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heard | On the road with the HuaweiP10NZ

I have a phone that is over four years old, it’s not an artifact obviously, but it’s pretty darn close. I don’t have fancy features like finger print scanning, lightning speed charge, mobile pay, hand gesture controls, 4K recording and more. In truth, I don’t fancy these features, but don’t get me wrong, all the extras add to the user experience and I’m sure it will add to mine. But the thing I am looking for, the thing that will sway me into handing over my money is a phone with a great camera and image capturing capabilities. And here is where the new Huawei P10 comes in.

I’ve been captured, given a device and released. Now with a new phone that posses extraordinary hardware and software features, I am left wondering what I should do with it. How do I feel with all this power in my hands? Like this…

A representation of Sin-Mae with advanced technology – via GIPHY


I managed to take a few pictures with the wide aperture features, beauty mode and manual focus. I was impressed to find the manual/pro controls, tracking features and voice command. Below are some pictures I took with the phone.


Wide Aperature Enabled – f 1.4


Wide Aperature Enabled – f 2

Many people may like the Wide Aperture Feature, by enabling it you bring up a scroll bar of f 0.95 ~ f 16. I did notice that the the phone did confuse some of the foreground image as the background and blurred parts of it. It happened on the lowest aperture and the highest, I am unsure whether that is a software issue but I think with some practice I will see less of it happening.


Wide Aperture Enabled – f 0.95

I found any number below a f 2 on the wide aperture feature to be harsh and artificial looking in some pictures. Some objects in focus may have gaps and an outline of clear background then a harsh edging of blur.


I noticed this happening even on the Huawei P10 Plus used at the official launch. This was on selfie mode layered with Bokeh effect, but once again, I need more practice with it.


Portrait Mode – Artistic Effect Disabled


Portrait Mode – Artistic Effect Enabled

There is this funky quick button on portrait mode that makes photos a little more dramatic. Above I tested it on sand to see how the artistic effect plays on the image.


Wide Aperture Enabled – f 0.95

While using the lowest aperture I found that some angles gave me more of a naturalistic picture. Places with a lot going on in the background makes it harder for the software to blur properly. So far I find the feature works really well with closeups and a single leading line away from the subject.


Pro Mode – manual focus (length)  3.95 , 1/200, f 2.2

You can’t go wrong with the pro feature, this is great for anyone who knows a bit of photography and wants a bit more control. There is no artificial blurring or wide aperture effect in this feature, well I couldn’t find one yet. But the lowest aperture on the hardware is f 2.2, good enough for most occasions and in my opinion better than any applied blur effect.


Standard Picture Taking Mode – Auto, f 2.2

If you just want something that is a point a shoot but has great capabilities when it comes to low light situations, then this phone can easily do that. I find pictures taken with the Huawei P10 give me clean crispy images which I can easily edit without loosing a lot of quality on apps like Snap Seed.

This is only a quick review into the images I’ve captured so far. To fully test out the capabilities, I’ll be taking it with me on a roadtrip from Auckland to Wellington in the next few days.  Follow us on Instagram to see what I get up to!



humans of mac+mae: Jessie Wong

This is my production manager, Adrian and I at our recent NZ Fashion Week presentation at Thievery Studio on K’Road in Auckland.  

The picture features us cutting a 3/4 Braidy bag – our most sought after style – from New Zealand’s finest deer skins.

The deer skin is special to us as it’s pretty unique to New Zealand. We are the only country in the world that farms deer and the skin is a by product of the venision industry in the South Island. It’s that soft buttery texture that makes a Yu Mei bag so special and each skin is unique, so we treat each individual piece with the utmost respect.

It’s also really important to us that we give our customers an insight into what goes into a Yu Mei bag so they understand where their products come from and just how special they are. It was an incredible experience to make a Yu Mei product, from hide to bag in front out our audience at NZFW. We make all our bags in house, in our Wellington studio.

Yu Mei (pronounced ‘you may’) is the brainchild of Wellington designer, Jessie Wong.  Yu Mei is a leather goods brand devoted to the creation and presentation of understated luxury. Yu Mei is a brand to watch.

Inspired by the ‘Humans of New York’ series, we’re talking to our network find out what’s special to them, whether it’s a place, a thing, or a memory – Meet the “humans of mac+mae” –    http://bit.ly/HoMaM.

Photo by Gabrielle Devereux.

heard | 10th Documentary Edge Festival opens tomorrow

The 10th Documentary Edge festival opens in Auckland tomorrow before moving to Wellington next month.  Each year the festival boasts more than 10,000 people in attendance and screens a selection of 50+ award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary films.

