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seen | 3100: Run & Become

Whatever your experience with running is, you can’t help but become memorised by the pure mental strength and determination shown in 3100: Run & Become.

This beautifully shot film follows the journey of Finnish Ultra Marathon runner Ashprihanal Aalto on his quest to achieve spiritual enlightenment through competing in the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile race, the world’s longest certified running race; which sees runners compete over multiple days as they negotiate 5,649 laps of a city block in Queens New York for 3100 miles (4989 kms) on their quest to shatter the boundaries of human possibility.  His journey takes him to other locations around the world, where he describes his process, likening running to a form of meditation, which he credits with his ability to find the sheer endurance to cover such huge distances.

The film also dips in and out of the stories of 3 other runners, which is a great insight into the role running plays in other cultures, and I felt it was a shame not to delve into their journeys and motivations further, as the flitting back and forth makes the film somewhat disjointed.

Yet despite this, it’s definitely worth a watch; it’s intriguing, thought provoking and certainly eye opening, as it allows the viewer to observe a world that most of us would never normally be exposed to or indeed understand.

4 out of 5