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NZMM 14 | The Beck’s Sets

The countdown is on until the start of NZ Music Month – our annual celebration of great homegrown music and its makers!

This year, in partnership with Beck’s, the official beer of NZ Music Month, you’ll have access to seven live concerts throughout the month featuring some of the very best local talents.  Presenting – The Beck’s Sets.

The Beck’s Sets kick off with two free shows on Thursday 1st May in Auckland – first a free lunch time concert of contemporary baroque pop by Silver Scroll and Taite Prize-winner Lawrence Arabia in Takutai Square, Britomart.

Then get ready to gaze at your dancing shoes with She’s So RadDelete Delete and Paquin later in the evening at Tyler Street Garage.

With further shows in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, featuring more amazing acts including The Phoenix FoundationDon McGlashanShe’s So RadStreet ChantGhost Wave and Janine & The Mixtape, there’s something for everyone… provided you have great taste in music.

Tickets to Beck’s Sets shows are available from www.UnderTheRadar.co.nz but get in quick because they are selling fast.

For full line-up, dates and info, find Becks on Facebook.  

Stay tuned for a run down of events, fun facts and videos, links and info about all the fantastic releases coming out this May.

For everything NZ Music Month, follow them on Twitter & Instagram and find them on Facebook.


1DP | Day 93 of 100 Days, 100 Individuals

He’s an Opshopper; belongs to The Babysitters Circus and is also a judge on one of New Zealand’s biggest television shows.  Meet Jason Kerrison.  I interviewed him six years ago when Opshop released their triple platinum album, Second Hand Planet and have been eagerly waiting for our next meeting.  Since our first one, Jason has experienced global commercial success with his bands Opshop and The Babysitters Circus, has numerous NZ Music Awards on his shelf as well as a prestigious APRA Silver Scroll.  He was also made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, for services to music in 2011.  We talk to him on Day 93 of our 100 Day Project.

What’s your biggest fear?

Not being the best me I can be. My integrity and what is fundamental to me being compromised. Oh, and shark sightings when surfing.

What’s your purpose in life?

Unshakeable contentment by simply living a life that I love by following my excitement and acting with integrity in service to every moment. As a son, a brother, a New Zealander, a citizen of this planet, an artist and business co-creator I believe I have a responsibility to my friend’s, whanau and fellow inhabitants of the Earth and the conscious universe ultimately to be the most coherent ripple of light in this life I possibly can be. Collapsing and dissolving my ‘I’ and aspiring to live with love as the priority.

What are you passionate about?

Precipitating peace on Earth, nurturing and supporting our precious planet, a global shift from a quantitative and material orientation to one that is more qualitative and inner directed, free energy, baring witness to full self expression. And family, fitness, health and ice-cream.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The tour manager or my sleep cycle alarm. Its actually sometimes the afternoon depending on the time-zone. I’m really very lucky and grateful to live the life I lead. I have lots of great projects. From writing, producing and releasing music with Opshop, The Babysitters Circus, JK solo stuff, and artists from my label Control Freak Music. To traveling all over the world with music and business. I’m in the northern hemisphere almost half of the year these day’s. I also have exciting developments on 340 acres of paradise I own in the Far North which also has spring water literally streaming out of the hills. Yes, we’re bottling that and starting a craft beer brand for fun too. And I’ve got several other companies which I have a stake in that are going well. Baby Loves Disco (controlled club environments for kids and parents), and a new deal site focused on fitness and health products which I’m really excited about. I have a lot on but I work with awesome people who are really key to facilitating everything. They’re passionate and they drive me to be the best I can be.

Everyone has a dirty little secret, what’s yours?

Growing up I liked (read: loved) pop music like New Kids on The Block, Bross, Kylie…and still do. I’m a sucker for good slick production. Also, I’ve been known to eat carbs before bedtime. Bread (like, the loaf!) – part Maori living in Italy. Sue me.

If today was your last day on earth, what would you do?

I’d get on FB and Twitter, see who wants to help steal back the wealth from the bankers and military industrial complex, do that (with love guns), then buy back the corrupted multi national media and use it to redefine consensus reality so that those who want to can slip into another dimension of the multi-verse where we realise the planet and life is eternal and we’re actually all ok…forever. If that didn’t work I’d steal a big spaceship from the global elite and hang out in orbit with Richard Branson and Co. And if they weren’t options I’d be with the people I love being grateful for and cherishing our collective experiences round a fire jamming on some instruments eating presumably ice-cream and bread.

What is your happy place?

Ideally on my land or at a gig glimpsing the magic in the Now. If not there then anywhere in the Now is always perfect anyway. “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow’s a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That’s why it’s called the Present.”

What will you be doing for the rest of 2013?

Doing my utmost to live a life of love and laughter. Making an effort to keep fit and healthy whilst starting a company that encourages and helps people do the same. Being judgmental on the biggest TV show in NZ…and loving it. Writing a new record, learning to fly and facing whatever challenge comes at me on my feet.

been | Tiki Taane & Jayson Norris Acoustic Tour w/ Jess Harlen

I can imagine it’d be tough being the opening act for Kiwi legends Tiki Taane and Jayson Norris, but for Jess Harlen who Rolling Stone magazine dubbed as  “an artist to watch”, she was a professional. Jess Harlen took to the stage with a guitar and her bass player, who had some mad skills herself, in front of a packed crowd at Juice Bar in Parnell.

With such a beautiful and captivating voice, she celebrated the recent legalization of gay marriages in New Zealand by sharing her “coming out” story with the audience. It was quite touching to hear her story and speak of her supportive and loving whanau.

