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NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Aritaua’s Te Ari

ARITAUA is a fashion label connected to the Modern Navigators of our collective futures, exploring the boundaries of modern technologies, meta-identities and digital landscapes.  Through their statement pieces they give you ways to express boldly who you are, where you come from and where you see yourself in the world.

What inspired your collection?
I ran a course at the Auckland Architecture School to design a Maori Marae on Mars, and encouraged students to even think about what people might be wearing on Mars as much of the landscape and structures will be of red hues, will future settlers wear clothing that speaks of their time on Earth? During this course we spoke of our Polynesian ancestors who traversed the oceans and were the astronauts of their time so I wanted to design a collection that spoke to the Modern Navigators of our time, those that navigate cyber and digital worlds as well as those who might one day step foot on other worlds.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
So many up and coming designers but I am particularly interested in the quality of menswear designers who I find really inspiring so would have to say:
– Not For You
– Cheremene Castle (Avant Garde designer now but her upcoming streetwear collection will be dope!)

Describe your quintessential customer…
My customers are people that inspire me and so it is great to see them posting up on Instagram how they wear my jewellery and garments which gives me ideas of how to style things and even of new design ideas.

What’s your social media of choice?
Definitely Instagram as it is a great way to connect to your customer base although I am using WeChat a lot now connecting to International markets.

Who do you love to follow and where?
Virgil Abloh from Off White/Louis Vuitton – I work in Architecture which is where Virgil started his design career so I see similarities in his process and how his designs are also influenced by architecture.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
Playboi Carti – Kid Cudi (For Chills)
Cardi B – Press (When I need to hype up)
Agnes Obel – Aventine (For Focusing)

Word association
New Zealand – “Black and Layered”
Fashion – “We become the masks we wear”
Music – “To shut out the World”
Art – “Self indulgence at its best”
Winter – “When we dream of moving to L.A.”
Holiday – “A chance to focus on the side hustle”

Aritaua shows as part of the Group Show on Tuesday 27 August at NZ Fashion Week 2019.

NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Cecilia Kang Couture

Cecilia Kang is a self-taught designer specializing in couture wear with uniqueness and distinctiveness. She makes everything by herself from scratch from patterning, designing and sewing to bring her vision to life. Her designs are well known for intricate details and making one of a kind pieces.

What inspired your collection?
I was experimenting with different fabric materials that influenced the whole collection. My research led me into the very essence of form and structure of different kinds of fabrics. Suddenly a galaxy became not just about moons, stars and space. My ideas evolved towards the different forms of shape in nature and of non-solids like gas – everything that surrounds us. The Galaxy/Intergalactic Extravaganza collection includes all forms of life expressed in artistic detail on my garments. And then ‘extravaganza’ because I am usually dressed quite over the top.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
Myself?? Cecilia Kang Couture? Hahaha! Jokes…! I think all the designers that are showcasing at NZFW 2019 are exceptionally talented in their own way. I think every designer who are participating at the fashion week this year are one to watch and I am very excited what everyone will bring out on the runway.

Describe your quintessential customer…
There are no particular quintessential customers or age limit to my couture pieces but women from ages 20 to 60 likes my creations.

What’s your social media of choice?
I prefer Instagram social media platform because it is easy to engage with many different audiences and the layout is quite convenient to use.

Who do you love to follow and where?
I love to follow different local/international magazines such as black magazine, apparel magazine, FashioNZ and international vogue magazines! I love seeing different creativity in fashion on the instagram social media platform.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
Daniel Avery – Sensation
Daniel Avery – diminuendo
Emika – Battles (kamikaze space programme)

Word association
New Zealand – Haka / All Blacks / Kiwi
Fashion – high end / elegant / unique
Music – Kpop / Lorde / dance / electronic
Art – fashion / colors / couture / everything
Winter – cold / snow / coat / electronic blanket
Holiday – cruise / tramping / beach / camping

Cecilia Kang Couture shows as part of ‘Emerging Couture – New Generation’ on Thursday 29 August as part of NZ Fashion Week.

humans of mac+mae: Jessie Wong

This is my production manager, Adrian and I at our recent NZ Fashion Week presentation at Thievery Studio on K’Road in Auckland.  

The picture features us cutting a 3/4 Braidy bag – our most sought after style – from New Zealand’s finest deer skins.