Not only does the festival include screenings, it also has Q&A sessions with filmmakers/guests, subject driven and industry-led free to the public talks (DOC Talks), a regional tour (for those outside of Auckland/Wellington) and they even have an education programme for schools.

This year, the festival will be introducing an interactive and immersive strand, Story Edge – No longer restricted to only traditional platforms such as the 2D screen, Documentary Edge is excited to launch the latest strategy to develop  and exhibit transmedia and digital storytelling.

With so many amazing films to choose from, we’ve put together some of our Top Picks.  We’ll also be reviewing films over the coming days.

In My Father’s House
– Grammy award-winning rapper Che “Rhymefest” Smith reunites with his homeless father, Brian, in a quest to discover what it means to be both father and son.

The Desk – NY Times journalist Andrew Goldman’s life and career implodes while making a short film about Paul Henry.

Tales of the Grim Sleeper – Filmmaker Nick Broomfield investigates the case of the Grim Sleeper, a serial killer terrorising South Central Los Angeles for 25 years

Trend Beacons – Most people are clueless about how trends emerge. A look at the hiddenworld of trend forecasting and how things really work.

Tomorrow We Disappear – Puran the Puppeteer, Rahman the Magician and Maya the Acrobat consider their looming eviction from Kathpitti, a hand-built colony of artistes in the back alleyways of New Delhi.

The Yes Men are Revolting – For the last 20 years, notorious activists The Yes Men have staged outrageous and hilarious hoaxes to draw attention to corporate crimes against humanity and the environment.

Tyke Elephant Outlaw – Tyke the Elephant tried to escape the captivity and abuse she suffered as a circus animal, only to have her life end in tragedy. What right does humankind have to keep animals in captivity?

20th May – 1st June – Documentary Edge Festival: Auckland – Q Theatre, Auckland CBD

3rd – 14th June – Documentary Edge Festival: Wellington – The Roxy Cinema, Miramar

29th May – Screen Edge Forum – Auckland   4th June – Screen Edge Forum –Wellington

For more information and to keep up to speed with the latest news regarding the 2015 season, visit: www.documentaryedge.org.nz

heard | Our top picks for NZICF 15

With the New Zealand International Comedy Festival starting this Thursday, we thought we’d put together our list of Top Picks for 2015.


In no particular order, here they are:


Urzila Carlson – Man Up

Man Up explores societies expectations of a man when he becomes a husband and a father… especially if that man is a lady. Urzila will examine gender roles, sexual rolls and ham rolls; all whilst demonstrating how to have a cup of cement and harden up – because big boys don’t cry right?

Also, your long awaited answer to the “who’s your daddy” question. Best pop along and find out!  Her shows have SOLD OUT in the last three years – book now!


Ronny Cheng – You Don’t Know What Your Talking About

Stand-up comedian and actor Ronny Chieng is Chinese, born in Malaysia, raised in the USA and Singapore, then moved to Australia to attend Melbourne Law School. He decided to do comedy and the rest is history.

We saw him open for comedian Bill Burr earlier this year and definitely recommend checking him out.  Tickets are selling fast!


Paul Amos – piecesandbits

Paul Amos is very, very, very, very, very, very okay at doing comedy. This year’s showpiecesandbits will be pieces and bits of his life told through pieces and bits of stand up, sketch and even song. Paul Amos has an eclectic style of comedy that is imaginative, surreal and quite unique.

Look out for our Q&A with him


Matt OKine – The Other Guy

Multi-awarding winning comedian and host of Triple J’s breakfast show Matt Okine is coming to New Zealand for the first time, for one night only, bringing his new show, The Other Guy.

This is a show about fancy bread, arguing on airplanes, and wishing you were the guy who washes windows at traffic lights.


Luke Callaghan & James Stewart – FOMO Sapiens

Since the dawn of civilisation man has strived for social acceptance…
But not everybody cares about grown-up expectations.

Luke is a baseball-crazed American expat coming to terms with cricket, and James is an illustrator who refuses to drive a car or get up before midday.

Opting out of kids, mortgages and $18.50 Eggs Benedict brunches; these two comedy hominids are outsiders looking in at the rest of humanity, and it looks ridiculous.


Harley Breen – Just A Fully Naked Encounter

Exposing yourself is difficult; sometimes your leg gets stuck in your pants. Most people will avoid exposing themselves if they can. Harley has made a career out of it. There won’t be any nudity… probably.


Ed Byrne – Roaring Fourties

A self-confessed “miserable old git” since the age of 23, Ed Byrne is now in his forties. While for others this might result in a crisis that prompts the purchase of a sports car, Ed embraces middle age with open arms.

Come join him, as he truly comes of age and gives out his clarion cry: “I am in my forties. Hear me roar!”

