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been | The launch & pop up of Invis-Able

We meet one of New Zealand’s most unique fashion labels to launch this year… Introducing, Invis-Able, a label dedicated to making high quality, ‘topsy-turvy’ unisex garments full of fine details and hidden features.

Creator and designer, Marc Jun plays a game of ‘hide-and-seek’ with wearers, whilst creating a versatile garment.  Find hidden pockets and zips or buttons that connect to nowhere, removable sleeves, sweaters disguised as jackets, and trench coats that are reversible.  This is like the Winchester Mystery House… of fashion.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marc at his Auckland pop-up located in Ponsonby Central.

Q: Where did Invis-Able come from?

A: I wanted to create a New Zealand based clothing label that re-imagine and creates wearable unisex garments. My aim is to design with unique details to enhance the options and versatility of your wardrobe. My work is deeply inspired by invisible things in life such as one’s thoughts, feelings, words and experience; these are the things that define who we are, and we are all different. Invis-Able is an expression of the invisible, to make it or us Able to be seen, that’s where the name comes from.

Q: What is your current collection about?

A: ’What Fakes Me Happy’ started when I asked myself “What makes me happy?” And I quickly found that ‘things’ that often entertain us and make us happy are short term. Material items or meaningless relationships are satisfying at first but are costly to maintain, the initial happiness will wear away. Instant gratification for long term happiness is fake and unrealistic. I express this in the details and functionality of my garments and challenge the wearer’s “ideal reality”. Just like a playful game of ‘hide and seek’ – you will find all the unexpected features and hidden details. Invis-Able Fakes You Happy!

Q: Describe your aesthetics/style in a few words…

A:  Clean cut, refined, stand out multi-functional unisex wear.

Q: What is your colour palette?

A: Monotone – Black, greys and currently dark green.

Q: Who’s been your most influential designer?

A: Kris Van Assche

Q: What is the ‘must have’ out of your collection?

A: The reversible trench coat

Q: Describe the type of person who’d wear your clothing…

A: Young, 20’s to 30’s working professionals. People whom often transitions from work to going out and seeks trendy and versatile wear, suitable for day and night, serious or play.

Q: Name three celebrities you’d like to see wearing your brand…

A: G-Dragon (Big Bag), Kris Van Assche & ASAP Rocky

Q: Where do you imagine Invis-Able in 10 years?

A: I would love to see my brand everywhere in the world, a global brand.

Head along to Invis-Able’s pop up store to meet Marc and nab yourself 20% Off everything. Be quick, it ends this Sunday! Located opposite Bird On A Wire inside Ponsonby Central. Open from 9am till 6pm.







|           www.invis-able.com           |           Invis-Able on Instagram           |


NZFW2015 | Dmonic Intent & Syre – Contemporary Salon

Designers: Dmonic Intent / Syre

Season: Autumn / Winter 2016

Title of Show: Contemporary Salon Show


About Designers: Dmonic Intent is an Auckland based and family owned label that deliver Avant Garde, experimental and edgy wear. They strive to design for themselves rather than pleasing others, their craft is directed to those whom aren’t afraid to reject norms, bold and dare to stand out and “have a voice and opinions that align with” their own.

Syre (Aaliyah Jobe) is a young and talented teen who creates defiant street wear, her designs are bold and rebellious. She is related to the designers of Dmonic Intent but don’t think that the family bond has any affect to her aesthetics and style.

Aesthetics/Style of Clothing: Dmonic Intent presented a range of extravagant, dark and spiritual line of clothing. While Syre showed a strong collection of black and white street wear.


Above: Clothing by Dmonic Intent


Above: Clothing by Syre

Overall Impression: The show was visually dark as the majority of clothing were black. Syre’s collection had pieces that would grab the attention and interest of youths, Dmonic Intent was somber but visually stunning and mind blowing.

Favourite looks:


My two top picks from Dmonic Intent.



My top two picks from Syre’s collection.

NZFW2014 | Stolen Girlfriend’s Club – The Guilty Ones

Stolen Girlfriend’s Club presents their Fall/Winter 2015 collection titled The Guilty Ones at Western Springs Stadium, Auckland. This year marks their 8th year in New Zealand Fashion Week and they remain one NZFW’s most dominant designers to look out for. Each year designers of SGC host their runway shows in ‘rough and tough’ locations breaking all formality while embracing the unconventional; their decision to showcase offsite is smart and reflects the character of their edgy street wear. In the past we have witnessed shows in supermarkets, run down buildings, the ground level of a car park but this year they take on board the challenge of turning a speedway into a catwalk.