The deer skin is special to us as it’s pretty unique to New Zealand. We are the only country in the world that farms deer and the skin is a by product of the venision industry in the South Island. It’s that soft buttery texture that makes a Yu Mei bag so special and each skin is unique, so we treat each individual piece with the utmost respect.

It’s also really important to us that we give our customers an insight into what goes into a Yu Mei bag so they understand where their products come from and just how special they are. It was an incredible experience to make a Yu Mei product, from hide to bag in front out our audience at NZFW. We make all our bags in house, in our Wellington studio.

Yu Mei (pronounced ‘you may’) is the brainchild of Wellington designer, Jessie Wong.  Yu Mei is a leather goods brand devoted to the creation and presentation of understated luxury. Yu Mei is a brand to watch.

Inspired by the ‘Humans of New York’ series, we’re talking to our network find out what’s special to them, whether it’s a place, a thing, or a memory – Meet the “humans of mac+mae” –    http://bit.ly/HoMaM.

Photo by Gabrielle Devereux.

NZFW2015 | Miromoda

Three days of fun and intensity flew by too quickly and here I sit in front of my keyboard missing and reminiscing about it. I am talking about, New Zealand Fashion Week. There were a lot of great shows with reputable brands but only a select few impressed me. I am the type of person who like to save the best for last and Miromoda is one of the best. Miromoda strives to support, expose and launch emerging indigenous designers or culturally charged creatives. It combines some of the strongest known, unknown and lesser known designers in one spectacular show worthy of high praise.

With 13 designers and labels showing in Miromoda this year we got to see everything from casual street-wear to extravagant and artistic pieces.


STEVE HALL – Abandon Man

Steve H 2Steve H 1

Abandon Man is a collection that draws heavily on Japanese culture. The look of strong, masculine and military inspired warriors are seamlessly counterbalanced by soft cuts and shape.


KYLIE MANGAN – Black Meets White

Kylie M 2Kylie M 1

Kylie creates effortless fashion with timeless designs and staple pieces she says every woman needs in their wardrobe, her designs are minimal, street and chic.


AJ BRADLEY – The Hungry Years

AJ Bradley 1AJ Bradley 2

“The Hungry Years is an exploration into the culture and envrionment of an epochal time for American music, literature and photography”.


CAMPBELL LUKE (Bobby Luke) – Bespoke Memories of a Pā kid

Bobby Luke 1Bobby Luke 2

Campbell Luke is a brand driven by kaupapa Māori and modern aesthetics. Bespoke Memories of Pā kid is based on nostalgic work wear and the of matriarchal societies within family and culture.


AHO (Kristy Bedi) – Aho Manawa


Kristy Bedi’s work draws on concepts of culture, identity, hybridity and whakapapa. Aho Manawa translate to ‘the heart line’ which draws on the complex and elegant pattern of the kōwhaiwhai.


SYRE (Aaliyah Jobe) – CAPT

Syre 1Syre 2

SYRE creates defiant street wear for the rebellious and disobedient inspired by American pop culture and sportswear. CAPT is a collection that address the debate on the new flag using satire to bring light the issues of sovereignty and colonisation.


HIAKO (Tasmyn Roach) – Hiako

Hiako 1Hiako 2

Hiako embraces traditional and contemporary Māori prints reflecting the designer’s Māori and Pakeha cultural heritage. Hiako is a sportswear collection made out of sports enhanced materials aimed at catering to all cultures.


HORI & MIMI (Hohepa Thompson & Mia Brennan) – The Hangi Collection

Hori and Mimi 1Hori and Mimi 2

The Hangi Collection represents whanau, food and bringing people together. The fabrics used in this collection were dyed by a process of being buried in a hangi along with cooking ingredients and allowed to simmer for days.



Jordaine B 1Jordaine B 2

Adjust 2.0 is Jordaine’s first collection and it is about finding her own path, aesthetic and her own feet. The collection aims for simplicity and comfort creating a look good and feel good wear without elaborate embellishments.


DARLENE GORE – Darlene Gore A/W 2016

Darlene G 1Darlene G 2

The collection is influenced by climate and settings of the South Island. Darlene Gore creates finely tailored pieces that transcends fashion fads to become lasting pieces.



Mitchell V 1Mitchell V 2

Simple, sophisticated and proudly New Zealand owned. Mitchell Vincent produces internationally influenced, ready to wear garments that reflects the relaxed culture and lifestyle of New Zealand.



