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NZICF 18 | Humble

Frickin Dangerous Bro: Humble.

3 comedians bringing sketch comedy back to life.

In the ever evolving world of comedy, both slapstick and sketch comedy, have not been the latest trends, However, the 3 Auckland Lads have persevered, and their new show, Humble is a great a mid-week, 10p.m performance,packed with lots of laughs..

Pax, Jermaine and James have great chemistry and entertained the crowd from start to finish, with their take on a theatre-based sketch show. Whilst this was my first Frickin Dangerous Bro, they have acquired a cult following of fans, mainly from their recent stint on Maori Television.

Starting off with a courtroom sketch they moved onto several micro-sketches, a crime scene and ended with a signature terrorist sketch, all intertwined with organic laughs and chats. Whilst some of the jokes appeared forced and predictable, there was a genuine feeling that the trio wanted to be there, were all having fun and most of all their organic chats were relatable to ever member of the audience. The highlights of the show were the micro-sketches and trio’s ability to roast each other.

It was a great to see kiwi comedians perform with the finesse, the delivery and the attitude of world comics….Humble they are

4 stars

See them tonight and tomorrow.  Buy your tickets here.

NZICF 16 | Pax Assadi – In Mid-Season Form

What do you get when you take a Pakistani and Iranian refugee and place them in New Zealand? ……a Tongan, apparently.

Pax Assadi is a mixed-race Kiwi, born in New Zealand to parents of Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern descent. Easily one of the best local comedians at this year’s festival, Assadi’s show is packed full of personal stories of a young, mixed-race kid growing up in Auckland’s North Shore, to a man with a family of his own, now in South Auckland.

Assadi has many stories to tell and he does so in an unscripted, conversational way – sometimes a little too unscripted, but it works for him. His material is funny, his characters are easily identifiable and his accents are well-articulated.

If his wife doesn’t give birth today, you still have time to see him tonight and tomorrow – click here for tickets.

4.5/5 stars.