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NZICF 18 | Alexis Dubus vs the World

A pleasant hour of orchestrated confusion sums up Alexis Dubus verses the world.

Dressed in a velour suit and armed with a miniature ukulele, Dubus started the show with his song, ‘Versus the World’. A fitting theme song for an hour filled with poems, spoken word, song, and witty humour, all performed in a variety of styles.

An ode to Grain Waves, a hatred of Bananas, and To be a Comic, were just some of the poems recited during the show. Dubus played a subdued, graceful character on stage; a stark contrast to his alter-ego, Marcel Lucont.

His poetic stories were clearly inspired by his travels as comic; often grounded and of low-status. His poem, ‘To be a Comic’, was a reflective piece revealing the truth behind making it as a comic, the polar opposite of the perceived glitz and glamour of show business. And his stories of staying in a hostel in Perth revealed the realities of his life on the road.

A special mention must be made of his performance of Never confuse Shampoo with Champagne, it was one even Sinatra would be proud of!

Like a box of chocolates, there’s always a selection that isn’t as good as the others. The show delivered but there were aspects that didn’t work for me. However, the tone and laughs were consistent throughout.

Alexis Dubus is an elegant wordsmith and a master at manipulating the English language. The orchestrated confusion made it a pleasant show to watch.

3.5 stars.

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See Alexis Dubis in Alexis Dubus vs the World in Auckland 28 April and Wellington 8 – 12 May.  Buy your tickets here.