Tickets are selling fast, get in quick!












Des Bishop – Made in China

One of our favourite American-born, Irish-bred comedians Des Bishop is back in Auckland after a sell-out season at the Comedy Fest in 2012.

In February 2013, Des moved to China for a year so he could learn enough Mandarin to perform stand-up to a Chinese audience. He even starred on China’s biggest dating show. Now he’s here to share these hilarious and unique experiences with you.

We got to see him back in 2012 and can’t wait to see him again!


Deanne Smith – Get Into It

BC’s Last Comic Standing semi-finalist in 2014. Canadian Comedy Award Winner 2014. Barry Award non-Winner 2011. Hilarious and Unique Stand-Up (Self-Awarded) 2015.

A show that digs deep, then deeper. You’ll like it, if you like super fun things, laughing, and feeling less alone.

Get your tickets now for these and other shows – click here to check out the full list of comedians performing in Auckland and Wellington.

heard | St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015 Sideshows

Exciting news kids if you’re not in Auckland for next year’s Laneway Festival and you live in Wellington! Laneway Festival 2015 boasts such an impressive lineup, we’re so very excited for it next month! It’s even more amazing that sideshows have been announced for Wellington with Flying Lotus, Little Dragon and Royal Blood.

Gigs will be held at Shed 6 located on Wellington’s Waterfront in late January. Flying Lotus will have an extra show in Auckland. Details are as follows:


Wednesday January 28, Powerstation, Auckland, with support from JPS and Tom McGuinness

Thursday January 29, Shed 6, Wellington, with support from JPS and Tom McGuinness


Tuesday January 27, Shed 6, Wellington, with support from Vic Mensa


Wednesday January 28, Shed 6, Wellington


Tickets for all shows are on sale from this Thursday, 18 December at 9am.
Tickets for the Auckland show are on sale via Ticketmaster.
Tickets for all Wellington shows are on sale via Ticketek.
There will be a pre-sale for all Wellington shows from Tuesday, 16 December at 9am.

Media Release:


The only way to top seeing the godfather of beat music at Laneway 2015 is to catch the inimitable Flying Lotus at one of his three sideshows. These include two very special ones showcasing his now-famous 3D visual performance, improvised live by a team of graphic masterminds throughout the show.

Take Flying Lotus’ hand and let yourself be coaxed into the unknown. This is a sonic, visual and metaphysical fusion of technological innovation and virtuosity that amounts to a mind-expanding plasm celebrating his latest album You’re Dead!, Part spiritual carnival, part melancholic symphony, it’s an aural procession into the afterlife that equates to musical utopia.

You can see FlyLo in Auckland with his mind-melting hypercube 3D setup on Wednesday January 28 at the Powerstation in Auckland, presented by George FM. The following night, the experimental producer returns to the capital city on Thursday January 29th at Shed 6, thanks to Radioactive.


Esteemed indie-electronic starlets Little Dragon don’t need an introduction. Formed in Sweden way back in ‘96, these guys bring a genre-bending fusion of pop, electronica and R&B to the stage over a long, colourful and ever-morphing career.

In support of the celestial groove of their latest record Nabuma Rubberband, the band have hit the road, and are bringing their cold-as-ice, sultry jams to New Zealand for one special sideshow on Tuesday January 27, Shed 6, Wellington, with support from with support from another gold member of the Laneway lineup; none other than the nimble-lipped Chicago MC Vic Mensa. Like electronic pop played through a technicolor prism, Little Dragon bring a melting sonic rainbow to the stage — catch them before they take flight.


A powerhouse duo as loud as they are tight, Royal Blood are true rock’n’rollers who bring aggressive swag to the stage with a ten-tonne hit. The Rock, Frontier touring and Laneway Festival present Royal Blood in Wellington at Shed 6 on Wednesday January 28.

With a recent live show described by The Telegraph as ‘huge, hulking riffs delivered with a snarling swagger’, Royal Blood bring a mixture of anguished vocals, ferocious drumming and bass that provides intricate detail as well as a rumble of rhythm.

You’d be foolish to miss this sideshow, New Zealand’s first chance to see this much-buzzed duo throwing massive punches from a headline stage, wrapped in the primal essence of rock‘n’roll.

been | Flaunt PR Spring/Summer 2015 preview

Earlier this month I was invited to another fabulous fashion gathering by Fiona and her team at Flaunt PR. What they had in store for us was a fantastic day of massages from Enrich, makeovers by Face Me and one on one chit chats with designers showcasing their Spring/Summer collections for 2015.


