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SFS | MC Tali

New Zealand’s Queen of Drum and Bass, Tali is an accomplished MC, freestyler, songwriter, producer, teacher, mentor, motivational speaker, and author – is there anything this woman can’t do?! Hailing from a dairy farm in Taranaki, Tali took on the world in 2001, moving to the UK and becoming a top international MC. She’s worked with some of the biggest names in DNB, including Roni Size, Goldie, Fabio & Grooverider; toured the world over with her band; and has even composed a musical which has previewed at London’s West End. Most recently, Tali has been busy writing a book, titled The Little White House.

Catch Tali performing alongside best friend Aroha at Splore. The powerhouse duo is a force of talent unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.

Describe your perfect summer music festival in three words
Full Of Adventure

Name the top three artists who would make up your ideal festival line-up
Anderson Paak, Solange, Dub Physix

What are you looking forward to most about playing the summer festival circuit?
It’s always a bit of a reunion – a chance to catch up with all your fellow musician friends and see them perform and have some backstage fun. I also love the road trip element – cruising around various parts of NZ and playing shows to epic crowds, always gives me such a reinvigorated appreciation for my beautiful country and its people.

In your opinion, what’s this year’s Summer Anthem?
The same tune every summer. ‘Summertime’ by The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff is my absolute go to. I also think Souls of Mischief ’93 to infinity’ is another summer classic.

Out of all your tunes, which one is the one that ‘never fails’?
Aroha has this tune that sounds like ‘Drop It Like Its Hot’ but like a House remix. I always spit this rhyme originally from De La Soul’s ‘Ring Ring Ring’ over the top of it – which fits perfectly. People go nuts for it because they recognise the sample and I know some people recognise the lyrics. Either way it’s always a vibe.

What’s are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist?

  1. ‘El Tornejant’ – Upercent. This ridiculously heavy minimal Techno jam that I am obsessed with. Jeremy Upbeats put me onto it.
  2. ‘Bun Ya’ – MC DRS, Marcus Intalex, Chimpo, Strategy, Skittles, Fox and Rolla. (The Enei Remix) This is a DnB jam that I cannot listen to except at high volume. I nearly break my neck brockin’ out to this!
  3. ‘OPP’ – Naughty By Nature – This is a classic jam that I love playing in my car. Always gets me a super happy hyper mood.

What’s your personal ‘guilty pleasure’ track
I don’t feel guilty about anything I listen to because it’s all fire. Even the Drake and Bieber shit. lol

What’s your social media of choice?
Instagram. Less rants, more pictures 🙂

Who do you follow and where?
Usually my friends to the dance floor!

What’s your go-to festival outfit?
I love Splore because unlike other festivals you can always be a bit extra. Last year I dressed as a Little Red Fox with light up ears which I made completely by hand. This years costume is already under way. I gotta sewing machine from my Mum in preparation this year! My friends and I all agree – anything with sequins or lights is essential. Helps you find each other in the crowd 🙂

Word association:
Music – Life
Festival – Adventures
Camping – Glamping (our own way)
Fashion – Individual
Roadie – Essential

Situated in a beguiling bay on the shores of Tapapakanga Regional Park, Splore is an annual, boutique and arts festival like no other. Described as New Zealand’s greatest dress up party, this three day entertainment extravaganza promises a good time, good vibes, and hot showers! Splore 2018 takes place 23-25 February. Buy your tickets here.

SFS | Ria Hall

Singer. Performer. Artist. Woman. Love of fashion. Love of culture. Māori. Pākeha. Proud.

Ria Hall is the powerful new force in NZ Music. Her long-awaited debut album, Rules of Engagement, features appearances and production from Tiki Taane, Kings, Laughton Kora, and Electric Wire Hustle. The album showcases her incredible talent as a vocalist and lyricist.

Catch her hosting One Love festival in Tauranga this weekend and performing with Wellington band, The Nudge at Splore this February.

Describe your perfect summer music festival in three words:
Sun. Food. Vibes.

Name the top three artists who would make up your ideal festival line-up:
Kendrick Lamar. Childish Gambino. Janelle Monae.

What are you looking forward to most about playing the summer festival circuit?
Being out and about playing my new record to the masses! Very excited!

In your opinion, what’s this year’s Summer Anthem?
Hmmm not sure yet, too early to say!

Out of all your tunes, which one is the one that ‘never fails’?
Barely Know featuring Kings. It’s a banger.

What’s are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist?
Pawn it all – Alicia Keys
Heart don’t stand a chance – Anderson.Paak
California – Childish Gambino

What’s your personal ‘guilty pleasure’ track?
Paranoid Android – Radiohead

What’s your social media of choice?

What’s your go-to festival outfit?
Denim shorts, chucks, singlet.

Word association:
Music – vibes
Festival – vibes
Camping – vibes
Fashion – vibes
Roadie – what you reckon?

Situated in a beguiling bay on the shores of Tapapakanga Regional Park, Splore is an annual, boutique and arts festival like no other. Described as New Zealand’s greatest dress up party, this three day entertainment extravaganza promises a good time, good vibes, and hot showers! Splore 2018 takes place 23-25 February. Buy your tickets here.

heard | It’s the Summer of all Festivals

In our campaign to #BringBackSummer (less campaign and more just a constant whine about it), we thought we’d take a look at the various festivals we have to look forward to once the sun starts shining again.