As well singing original songs from her two albums, Park Yard Slang (2012) and Neon Heartache (2010), she did amazing covers of Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire and Jessie J’s Do it Like a Dude.

No doubt, we’ll be hearing more from Jess Harlen in the future. If you haven’t heard any of her stuff, do yourself a favour a give her a good listen!

After a stellar opening, Jayson and Tiki took to the stage and brought the house down respectively.

With his fast fingers, it was easy to see how the one-man band of Jayson Norris is the only artist to have two sets at the Homegrown Festival in Wellington. We missed most of his performance but were blown-away by what we did catch.

And then came Tiki. What can we say, we love his way!

For more photos from the night, check out our album on Facebook.

Words by Dru  Douglas & Meenal Maharaj
Photographs by Meenal Maharaj

interviewed | Singer-Songwriter Jayson Norris

NZ-born singer/songwriter JAYSON NORRIS has been living in the UK for just under a decade now.  Since moving over, he’s released two well-received, full-length albums (A Basket Full, 2006 / Freedom Twenty Eight, 2011) and he has  tirelessly gigged all over London, creating a name and carving a niche for himself, while sharing stages with the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Blue King Brown, The Black Seeds, Pete Murray and Dave Dobbyn.

We caught up with Jayson on the eve of his Acoustic tour with local legend Tike Taane and up-and-comer (who also turns out to be family!) Jess Harlen.  Here’s what he had to say:

Welcome back, how long has it been since you were last here?
This is my first time back in over 2 years which I am very excited about!

Where’s home for you, New Zealand or the UK?
At the moment home is in the UK with my wife and two children.

What do you miss the most about NZ?
I miss my family, the far north where I’m from, the sea, fishing, diving, Kiwi summers and of course the seafood.

What’s the music scene like over there – are there a lot more opportunities?
It’s a big scene with plenty of opportunities, however there are also a lot of people like me to contend with so its hard.. but I seem to have found a good little niche there and have built up a solid following, breaking through to the commercial side and most of all the reality TV aspect of music these days like X-Factor etc is the challenge.

Do you have an advantage (or disadvantage) being a Kiwi musician over there?
No I don’t think either. If you’re dedicated, want to work hard, and have a bit of talent, then it doesn’t matter if you’re a kiwi or not.

Your music has been described as funk-infected Ben Harper, Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley.  Those are huge names to live up to, how do you feel about the description?
Huge names.  But if it was said to you I sounded like someone you hadn’t heard of then it would be hard for you to figure out my sound.. those guys mentioned are big influences of mine.

You’re about to tour with Tiki Taane and Jess Harlen, what are you looking forward to?
Oh man, I can’t wait to just be around that talent! Hopefully we get to have some good conversation and bounce a few ideas around and jam!

Have you toured / performed with them before?
Yes actually, both. I am related to Jess and when she toured the UK with Blue King Brown we caught and did a gig together. I met Tiki two years ago when I played Homegrown and then played with him when he played London last year.

You were the first ever artist to be asked to play on two different stages at our very own Homegrown Festival which leads us to believe you’re live shows are something not to be missed – tell us more about the Jayson Norris live show experience?  What are audiences in for during your upcoming tour?
So, if you come to a show then expect to hear and see one person using a loop station and other pedals.  I put a lot of energy into my shows… expect to see a lot of movement on stage and expect to hear a lot of different sounds from an acoustic guitar.

Tell us about your new single?
(Lol, after the last question/answer…)  It’s a slower number with a soft melody.very heartfelt.  A song about being on the road and away from the one you love. Then having a very small chance to see that person but missing the chance.

I actually have a club single with Gainsford out at the moment also which was sitting at number 1 on the Wildcard charts on the Audience…. which is exciting !!

You’re currently working on finishing the music video – will that be released in time for the tour?
Maybe, we’ll see..

What are you currently…
Reading? Fireman Sam. (Got to love being a Dad !!)
Listening to? Enigma
Wearing (favourite designer)? Something that fits and feels comfy. Label or no label.
Eating (favourite cuisine)? Sushi
Drinking (poison of choice)? A nice red wine.

What makes you get up in the morning?
My kids

What’s in store for Jayson Norris in 2013?
An EP/Album.. tours of the UK/Europe and Asia.. and a full album release NZ tour next summer

You can catch Jayson along with Tiki Taane and Jess Harlen on tour throughout New Zealand this month (starting in Tauranga tomorrow, 11/04).  For more information on the tour, click here.

heard | Iva Lamkum – Black Eagle Album Release Tour

To celebrate the release of her debut album Black Eagle, Iva Lamkum has announced her first national tour. The tour kicked off in Wellington (her hometown) and will come to Auckland this Thursday 13th at 420 on K Road.

The album is described as “a songs-as-storybook collection of half a decade day-to-day experiences, Black Eagle consists of a series of deeply personal, yet universally relatable meditations on family, hard-work, internal conflict, the loved and the loveless”.

She is quite impressive live having seen her three times on various festival circuits around New Zealand. Her album draws elements of roots reggae, folk, rock, funk, indie so it is sure to be somewhat eclectic.

After Auckland, the tour then goes onto Raglan, Leigh, Dunedin and Christchurch with support acts tbc.

We are giving away a double pass to her Auckland gig this Thursday! To enter, simply Like our Mac+Mae fb page and comment on our page the answer to this question: Where in Auckland is Iva Lamkum playing? [HINT: Answer’s in the first paragraph ;)]

Competition is only open to Auckland residents and we’ll announce the winner on Thursday at mid-day. Feel free also to grab your tix over at NZTix!

In the meantime bop your head to Iva’s new video Doo Bop which was directed by graffiti artist Askew1 and producer P Money!