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NZFW 2019 | Elle Macpherson announces NZ Fashion Week Gala

It’s time to dust off those glad rags as New Zealand finally launches its own glittering, society Gala inspired by the likes of New York City’s Met Gala or London’s GQ Men of the Year Ceremony.

Duco Events, in conjunction with New Zealand Fashion Week, has announced plans for an inaugural New Zealand Fashion Week Gala that will become a regular fixture in the society and fashion scene.

The 2019 event is sponsored by General Capital and will feature world-renown businesswoman, supermodel and actress. Elle’s early modelling career led to a record-breaking five Sports Illustrated covers – providing her with global fame when she was dubbed “The Body” by Time Magazine in 1986.

Over the last 35 years Elle has developed a high profile in international fashion, film and television – and has built an enviable business empire through her sheer entrepreneurial flair and determination.

Taking place at SkyCity on September 27th, the Gala will be a sophisticated, luxury event celebrating the best and brightest of New Zealand’s fashion and social scenes.

The modern Gala Ball setting will include fashion shows curated by the team at New Zealand Fashion Week, extravagant venue dressing, a four-course gourmet dinner and live music and entertainment.

The pinnacle of the event will be a discussion with Elle Macpherson on her career, personal fashion style, entrepreneurialism and philanthropy.

Plans are underway for the event to be held each year, with the host rotating amongst A-List celebrities from the world of fashion and high-society.

The event will raise funds for The Rising Foundation – a New Zealand charity that believes in the ‘raising’ of self-esteem amongst New Zealand youth. The foundation unlocks the potential of kids through an ongoing programme of intervention and support to some of the most vulnerable New Zealanders, and General Capital Presents: New Zealand Fashion Week Gala with Elle Macpherson will be a crucial element of their 2019 fundraising.

Dame Pieter Stewart, NZFW founder and managing director, commented: “Over the last 19 years, New Zealand Fashion Week has grown from a fledging trade event to a major stable on the New Zealand fashion calendar. The addition of Fashion Weekend in 2009 was a fitting extension for everyday fashion fans, and we believe the time is now right for an event that celebrates the true movers and shakers of New Zealand society. There is no one in New Zealand who can stage a Gala like this to a higher standard than Duco Events, and we’re confident they’ll create a night to remember.”

Elle Macpherson added: “I’m honored to be appointed as the inaugural host for General Capital Presents: New Zealand Fashion Week Gala. New Zealand is so innovative and holds a special place in my heart. I think it’s fascinating that a country with such a generally relaxed attitude to life and a strong sense of community, also achieves so much on the world stage.”

Attendees at the Gala include influential faces from the world of fashion, corporate, media and society – get your seat at the table today.

NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Aritaua’s Te Ari

ARITAUA is a fashion label connected to the Modern Navigators of our collective futures, exploring the boundaries of modern technologies, meta-identities and digital landscapes.  Through their statement pieces they give you ways to express boldly who you are, where you come from and where you see yourself in the world.

What inspired your collection?
I ran a course at the Auckland Architecture School to design a Maori Marae on Mars, and encouraged students to even think about what people might be wearing on Mars as much of the landscape and structures will be of red hues, will future settlers wear clothing that speaks of their time on Earth? During this course we spoke of our Polynesian ancestors who traversed the oceans and were the astronauts of their time so I wanted to design a collection that spoke to the Modern Navigators of our time, those that navigate cyber and digital worlds as well as those who might one day step foot on other worlds.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
So many up and coming designers but I am particularly interested in the quality of menswear designers who I find really inspiring so would have to say:
– Not For You
– Cheremene Castle (Avant Garde designer now but her upcoming streetwear collection will be dope!)

Describe your quintessential customer…
My customers are people that inspire me and so it is great to see them posting up on Instagram how they wear my jewellery and garments which gives me ideas of how to style things and even of new design ideas.

What’s your social media of choice?
Definitely Instagram as it is a great way to connect to your customer base although I am using WeChat a lot now connecting to International markets.

Who do you love to follow and where?
Virgil Abloh from Off White/Louis Vuitton – I work in Architecture which is where Virgil started his design career so I see similarities in his process and how his designs are also influenced by architecture.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
Playboi Carti – Kid Cudi (For Chills)
Cardi B – Press (When I need to hype up)
Agnes Obel – Aventine (For Focusing)

Word association
New Zealand – “Black and Layered”
Fashion – “We become the masks we wear”
Music – “To shut out the World”
Art – “Self indulgence at its best”
Winter – “When we dream of moving to L.A.”
Holiday – “A chance to focus on the side hustle”

Aritaua shows as part of the Group Show on Tuesday 27 August at NZ Fashion Week 2019.

NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Good&Co

GOOD&CO aims to intelligently amalgamate fashion and art. Each scarf turns its wearer into a walking artwork, though only those in the know are aware of the detail. Feminine and functional but never fussy, the GOOD&CO aesthetic appeals to those who like their luxury to come with a playful twist.

What inspired your collection?
Our SS19/20 scarf collection is an architectural study of modernist Le Corbusier Haus (1958 Berlin), and its surrounds. Elemental geometric forms iconic of the Eastern Bloc, deconstructed into wearable art.

Describe your quintessential customer…
Professional, driven, confident, understated cool.

What’s your social media of choice?

Who do you love to follow and where?
Creative minds from all over the world. I find the best content comes from unexpecting individuals usually collecting imagery for their own creative outlets rather than posting curated content.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
LCD Soundsystem (every song ever written!), All the colours: “Let Me Drown”, Florence and the Machine: “South London Forever”

Word association
New Zealand – Inspiration
Fashion – Inspiration
Music – Inspiration
Art – Inspiration
Winter – Inspiration
Holiday – Inspiration

Good&Co shows as part of the Accessories Showcase at New Zealand Fashion Week 2019.

NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Cecilia Kang Couture

Cecilia Kang is a self-taught designer specializing in couture wear with uniqueness and distinctiveness. She makes everything by herself from scratch from patterning, designing and sewing to bring her vision to life. Her designs are well known for intricate details and making one of a kind pieces.

What inspired your collection?
I was experimenting with different fabric materials that influenced the whole collection. My research led me into the very essence of form and structure of different kinds of fabrics. Suddenly a galaxy became not just about moons, stars and space. My ideas evolved towards the different forms of shape in nature and of non-solids like gas – everything that surrounds us. The Galaxy/Intergalactic Extravaganza collection includes all forms of life expressed in artistic detail on my garments. And then ‘extravaganza’ because I am usually dressed quite over the top.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
Myself?? Cecilia Kang Couture? Hahaha! Jokes…! I think all the designers that are showcasing at NZFW 2019 are exceptionally talented in their own way. I think every designer who are participating at the fashion week this year are one to watch and I am very excited what everyone will bring out on the runway.

Describe your quintessential customer…
There are no particular quintessential customers or age limit to my couture pieces but women from ages 20 to 60 likes my creations.

What’s your social media of choice?
I prefer Instagram social media platform because it is easy to engage with many different audiences and the layout is quite convenient to use.

Who do you love to follow and where?
I love to follow different local/international magazines such as black magazine, apparel magazine, FashioNZ and international vogue magazines! I love seeing different creativity in fashion on the instagram social media platform.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
Daniel Avery – Sensation
Daniel Avery – diminuendo
Emika – Battles (kamikaze space programme)

Word association
New Zealand – Haka / All Blacks / Kiwi
Fashion – high end / elegant / unique
Music – Kpop / Lorde / dance / electronic
Art – fashion / colors / couture / everything
Winter – cold / snow / coat / electronic blanket
Holiday – cruise / tramping / beach / camping

Cecilia Kang Couture shows as part of ‘Emerging Couture – New Generation’ on Thursday 29 August as part of NZ Fashion Week.

NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Augustine’s Kelly Coe

Augustine has quickly grown to be one of the industries leading fashion houses for everything from casual day wear to glam special occasion wear. Their labels are stocked in 60 boutiques throughout the country as well as 4 stand alone stores that carry their full collections.

What inspired your collection?
This is way too hard to answer as we are showing 5 labels with a mix of 2 collections each label, My answers would be endless, haha.

Describe your quintessential customer…
Anybody that loves colour, sparkle and fun, that’s not a wallflower.

What’s your social media of choice?
Facebook or Instagram, depending on what the content is and how the algorithms are feeling on the day haha.

Who do you love to follow and where?
I follow a lot of international celebs and bloggers, anyone with their own unique style that doesn’t Photoshop the crap out of their photos is interesting to me. I love colourful pages that aren’t overly stylised. Plus, some mum bloggers for good measure.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
It’s You
Taylor Swift’s new song ‘lover’ that I love, and I usually can’t stand her music, so that’s odd.

Word association
New Zealand – beautiful
Fashion – fabulous
Music – personal
Winter – netball courts with my kids
Holiday – tropical

See Augustine as part of the Womenswear show during NZ Fashion Weekend.

NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Herriot’s Bron Eichbaum

Herriot is designed and made in New Zealand using local production and craftspeople. It’s all about small runs and sustainability, Herriot is the opposite of fast fashion. The approach is to understated, high-quality pieces that are contemporary and lasting. Clothing for women and often men-made.

What inspired your collection?
My inspiration comes from the street and gut first and foremost. The inspiration for the silk print was an immediate reaction to seeing Jacqui Colleys work – it was perfect and I loved that she was so open to coming on board. Her talent is incredible. The silk spoke of flow which inspired the garments themselves – and also sat beautifully with the utilitarian feel of the rest of the collection. I love this juxtapostion.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
Can I say herriot here? 🙂
I love Jake Studios – I’ve been following them on Instagram and reckon they are both directional but very commercial at the same time – I don’t like using the word commercial but I mean that as a compliment.
Havilah is a young label from Wellington who is also showing at NZFW this year – I worked with her on Project Fashion last year and was really impressed with what she was doing. Her take on it is different again – lots of colour and volume. She’s really talented.

Describe your quintessential customer…
Strong, independent, and loves clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. Men and women buy herriot which I love. I love people that are prepared to take a risk with their styling and be unique.

What’s your social media of choice?
Instagram for sure. I’ve organically gone away from the others – if you see anything on Facebook it’s usually a link from IG.

Who do you love to follow and where?
Nili Lotan in New York. I’ve followed her for years now – initially she a fledgling label but has now gone global. I loved the interactions with her and her husband David – it reminded me of Max and myself and made her label feel very real and relatable.
Icon Accidental also in New York. Lyn has posted herself in our signature sweatshirt which was both fabulous and disastrous. My phone kept pinging on a Sunday with sales from all around the world and I thought I’d been hacked. I then realised it was because she had gone live but the disastrous part was that the stock was ordered but not loaded on the website so I was not just missing out on sales, I had old stock on sale! Live and learn.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
Right now ‘Hope – 3 generations walking remix” Fat Freddys Drop because this is my selection for the show at NZFW.
Woo – Erykah Badu
Wish You Were Here – Wyclef Jean
I’m obsessed with making Spotify playlists!

Word association
New Zealand – home
Fashion – comfort
Music – essential
Art – subjective
Winter – open-fire
Holiday – happiness

Herriot shows as part of the Sustainability Show during New Zealand Fashion Week

NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Rhémy’s Mindy Madden

Established in 2019, Rhémy is a New Zealand brand positioned in the emerging contemporary luxury market. Rhémy believes in slow fashion – created by hand and made to last. Turning away from mass production, each piece is skillfully developed and made in New Zealand from the finest leather and components. Their lies in creating timeless, functional and practical pieces.

What inspired your collection?
As a ‘tip of the hat’ to my mentors, this first solo collection has been inspired by the amazing craftswomen of France. Not only do they work long hours each day, but they do it looking as chic and ‘put-together’ as a model straight off the runway. These women are the powerhouse of the luxury industry, engineering the clothing and accessories we covet, with precision and care. There is no limit to the talent and skill of these craftswomen, and to them I owe a great deal.

This collection honors effortless elegance, understated sensuality, and rebellious – yet playful design. An approach to fashion that has been in the background of my life for many years. French style is more than skin deep – comfort is paramount, and confidence is your best accessory. With that in mind, I wanted to create a collection that makes the wearer feel that sense of empowerment. This collection is designed to make women feel feminine, powerful and chic.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
I have been overseas for 15 years – so I’m a little rusty on the new designers – ask me again in a year!!

Describe your quintessential customer…
The goal of the brand is to attract customers who feel a sense of excitement and desire for the products we make. We want our customers to feel uplifted and proud to wear our pieces, and be a part of the brand they have invested in. With this in mind, we are careful to control our production – not making more than we can sell – and in a sea of fleeting consumption, offering truely unique pieces from the bottom of the world. Our quintessential customer has a strong sense of style. She finds mass consumption uninspiring and has an emotional connection to fashion. Instead of fast fashion, she prefers to invest in a garment or accessory that represents something to her. A personal luxury.

What’s your social media of choice?
INSTAGRAM! Like many amongst us, I am addicted.

Who do you love to follow and where?
Too many to name, but I love vintage fashion accounts on instagram, and pinterest is always great inspiration!

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
Anything by Little Dragon and Phoenix

Word association
New Zealand – Home
Fashion – Self Expression
Music – Emotion
Art – Create
Winter – Layering!!
Holiday – NECESSARY!

See Rhémy as part of the Group Show during New Zealand Fashion Weekend.