

NZFW17 | Katherine Victoria AW18

TEXTURE!!! I had to write that in caps because that is what Katherine Victoria’s debut collection at NZFW on day 2 screamed at me. That should not be taken the wrong way either, the ensembles that paraded down the runway longed to be touched.

We had velvet, paillette sequins, faux fur, shearling and frayed applique.

It was feminine, fun, tactile, colorful and completely wearable with the silhouette focusing more on a cinched waist. The pieces that I loved were perhaps the more understated ones with the embossed knit dress and the emerald green pussy bow dress that looked absolutely stunning on Mary Maguet.

I should mention that this was perhaps one of the few diverse shows at NZFW so far.

The beauty look for the show was a favorite with a bold liquid line bordering the eyes that gave it an edge. I felt perhaps the tassel earrings were an after-thought and weren’t really needed.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Lyle Adams. More here.

NZFW17 | Company of Strangers AW18

There is such an attitude with this collection that every woman can relate to. With Sara Munro discussing the inspiration behind the collection saying “Our collection began with a story we dreamed up about a woman who haunts her husband from the other side, she messes with him constantly so he can never forget her. ”

You get the sense of this woman with how the collection was styled, shirts half fastened, jackets worn almost completely pulled off the body, cut outs in knits, shirt dresses held up by cording, this sort of juxtaposition of masculine and feminine. The fabrication with the different use of textures of lace, leather, silks, wool made the collection interesting.

The collection’s colour palette was dark and moody with a splatter print that was reminiscent somewhat of Pollock. The purposefully disheveled hair and the pop of red on the lip gave the girl that edge to confidently pull off the styled looks.

With red drapes as a backdrop and red stripes on the runway, red is a colour of passion, love and devotion, all of which comes through the collection beautifully in different ways.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Christine Mansford. More here.

NZFW17 | Rachel Mills AW18

Kicking off day 2 of NZFW was Rachel Mills who debuted her AW18 collection with an installation that had everyone queuing up to get in. Clever use of lighting and cardboard tubing set as the backdrop for each of the looks, with models lounging as everyone wove through the installation on a set path.

DSC_0545 DSC_0565

Each look demanded our attention with beautiful knits, tailoring and luxury sleepwear all accessorised with bean jewellery made in Rarotonga. I always feel uneasy when designers draw references or inspiration from Pacific Island culture yet fail to cast a model from the Islands*.

DSC_0558 DSC_0554

What I loved the most about the installation was that you could take your time to appreciate each look. It was a great reminder for us all at NZFW to slow down and appreciate the beautiful things in life. The collection felt easy, relaxed yet sophisticated and it was echoed beautifully throughout the installation with the styling, music and staging.

DSC_0566 DSC_0563

It has been interesting to see the Rachel Mills brand grow from strength to strength after being a recipient of the AMP Regional Scholarship in 2016. It was a good start for Mills’ debut at NZFW and we can only imagine it getting better.

*Note: We were contacted by Rachel Mills’ team to inform us that models cast were of Maori, Asian, Argentinian, French and New Zealand European descent.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Christine Mansford. More here.

NZFW 2017 | 5 mins with Tanya Carlson

Designer Tanya Carlson is a fashion force to be reckoned with.  Since graduating for the renowned East Sydney TAFE, she has designed over 200 custom wedding gowns, created costumes for over 10 stage productions and has successfully launched and continued a label for nearly two decades.  CARLSON is a label synonymous with superb tailoring, clever design and a quality finish that has garnered many loyal customers.  CARLSON returns to the NZ Fashion Week runway next week.

What inspired your collection?
My collection this year is a celebration of CARLSON’s 20 years in fashion and features one-off, handcrafted designs created from our fabric archives. Other specific inspirations include 90s sportswear, vintage western, chinoiserie and 60s eveningwear.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
The three designers selected from Otago Polytechnic (Laura Bennett, Kimberly Ramsey and Letitia Powell) for the NZ Fashion Week Graduate Selection are very promising.

Describe your quintessential customer…
The CARLSON woman knows who she is – she is independent, confident, and understands quality and style.

What’s your social media of choice?

Who do you love to follow and where?
I love following @adrianjoffe, @hamishbowles and Fiona Pardington @hinakehe on Instagram. It’s a fantastic mix of art and fashion and all three provide a wonderful commentary on the creative industries.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
I’m currently exploring music for the show, so have been listening to Prince, Alabama Shakes, and Hole.

Word association:
New Zealand – Home
Fashion – Inspiring
Music – Uplifting
Art – Influential
Winter – Layers
Holiday – Surfing

been | Amber Whitecliffe ‘Mrs Pinto’ Launch

Amber Whitecliffe released her summer 14/15 collection titled Mrs Pinto earlier this month, we attend an exclusive preview at Amber Whitecliffe’s store to celebrate this launch.

I will admit that I am not the most qualified in fashion (actually not qualified at all) which means I am not very knowledgeable in this field, but I have taste and know what I like when I see it. And believe me when I say this.. I truly like and would wear what I see in the Mrs Pinto range. We all got a glimpse of Amber’s summer collection at this year’s NZ Fashion week. Her designs were among the New Generation collection, a part of NZFW dedicated to showcasing emerging and up-and-coming fashion designers.


The thing I love about Amber’s work is that she approaches her designs with a positive outlook on life resulting in garments that are both cheerful and elegant to wear. There is an overall bounce and energy in her work that I swear can brighten up anyone’s day.


Her current collection represents her exciting new role of being a wife, she was inspired by her husband’s Indian and Portuguese heritage generating designs inspired mostly by Portuguese food, colour, and culture. The collection is predominantly red and cream featuring flecks of golds and greens. I am absolutely in love with the floral print (see below), the print is a watercolour painting inspired by the colours of the Portuguese flag.

DSC_3213 copy 2   DSC_3216 copy 2

(More images of Amber’s NZFW2014 show can be found via link below)

Amber’s Mrs Pinto collection is stunning and was one of my favourite collections at NZ Fashion Week. Go check out Amber’s store in Parnell it is located right next to the Chocolate Boutique so you can’t miss it. The Mrs Pinto collection is currently the newest and exciting thing there but there are plenty of reason why you should visit the store. Amber Whitecliffe stocks Veronica B jewellery, Karen Murrell cosmetics, candles, leather bags, floral head bands and more!


For more images of Amber’s NZFW runway show check out our Facebook photo album here – Amber Whitecliffe’s Mrs Pinto. Give Amber Whitecliffe a call or drop in and say hi, I guarantee you will love this season’s Mrs Pinto collection.


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