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The impressive and inspiring collaborative force – Fractious Tash, have undoubtedly put themselves on the thespian radar; introducing to Q-Theatre’s 2017 Matchbox Season, the raw uninhibited and compelling production of “The Effect” – a play by the reputable Lucy Prebble (Secret Diary of a Call Girl), and directed by the visionary Benjamin Henson.

An unlikely love-story, set within the cold, confining parameters of a clinical drug-trial.  It’s subjects; the wry, cynical yet stoic heroine Connie (Jessie Lawrence), cast athwart the upbeat and lovable Irish rogue, Tristan (Daniel Watterson).

A great set, minimalist yet detailed.  It’s characters were immediately engaging; my companion taking a little longer to warm to them, but within minutes, was as transfixed as I, with a script so intelligent and absorbing, brought to life by such magnetic acting talent.

The inevitable attraction between these two polar opposites, are triggered by a clinical trial that they have both knowingly entered into, overseen by Dr Lorna (Sheena Irving) and Dr Toby (Will Wallace), who themselves, are most interesting personas through their portrayal of undeniable sexual attraction, that is yet restrained by the realities of life and own mental-awareness.

Confronting and powerful messages about love and it’s all-consuming hold over us, both mentally and physically, are ideas that are challenged by it’s integral characters; can certain chemicals induce or affect our innermost thoughts?  Or are we best left to allow our emotions to develop, and to deal with or overcome the consequences naturally, no matter how painful or challenging they may be …. ?

Sheena Irving is outstanding in her portrayal of the empathetic but emotionally troubled psychotherapist,  alongside such thought-provoking and incredibly relevant dialogue between the rest of the equally talented cast, surrounding the issue of mental illness and the important role that drugs play in how we deal with them as individuals.

Daniel Watterson and Jessie Lawrence wowed, with their intense passion and believable interpretation of love, which had me so involved, if not perhaps, emotionally a bit wrought at the end, yet delivered with great intention and just the right dose of humor to avert the classic Tragedy genre.   The only irony now being, I think I may be safer sticking to Tinder then messing with any love inducing chemicals …   🙂

The Effect is now showing @ Q Theatre – Loft.  August 1-12