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interviewed | The fabulous Miss Frisky

Miss Frisky is gracing Auckland again this month for two evenings of karaoke cabaret nonsense, vocal pyrotechnics, and riotous fun. You may remember her from the British musical comedy cabaret double act – Frisky & Mannish – who performed at last year’s Auckland Live International Cabaret Season.

This time, the audience gets to choose the playlist during her performance! The show is all about classic music and why we love it so much. It will allow the audience to offer their random favourite songs, and express why they love certain tracks so much. Miss Frisky admitted: “It’s about getting to use me as a human jukebox and hear your favourites belted live, right in your face.”

When I asked her what she has lined up for the audience, she replied: “Really, it’s about what the audience have lined up for me! I genuinely do not know what I will be singing, it’s in the hands of the audience and I know we’ll all have a brilliant time together.”

After extensive research into interactive technologies, Miss Frisky and her team have decided that the audience will let them know their choice of songs by writing on a post-it note, and sticking it to their heads. Miss Frisky told me how incredibly efficient this method is, “and everyone looks suitably ridiculous, so I enjoy it,” she said. “I’ll then choose whichever songs I feel like singing. Bribes will be accepted.”

Along with the show, she’s super excited to be back in Auckland to visit Ponsonby’s food market, boutiques and brunch spots. She loves Karangahape Road’s vintage shops and the Wharf’s killer oysters and seafood. She also spoke very highly of Waiheke’s vineyards but will be looking for new adventures this year. She said: “All the best days out I’ve had, were suggested by Auckland locals, so write it on a post-it and stick it to your head, please.”

She is one of the biggest voices in cabaret and has performed all over the world, but she still gets nervous. She said: “What’s extra-nerve-racking about the show I’m doing here, is that I am totally in the audience’s hands. We will be making something unique every night, so comfort won’t really be coming into it! But the nerves are the thing that give you superpowers – I cannot wait to see what happens.”

Miss Frisky

Miss Frisky

Miss Frisky performs in Miss Frisky’s Karaoke Experience from Friday the 15th to Saturday the 16th of September at 8pm in Basement Theatre. Buy your tickets here.

After Auckland, Miss Frisky will fly back to London for a short time, before heading to Berlin to host a nightly dinner cabaret show, drink gluhwein and eat currywurst until March 2018.

She said: “I won’t be able to do more karaoke for a little while, so it’s going to be very very special doing these shows.”


humans of mac+mae: Brad Parsonson

Cedric and I go EVERYWHERE together and have always done so; we’re 100% aligned, he’s a brother from another mother! He has some kind of energy or aura that people are attracted to.  

Cedric joins me at work and play, we’re inseparable.  He’s stayed at the best hotels and luxury holiday homes around New Zealand, he’s been to the ski fields with me and he loves surfing and skateboarding.

We spend a lot of time at local restaurants, bars and retail shops, all have taken a shining to the cool dude that wanders the streets like he owns them.  He never wears a lead nor does he need one, and he knows the road rules very well.  

Cedric is treated like a VIP on Waiheke, he’s chauffeured around the island and is even offered a discount at the vineyards.  Wherever we go, people treat him like royalty;  I treat him like my best human friend and he plays along, thunder buddies for life!

Brad Parsonson is a recent addition to the Auckland social scene.  Hailing from Christchurch, he and his buddy Cedric, the self-proclaimed Prince of Ponsonby, can be found at the hippest joints this city has to offer.  Follow Cedric’s adventures here.  

Inspired by the ‘Humans of New York’ series, we’re talking to our network find out what’s special to them, whether it’s a place, a thing, or a memory – Meet the “humans of mac+mae” – http://bit.ly/HoMaM

been | BLAKCHAOS store launch

If you are a regular of Ponsonby you may have noticed some nifty changes happening on Mackelvie Street. Between the trendiest part of Ponsonby Road that stretches from the Ponsonby Food Court to Richmond Road sits a development of shiny boutique stores full of marvelous goodies that will make every fashion lover flip the **** out!


One of the most recent stores to celebrate their launch last week was BLAKCHAOS. This is their first store in Auckland but second store in New Zealand with their original flagship store located in Mt Manganui. BLAKCHAOS is a collaboration between BLAK (a New Zealand clothing label) and Chaos & Harmony shoes.


The store is small but packs quite a lot with racks of clothing and shelving of shoes. The space is clean and simple with white walls, white floors, concrete ceiling, black finishes and metal features. For a good hour that I was there I couldn’t help but take in the details of the place, following are photos of me admiring some of the fine touches.


