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NZFW 2017 | 5 mins with Sara Munro

Since its inception 9 years ago, Company of Strangers has acquired a cult following for its proudly 100% New Zealand made range of high-quality garments, leather and jewellery.  Their mission is to create, re-create and collaborate.   Founder, Sara Munro honed her skills at NOM*d; starting her fashion career hand stitching rosettes made from mens’ vintage ties before moving onto becoming a sample maker.  CoS garments have a reputation for being meticulous yet experimental, reflecting a modern simplicity while combining luxury fabrics with contemporary functionality.  This is one label we’re excited to see taking over the runway at NZ Fashion Week.

What inspired your collection?

Our collection began with a story we dreamed up about a woman who haunts her husband from the other side, she messes with him constantly so he can never forget her. It’s subtle, it’s as if she is leaving an impression on his clothing, attaching a piece of her scarf to his coat like a belt, she cuts up his business shirts and turns them into dresses.  Slices through his tailored jackets, ghostly ink prints appear on the garments of hers she left behind.  The palette is dark and moody yet there is a feminine vintage softness of apricots spiked with an acidic twist.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….

Lela Jacobs, Ovna Ovich, Jason Lingard

Describe your quintessential customer…

Driven, confident, individual, creative. She knows what she wants, but is humble in her approach, loves to try new things

What’s your social media of choice?

Oh it’s Instagram it’s perfect for the short attention span of a creative!

Who do you love to follow and where?

I follow my kids! They see things so differently, they love adventure and going anywhere!

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?

Star Fucker- Wildhood

C’mon Billy- PJ Harvey

Pink + White – Frank Ocean (to calm me down)

Word association

New Zealand – adventure

Fashion – fun

Music – forever

Art – life

Winter – layers

Holiday – when?