Upon arriving we were greeted by a row of MINI Coopers lighting the way to the entrance. There were lovely people handing us RedBull, ponchos and directing us where to go. We made our way past a coffee stand and up some stairs onto the viewing deck of the speedway. There we were greeted with music, drinks and pizza to keep us warm and entertained.



As time went by and the number of guest grew a sound came over the speaker and requested that we all find a seat. Many people crowded towards the balcony of the deck while most made their way towards the steps outside. The picture above demonstrates how packed the place was (and it was well and truly packed)


Down the speedway sat an elevating platform and a MINI Cooper lighting the path. Smoked covered the setting before the first model emerged disrupting the slow moving clouds and forming a dark and mysterious silhouette.


The collection showcased orange tartan, yellow fabrics, a lot of black, light blue, purple marble (chipped paint) patterns and leather jackets. One of my favourite pieces was a dark glittery skirt, it sparkled beautifully under the speedway lights.


Due to the distance between the action and audience it was hard to see the makeup. But after the show I had the chance to speak to one of the stylist working behind the scenes she mentioned she paid good attention to the hair style. They aimed for a sleek wet look to compliment the setting, outdoor elements and outfits. Below are some more images of the show:




The outfit above remains one of my top favourites out of the collection. Below is a dress that uses the dark sparkly material menitioned before.



Models come out and face the audience to conclude the show. Most stand motionless while one fun chap pulls face to the crowd.


A loud applause breaks out while the designers emerge and embrace each other.


For more photos on Stolen Girlfriend’s Club check out on Macandmae’s facebook page. For a closer look at the outfits visit NZ Fashion Week’s website.


Event sponsored by:

MINI Cooper, Vodafone, Red Bull, Steinlager Pure, Allpress Espresso, Squealing Pig New Zealand, Crystal Head Vodka, M.A.C, Redken & Perrier.

seen | Clash Boutique Fashion Video

Clash Boutique, is one of New Zealand’s leading street wear retailer’s, stocking classic urban brands such as BOY, American Vintage, Brixton, Circle Park and The Cambridge Satchel Company. Clash’s classic punk aesthetic and underground urban roots are portrayed in a new fashion video for the brand, produced by James Atkins and Kat Glass from Atkins Media. This short film which is “one part music video, one part short film, and one part moving editorial” references some of Punk’s most iconic moments; including album covers from the 80’s band The Clash and it couple Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.  The video also features an original song composed for the film by some of New Zealand’s leading musicians including solo artist Jesse Sheehan, Chris Horry from Jurassic Penguin and Carlie Dyer of Hello Riley and Tiny Tantrums.

Check out the video here:

Musicians Jesse Sheehan, Carlie Dyer and Chris Hoary

The film made clear references's to The Clash's London Calling music video

Iconic: The film recreated a scene featuring the iconic 80's couple Sid and Nancy

The film features hip urban street wear that can be transcended from downtown hipster to uptown rock chic, no doubt about it these clothes scream cool. Clash stocks numerous international brands including BOY, Firetrap and The Cambridge Satchel Company, which have been featured in GQ, Rolling Stone and Harpers Bazzar and have a cult following of famous trendsetters including Rihanna, Ed Westwick, Sam Sarpong, Fearne Cotton, Alexa Chung and Professor Green.

Hipster looks from the video

More looks from the fashion film

Rihanna in BOY, Professor Green wearing Firetrap and Fearne Cotton sporting The Cambridge Satchel Company

This film is a great example of how New Zealand stores are leading the way in fashion videography and how Clash are developing a strong online presence for their tech-savy customers. Boutique owner Nick Paulson cleverly uses iconic punk imagery and grungy settings in the film to portray the boutique’s “gritty, urban, and confident aesthetic” which will no doubt entice Auckland’s young trendsetters to make a pit stop at their New Market boutique. So next time you’re after a pair of grungy leather pants, hipster floral pants, trendy BOY sneakers or studded kaki jacket be sure to check out Clash Boutique.

Outside the boutique


210 Broadway,

New Market



Visit Clash’s website here:

Check out their blog here:


Words by Nathalie Owen

Images by Atkins Media and Clash Boutique