Photograph taken of the mirror outside the changing room


Pictured is the concrete ceiling and lighting (May I add that I want this feature at home)


Above photograph was taken behind the curtain (very space age)


Above is a black screen that divides the changing area from the main store

When it comes to attending store launches alone I get a bit nervous. It doesn’t matter how old I am and how many events I have been to there is that moment where you think “Oh crap I don’t know anyone! Please don’t let me be that weirdo standing alone in the corner”. It turns out I had nothing to worry about, I recognised a few faces, greeted those I knew and got to meet plenty of darn happy chappy and welcoming people of BLAKCHAOS.


Ladies enjoy a good discussion


Delicious cocktails were served by the door


I took this photo for the splash of orange among the black and white setting


Admiring the details in Chaos & Harmony’s latest SS15 collection. Featured above is the Lottie Metallic Rose Brogue retailing at $279.00 NZD. Just look at the emboss, this is also available in a gunmetal (emboss), matt black (plain) and a metallic sky blue (plain)


MORE SHOES cause why the heck not?! Check out more of the range here at Chaos & Harmony



Time for the question that matters for most, How is parking? Not much of a problem if you avoid certain hours of the day such as lunch and dinner hours, but there is plenty of off street parking if you know where to look. Come and check out the new changes on Mackelvie street and while you are there make sure you drop in to Blak Chaos, they have all new Spring Summer goodies in store!

Lot 3, 130 Ponsonby Road
(Shop 8, on the Mackelvie St side)





heard | The Artist Dinner

The Artists Dinner is back with another fine selection of New Zealand artists selling limited and selected works.
On Thursday 26th June 2014 the following artists will be creating a unique opportunity for aspiring artists, art lovers and culturalists to purchase original art from their studios for the art lover to begin or add to their collection.

On the night each artist will be selling 20 signed works inspired by ANIMALS for $40 each. In addition to this the artists will have hand-picked works available.

WHEN 5:30–8:00pm, Thursday 26th July. WHERE The Golden Dawn, 134 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

ON SALE Treasures selected from the artists’ studios and a limited number of prints for $40 each, signed by the artists, inspired by ANIMALS and printed by Fine Art printer The Print Room.

 Flox imageFlox – www.flox.co.nz

fionaFiona Pardington – www.fionapardington.blogspot.co.nz

LiamLiam Gerrard – www.liamgerrardart.com

michaelMichael Kennedy – www.malangeo.com

StephenStephen Langdon – www.stephenlangdonphoto.com


THE EVENT In-tune with tales from turn of the century Paris – where artists paid for their dinners by sketching on table napkins, The Artists Dinner aims to re-integrate fine art back into the daily cultural fix of local society. All artists will be present on the night. All welcome. Bring cash. Child friendly.


ANIMALS-banners 2.0_543x252px

Press enquires libby@theartistsdinner.com
Artist enquiries aimee@theartistsdinner.com


artist dinner
The Artists Dinner is made possible by:
The Print Room – www.printroom.co, Elam the 90’s and The Golden Dawn

heard | Entries for Art in the Dark close this month!

Set to illuminate installations and urban spaces for the Auckland public, ART IN THE DARK 2014 is calling for artists all over the country to apply to be a part of its 2014 programme, transforming Western Park into a bustling hub under bright lights this 13-16 November. 

Art in the Dark celebrates its fifth year and due to popular demand is extending to four nights with 100,000 visitors expected.  Artists from home and abroad are invited to apply to be part of Art in the Dark 2014, by submitting proposals based on the theme “out of nothing” at www. artinthedark.co.nz/artist-registration.

Works will include: Light Installations; Interactive Projects; Spatial Projects;  Community Projects; Sound Installations; video Works; Projections; Artworks; Performances; Kinetic Structures; Sculptures and any other creative concepts.

If you have ever dreamed of doing something creative on an exciting scale, register now!

Art in the Dark 2013 from Art in the Dark on Vimeo.