Upon entering the doors I was so lovingly welcomed and taken straight to my first room to meet Sheryl May. Last year I recall raving on and on about her AW2014 prints featured in NZ Fashion Week. Now, let me rave about her SS2015 work. Full of mint greens, sky blues and blush pinks Sheryl delivers a sugary-sweet colour palette that will charm your winter socks off. Her collection is titled Do Re Mi which features the Bambi motif, this delicate combination of dreamy colours and fairy tale image speaks to our inner-child and reflect a long forgotten innocence. Sheryl’s wanted to achieve a dainty, girly and pretty look with a bit of edge, sweet with a bit of tart – achieved with clashing soft colours with contrasting liquorice black and studs.


Next on my list to meet was Deryn Schmidt. Missing the opportunity to meet her last year I was looking forward to finally greeting this talented woman. Last year I was pretty taken with the story of how she came about designing her AW2014 titled Capture This I was intrigued to learn what she had created this year. Her SS2015 collection is titled Just Add Colour which features a bright and colourful wardrobe inspired by Moroccan culture, landscape and design. Deryn boldly experiment with blocking and clashing such colours like bright oranges, hot pinks and a variety of blues. Her pieces are sophisticated with the intention to wow and bowl you over. I love the Pink Sugar Cardi and her long tutus called Vibrant Skirt add a bit of playfulness among the well tailored collection.


Paula of Millicent presented Making The Cut. Fusing sportswear and fashionable garments Paula achieves a look that is simple, minimal and functional. Her pieces are clean cut and chic allowing wearers to feel comfortable while giving ladies the appearance of drive, determination and empowerment. One of my favourite pieces in this range is the Ombré Dress, this garment features a fan motif often seen in classic art deco design. It is simple but elegant, loose fitting but beautifully shaped and flattering for all. I must point out that some of the garments incorporates stripes found in a lot of cuffs, collars or trims in sports wear clothing. Paula likes to see it as racing stripes on her pieces – I love it.


Following Millicent is the lady who presented a stunning arrangement of marbled reds, velvet blues and golds in her AW2014 Way of the Saint collection in last year’s NZFD Designer Showcase at NZFW13. Her name is Shiana Weir of Mardle, unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Shiana, instead I was taken through her SS15 The Gilded Magpie collection by a very lovely assistant of hers. Her colour palate is minimal using black, cream whites and gold. Her collection shows a love and appreciation for fabrics which in this case perforated leather, embossed fabrics and the dusting of metallic embroidery. She features a print which is gang patch inspired relating the thieving magpie to the underlying criminal aspect of motorcycle gangs since they are known to steal shiny objects. The print is also a homage to a famous poem by Denis Glover titled The Magpies.


Lucky last was Lauren Pedersen owner and director of Twoworlds collective. Not only is the Twoworlds dedicated to delivering quality garments to clients but also to help emerging designers. Lauren gives fresh talents the opportunities to design and produce under her wing allowing designers to build confidence, build experience and to find footing in New Zealand’s fashion industry. I absolutely love and adore all causes that dedicates themselves to others who may struggle or need guidance in the creative field especially in NZ – according to some, it can be very hard to break into. She also strives to produce unique garments that fuses other worldly textiles into contemporary fashion and all the while being sustainable. At a glance Twoworlds colour palate were tans, greys, deep reds and black – nothing too bright. Her pieces weren’t made to scream for attention but requires a closer look and touch. Only with close inspection will you be able to see and feel the beauty that is Ikat fabrics hand woven in Bali using traditional looms.

been | Nick Rado – How did we survive the 90’s?

If you remember a time of slap bands, tamagotchi pets, boy bands, and 90210 then you my friend have lived through the 90’s. Nick Rado (NZ) presents an hour length show pondering this question .. How Did We Survive the 90’s? 

The nineties was quite a pleasant and confusing era for me, I would be between the ages of 3-12 so young enough to remember my bowl haircuts and old enough to dread them. I would be what Nick Rado calls the Pokemon generation, and yes.. “Pikachuuuu”

I loved Spice Girls and cried over their breakup, I secretly watched Xena, chatter-rings were in, I had a white BMX bike that had purple and pink rims named Diana (I am dead serious, it was named that) and best of all I played outside! What compelled me to see this show was that I would be reunited with fond memories of everything I loved and loathed in the 90’s.

Armed with a PowerPoint presentation, old skool music and bad dance moves Nick was able to provoke laughter and cringes of all kinds of 90’s horror. You will never see another slideshow and product demo quite as entertaining as this one! If you thought you played it safe from all the fashion, trends and other atrocities of this era then think again, you were never safe unless you were being born. I felt that the majority of laughter wasn’t directed towards the fact that what happened happened but the acknowledgment of falling prisoner to it all.

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