Shona T 1Shona T 2

Shona Tawhiao productes stunning flax woven pieces by combing traditional Māori weaving skills and her eye for contemporary design creating pieces that are literally a work of (wearable) art. Her designs combine modern materials with Harakeke (native flax).



Dmonic Intent 1Dmonic Intent 2

Aiming to make Avant Garde the norm, Dmonic Intent design what they want rather than aiming to please the masses. Their label’s philosophy focuses on development, experimentation and innovation; individualism is their goal and they focus on being design and made in NZ.


More images of Miromoda will be uploaded to our Facebook page so make sure you head on over there and follow us see them all.


NZFW2015 | Fashion Weekend Day 2 – Highlights

The last day of NZFW was a gloomy day but that didn’t keep the people away. The day had plenty of visitors, there were huge crowds around the hair, nail and makeup stalls.  People pampered themselves with $10 make overs, designed and painted their own shoes at TOMS, had a relaxing facial at Triumph & Disaster. I ran around with a camera so much that I ended up using one of the many bars at the facility to rest in. I discovered another floor of designer sales which I completely missed on Saturday, I had intended to check it out but skipped it due to time restraints. Overall I had another fun day, the only thing I regretted was missing out on more sales!

NZ Weddings Magazine held another show of their 2015 collection seen on Wednesday. Kronenbourg 1664 gives the boys and men a reason for attending NZFW by hosting the Metro Men’s show. MAC cosmetics held a technique session before Fashion Quarterly Presents show. Trelise Cooper was the last to rule the catwalk at NZ Fashion Week showing off her Spring/Summer 2015 of Coop, Cooper and Trelise Cooper labels.


The rainbow umbrellas come out again giving the gloomy day some extra colour.

Finally, a show dedicated to style conscious men.

Flowers and more flowers everywhere! I have a feeling that people are seriously looking forward to spring.

M.A.C cosmetics is pictured holding a session describing techniques, tips and tricks on how to use M.A.C products to achieve that perfect daytime & night-time look.

Trelise Cooper presents Coop, Cooper & Trelise Cooper Spring/Summer 2015.


Well that is it, New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 is over. So happy that we can relax and catch up on sleep but deeply saddened for waiting another year to experience it all again. It has only been days since it all ended and I am showing withdrawal symptoms. I miss the fast and energetic environment, I miss using NZFW as an excuse to overdress, but what I will miss the most is the friends I made and worked with (this may sound like it is the end but there are more posts, more photographs, and more illustrations to share so watch this space).

I would like to thank Barbra Ho for periscoping, snapchatting, video editing & writing. Shonya Singh for photographing, editing & watermarking. These ladies have worked so hard and missed out on a lot of sleep during NZFW. I thank Meenal Maharaj and Andrew Douglas for providing guidance cause without them we would be lost. Also we would like to thank Deborah Zhong & Christelle Valeriano for the beautiful fashion illustrations they created for us. Lastly a really huge THANK YOU to you, our reader, without you we have no reason to do what we do, it really means a lot to the people we profile, the macandmae crew and me especially, so thank you.


NZFW2015 | Andrea Moore AW16 – The Poem

Designer:  Andrea Moore

Title of Show:  The Poem

Season: Autumn/Winter 2016

Inspiration for the Collection:  Large part of the collection is influenced by Japanese culture, it is titled The Poem as it is particularly inspired by Japanese Haiku. The I AM range is related to the theme of the jungle and the cheeky creatures that live in it.

Fabric: Colours are bright and bold throughout the majority of her collecting. Moore pairs bright orange bags and knits with ultramarine blue coats. Red, blue and black are more her signature colours. Patterns used were painterly brush strokes, orchards, floral silhouettes, giraffe spots, ivory horns arranged like fish scales and


Aesthetics/Style of Clothing:  For working and determined women. Perfect for formal occasions and easily dressed down for casual meetings. Adds oomph to any grey day and is a very positive thinking label.

Atmosphere: Very upbeat. The show had storm loads of gold confetti rain down the runway, it added a fun and glamorous element to the event.

Overall Impression:  Prior shows were very mute in colour and it was very refreshing to see bold colours on day 1.

Some of my favourites:

10 6 2 8

Words & photos by: Sin-Mae Chung