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interviewed | Rap Sensation Melvin Bailey

The comedy musical Love Me Tinder is coming to Auckland this week. Stephen Sinclair has directed and produced a hilarious perspective on the path of love in the age of Tinder. The show, who is for anyone with a smart phone and an open heart, was a sell-out at the Auckland Live’s International Cabaret Season last year.

Love me Tinder is the story of Zoe and Daren who meet on the ubiquitous dating site. They are compatible in so many ways, but Tinder’s on-going temptations then threatens to tear them apart. The show lets the audience witness the train wreck of a Tinder date going disastrously wrong.

The musical has been rewritten and developed for this year’s show. I chat to local rap sensation Melvin Bailey AKA Kloos, who has created suave and seductive lyrics for Love Me Tinder.

Melvin, who was just fifteen when he started rapping, explained how the script has been adjusted for the second season, and all of the music is now original. He said: “The show is about relationships and how the advancement of technology has affected the ways in which we communicate.”

Melvin is excited about acting alongside Jennifer Austin and Stephen Lunt, who play Zoe and Daren.

When asked how he got into rapping, Melvin said: “I love music and naturally Hip-Hop suited me, I wrote bits of poetry whilst studying at university and thought why not lay those verses down. It was my new year’s resolution for 2015 to make a mixtape, and once I did that, I simply carried on.”

I asked Melvin about his personal experiences with Tinder. He said: “We were encouraged to download the app last year for research purposes but I lasted less than five minutes. I’m more of a walk up to you and chat kind of guy.”

At last year’s Auckland Live International Cabaret Season, Melvin thought it was awesome to partake in the lively vibe in town. This year, he said he’s excited about “being part of the music once again, and having the opportunity to perform at the Comedy Club, which puts everyone at the heart of it all.”

After the show finishes, Melvin is hoping to get tickets to see Drake and celebrate all of the shows hard work. He will then focus on solo projects. He said: “My debut EP has been in the works for some time now, but the finish line is in sight.”

Melvin gets his inspiration form Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino and Lute. He said: “These guys are skilled and force me to go further with my lyrical content. Through their words, they alter my perspective and I’m left with a greater appreciation of life. I hope that one day I can do the same for someone else.”

Melvin’s advice for aspiring rappers is: “Create tracks that you enjoy and be honest in your output.” He gets his inspiration from life, “each day is a blessing, regardless of what happens.”

Love Me Tinder returns to bar Freida Margolis in New Lynn on Sunday 29th and Monday 30th October, then plays at The Classic Comedy Bar on Queen Street from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th November. Book your tickets here.

1DP | Day 11 of 100 Days, 100 Lives

An unusual suspect for a rapper; Mainard Larkin, aka Randa is just that.  With quirky rhymes inspired by orange juice, sitcoms, and everything in between, Randa’s a breath of fresh air in what would otherwise be known as a thugs’ life.

Intrigued and consumed by popular culture, here are a few of her favourite things:

What’s at the top of your playlist right now?

Sudan by Interacción.

I came across this track while watching a Converse skate video featuring steezy young Los Angeles natives Sean Pablo and Sage Elsesser. The overall rudiment and unorthodox vibe of the song accompanied by some very stylistic visuals really struck me in a positive way.

What’s your favourite meal or something amazing you’ve eaten recently?

These cookies are from my local, Mairangi Bay Bakery. I always get super excited going to this place because they have a mad selection of pretty cookies to choose from. I often go for a Ballerina(a flower shaped chocolate chip cookie w/ sprinkles, icing and a plastic dancer figurine). :’3

Cookies - #FoodPorn

Cookies – #FoodPorn

Describe your outfit today or one that always sees you right….

I copped a Jaques Vert jacket with sick as buttons for $15 from the Hospice Shop in Link Drive(located on the Shore). I like to wear it as a combo with a floral shirt I found at one of the vintage stores in the St Kevins Arcade on K Rd.

Randa - #OOTD

Randa – #OOTD

Connect with Randa on Twitter & Instagram.

Last year we set out to discover your story – everyone has one to tell, and we told a hundred. This year, we’re changing it up and we’re curating your favourite things. We want to know what you listen to (#NP), what you wear (#OOTD) and what you eat (#FoodPorn).  If you can share it on your socials, we want to share it on ours! Follow our project here.