“This delightful event, which came out of nowhere three years ago, turns art viewing into an adventure sport in the otherwise under-used park.”Janet Mcalister, NZ Herald, 17 Nov 2012

For more information visiwww.artinthedark.co.nz


13 – 16 November 2014, Western Park, Ponsonby

Theme: Out of Nothing

Register: www. artinthedark.co.nz/artist-registration

Deadline for applications: Friday 30 May 2014

interviewed | We talk to 2013 UDC finalist Brittany Myburgh

With the bright lights of Art in the Dark set to illuminate Ponsonby’s Western Park from this Thursday (November 7th), three emerging New Zealand designers will be vying for the general public’s vote to earn the right to be called the 2013 University Design Comp winner.  If you’re attending the festival, take a minute to vote for your favourite installation from the line-up.  The designer with the most votes will receive a Phillips prize pack to the value of $1000 and will also be named the winner – so make sure you vote!

Brittany Myburgh is one of the three emerging designers.  She was selected as a finalist with her piece ULTRA and she’ll be exhibiting her work alongside 40 other works from some of the most innovating designers from New Zealand and overseas. We had  quick chat with Brittany to find out more about her and her work.

Is this your first year being involved with Art in the Dark?

This is my first year participating as an artist, but I have attended Art in the Dark  for the last three years and I am a huge fan of the event! It is amazing to actually be a part of it all.

Tell me more about your installation for Art in the Dark?

My installation is an extension of the uni work I have been doing this year, and uses ultra violet light and highly reflective elastic. The three trees along the pathway of my site are situated in a triangular shape, so I used the trees as points to create two intersecting triangles which form a more complex geometric shape. Viewers are able to walk underneath and through the shapes which have been created, allowing them to experience the lines of glowing blue light up close. 

Is this your first time being involved with such a festival or are you a regular on the New Zealand art scene?

Although I have been in a few exhibitions, this is the first time I have been able to exhibit a light work. Light art has always been my passion and Art in the Dark is therefore the perfect event to exhibit in!

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

I’m still developing my personal style but I do know I’m heavily influenced by Minimalism and the California Light and Space movement. It is really challenging to find ways to explore light and use light as a material but also very rewarding to be able to investigate light, vision and spatial perception. I think I will always be fascinated by the beauty of light and try to incorporate it into my work.

What’s next for you after Art in the Dark?

After Art in the Dark I’ll be working on my final submission for my BFA and then preparing for the Elam graduate show (which is open to all on November 30th and December 1st for those interested!). Next year I’m hoping to find a way to combine my interest in light with my interest in design and perhaps get an internship with a design company. My long term goal is to travel, exhibit and complete a masters degree.

See art in a whole new light – Art in the Dark takes place from 7-9 November, Western Park, Ponsonby. For a list of all artists showing at the event, head to www.artinthedark.co.nz.

been | Stolen Girlfriends Club – NZFW

Stolen Girlfriends Club presented their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection titled Dirty Magic on Wednesday night. Inspired by tarot cards, this collection take you on a spiritual journey to the dark side. The show that evening took place in the back street of Ponsonby/Grey Lynn and would test our ability in locating the venue with composure. The show prior to this finished later than expected and people were frantic to get there on time.

On arrival it turned out that it was taking place opposite the venue they used in last year’s NZFW. The old, dark and familiar location was like a repeat of 2012’s chaos. Smokers flooded the sidewalk, people crossing between pile up of taxis while other impatient motorist honk their horns as they try to weave through the congestion. The wall of the building was projected on displaying colourful paisley designs and artwork used to promote the show, the slow changing colours and fast moving patterns made it trippy and psychedelic.

Inside we find the place packed, seats were arranged in shape of Poseidon’s fork, across the room hung a neon sign reading DIRTY MAGIC in red. Gorgeous ladies dressed in green scattered the room handing out drinks as everyone else stood about in little clusters happily chatting away.

Soon a robotic voice plays over the speakers, it was too faint to hear what was said but loud enough to hear the distortion in the sound. Eventually people seated, and soon the chaos subsides.

The first model appears dressed in school uniform, grey shirt and trousers, button done up, collar fixed perfectly, hair was tidy and face was clean. He walked to the beat of the Hail Mary prayer. Following his appearance we notice a sinister change, it was like ‘boarding school gone wrong’.

The colour palette within this range are kept simple, there is a heavy use of blacks and bright reds, with the occasional greys and desaturated purple.

They feature a lot of tartan fabrics in the range along with printed and applique paisley designs on fabrics.

My favourite item will have to be the black tunic/dress with red printed paisley.

Overall, it was an amazing show. The vibe was perfect, the setting was great, and the fashion is incredible.

Check out this interview of Marc Moore by 3 News, he gives you a little insight into the process of their creation.



Watch this event here on 3 news