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SFS | Ria Hall

Singer. Performer. Artist. Woman. Love of fashion. Love of culture. Māori. Pākeha. Proud.

Ria Hall is the powerful new force in NZ Music. Her long-awaited debut album, Rules of Engagement, features appearances and production from Tiki Taane, Kings, Laughton Kora, and Electric Wire Hustle. The album showcases her incredible talent as a vocalist and lyricist.

Catch her hosting One Love festival in Tauranga this weekend and performing with Wellington band, The Nudge at Splore this February.

Describe your perfect summer music festival in three words:
Sun. Food. Vibes.

Name the top three artists who would make up your ideal festival line-up:
Kendrick Lamar. Childish Gambino. Janelle Monae.

What are you looking forward to most about playing the summer festival circuit?
Being out and about playing my new record to the masses! Very excited!

In your opinion, what’s this year’s Summer Anthem?
Hmmm not sure yet, too early to say!

Out of all your tunes, which one is the one that ‘never fails’?
Barely Know featuring Kings. It’s a banger.

What’s are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist?
Pawn it all – Alicia Keys
Heart don’t stand a chance – Anderson.Paak
California – Childish Gambino

What’s your personal ‘guilty pleasure’ track?
Paranoid Android – Radiohead

What’s your social media of choice?

What’s your go-to festival outfit?
Denim shorts, chucks, singlet.

Word association:
Music – vibes
Festival – vibes
Camping – vibes
Fashion – vibes
Roadie – what you reckon?

Situated in a beguiling bay on the shores of Tapapakanga Regional Park, Splore is an annual, boutique and arts festival like no other. Described as New Zealand’s greatest dress up party, this three day entertainment extravaganza promises a good time, good vibes, and hot showers! Splore 2018 takes place 23-25 February. Buy your tickets here.