Soulfest – Sunday 26 October



Raggamuffin – Saturday 13 December



BW Summer Festival – 27/28 December

BW Summer

BW Summer

Northern Bass – 30/31 December

Northern Bass

Northern Bass

Rhythm & Alps – 30/31 December

Rhythm and Alps

Rhythm and Alps

And the fun doesn’t stop there… There’s Laneway, Splore, Rapture and Homegrown to look forward to in the New Year.

Oh, and our friends across the ditch just revealed the line up for Stereosonic this year.  Yup, it’s another big one.

Our advice?  Start saving!

heard | Summer Festival Series

With summer around the corner, we’re all gearing up for those outdoor festivals filled with music, friends, new experiences and of course, great memories.

The past few years have seen us spoilt for choice with a plethora of festivals taking place throughout the length and breadth of this country and the one across the ditch, catering to a variety of musical tastes.  This coming summer, it’s no different.

Over the coming months, we’ll be talking to a bunch of artists from different festivals as they gear up to take to the stage in New Zealand or Australia.

We’ll be talking to artists from:

A big thank you Marc Conaco for creating our awesome SFS sign.  Marc is an Auckland-based graphic designer and freelance illustrator.  You can find out more about him and his work at mcthree.co.nz.

Surrealist Circus Cabaret comes to Auckland

Created for SPLORE, The Dust Palace brings the ever-popular surrealist circus cabaret Cirque Non Sequitur home to Auckland’s Q Theatre for three nights only this August.

Deep in the subconscious of the world is a mythical menagerie of gods, creatures, sirens and cyborgs. The Dust Palace has journeyed to the very edge of reason, the beginnings of the world and the deepest recesses of the imagination to bring you a deadly, sexy surrealist cabaret.

Amid a feast of baroque proportion emerges the sumptuous cast of dancers, aerialists, actors and acrobats who in this visual treat take circus-cabaret to the level of the divine.

Eve Gordon (The Almighty Johnsons), heads a cast of nine stunning performers including the gorgeous burlesque bombshell Leda Petit and the ever-objectified Mike Edward (Shortland Street).

The show is a surrealist feast of circus, burlesque, dance, acrobatics and comedy. Like stepping into a painting by Dali, it’s beautiful and bizarre. Dark and sexy is counterbalanced with joy and revelry. Anything could happen and much does.

August 10th – 12th, 8pm
Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street, Auckland
Tickets: $35 – $40 (Groups of 6+ – $35) [booking fees may apply]


*images sourced from TheDustPalace.co.nz

NZ Music Month Summit

Ever wondered how to… do it the Indie Way? Or perhaps you want to create a live career?  What about writing that hit song or finding a manager or even managing your own band?
Well, thanks to The Music Managers’ Form (NZ) in conjunction with the NZ Music Commission, you can find answers at the annual New Zealand Music Month Summit.

The NZ Music Month Summit features a wide range of seminars where top industry experts explain the intricacies and behind the scenes facets of the NZ Music Industry.

Based on “How To…” this is a rare insight into what makes the NZ Music industry tick and how to succeed in the market. The day features a range of industry experts including managers, funders, labels and songwriters

For members of the Music Managers’ Forum (NZ) each seminar will be followed by the highly successful speed networking sessions, where members get the exclusive opportunity to speak one on one with a range of the day’s speakers

The NZ Music Month Summit is Open to the Public and is Free Entry
When: Saturday 26th of May
Where: Q Theatre – 305 Queen Street (Just up from the Town Hall), Auckland
With Support from NZ On Air and APRA

Click here for more info and session details.


It has been a week since Splore-ers set up camp on Tapapakanga Regional Park and I am pretty sure most of us haven’t recovered from the three day festival.

For those not familiar with Splore, it happens every two years and is a summer outdoor music, art and cultural festival. It really does have everything for everyone! Right on the stunning shores of the Coromandel peninsula, Splore is a festival that stands out from the rest and offers such a unique and amazing experience.

Highlight of the festival was the queen of neo-soul Erykah Badu. I was lucky enough to see her at Good Vibrations in Sydney last year but only managed to catch the last five minutes of her set.

Walking onto the main stage at Splore dressed in black with heavy gold chains and white heeled boots, she started off her set with 20 Feet Tall. The opening track of her latest album Part Two (Return of the Ankh). She then took us back to where it started with On and On and continued with Didn’t Cha Know, Kiss Me On My Neck, A.D.2000, Bump It, Apple Tree and Telephone.

I may be biased but it was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen. Such great energy and she knew how to work the crowd; making us laugh and singing how she believed in us. Towards the end of her set a light drizzle started which ended in a torrential downpour. By this point, Badu hopped off the stage and down to the front of the crowd to connect with the crowd and get soaked with the rest us. It was glorious and by that point everyone knew she was a goddess.

Another standout from the festival were the Cuban Brothers, Hudson Mohawke and Ahoribuzz. The latter performed on the final day while the first two performed on the second day.

Cuban Brothers were hilarious on stage with two of their backup dancers dressed in spandex bodysuits with tassels attached. Hudson Mohawke was outstanding with his mixes. He mixed a Ludacris track with what I think was Foster The People. His set definitely had the crowd going.

Apart from the music, Splore did offer other forms of entertainment including the delicious Cirque Non Sequitur which we quite enjoyed. At the end of the beach was meditation, tai chi, pilates and yoga in the mornings. The other end provided an art walk with Splorebots, a totum pole, a kaleidoscope, interactive lightbox and swings.

Splore was a very well organized festival and the volunteers were quite friendly and helpful. They even had free hot showers!! Do you know how awesome that is after sweating it out all day dancing and gallivanting around the park?! Check out some of the pics I took from below.