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NZFW 2017 | 5 mins with Sara Munro

Since its inception 9 years ago, Company of Strangers has acquired a cult following for its proudly 100% New Zealand made range of high-quality garments, leather and jewellery.  Their mission is to create, re-create and collaborate.   Founder, Sara Munro honed her skills at NOM*d; starting her fashion career hand stitching rosettes made from mens’ vintage ties before moving onto becoming a sample maker.  CoS garments have a reputation for being meticulous yet experimental, reflecting a modern simplicity while combining luxury fabrics with contemporary functionality.  This is one label we’re excited to see taking over the runway at NZ Fashion Week.

What inspired your collection?

Our collection began with a story we dreamed up about a woman who haunts her husband from the other side, she messes with him constantly so he can never forget her. It’s subtle, it’s as if she is leaving an impression on his clothing, attaching a piece of her scarf to his coat like a belt, she cuts up his business shirts and turns them into dresses.  Slices through his tailored jackets, ghostly ink prints appear on the garments of hers she left behind.  The palette is dark and moody yet there is a feminine vintage softness of apricots spiked with an acidic twist.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….

Lela Jacobs, Ovna Ovich, Jason Lingard

Describe your quintessential customer…

Driven, confident, individual, creative. She knows what she wants, but is humble in her approach, loves to try new things

What’s your social media of choice?

Oh it’s Instagram it’s perfect for the short attention span of a creative!

Who do you love to follow and where?

I follow my kids! They see things so differently, they love adventure and going anywhere!

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?

Star Fucker- Wildhood

C’mon Billy- PJ Harvey

Pink + White – Frank Ocean (to calm me down)

Word association

New Zealand – adventure

Fashion – fun

Music – forever

Art – life

Winter – layers

Holiday – when?

NZFW2015 | NOM*d AW16 Collection – REM

Designer: NOM*d

Season: Autumn/Winter 2016

Title of Show: REM

About the Designer
NOM*d has created an iconic image in the New Zealand fashion industry. Their label’s design is well known for its dark and wittily sombre characteristic, they put a lot of emphasis on traditional tailoring and make use of reworked vintage garments; and above all else, the essential concept of their clothes must be wearable.

Inspiration for the Collection
This new collection is an exploration of time, it examines the relationship between being conscious and unconscious, where the past, present and future all fuse together – “Like the sleep, not the band”.


The collection consists of NOM*d signature choice of colour – black and more black, also a hint of mauves and greens, but connects with a range of various materials, textures and patterns, particularly with an emphasis on natural fibres.

13 10 28 8

Aesthetics/Style of Clothing
This collection consists of a variety of tailored jackets, plaid shirt dresses, kilts and knitwear. The use of layering is seen in the overall collection, for instance stockings are being worn over shoes.

The show was presented in the Tent on site, it begins with a soundtrack of Sam Hunt citing one of his poems then follows with a music track by David Kilgour, which compliments very well with the dark tone and mood of the show.

Overall Impression
I felt the show was rather poetic and whimsical, even though it still has NOM*d’s signature dusky moodiness, perhaps because I was under the influence of Sam Hunt’s poetry reading in the background, which truly reflects the core concept of the collection – an expedition on the relationship between being cognizant and in dream states.

Favourite looks

1 14 15 27

Written by Barbra Ho
Photographed by Shonya Singh


heard | NZ Fashion Week 2015

By now you should have heard about it; by now you should be ready for it. New Zealand Fashion Week starts TODAY and boy are we excited! Shows will be running back to back from tomorrow giving designers and those involved a huge workout and media little room for rest.

We at macandmae.com are happy to say that we are covering NZFW again this year. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and then tune into macandmae.com to see all our daily updates, favourites & highlights. Also we have brought on board Snapchat and Periscope so you can watch all our live-feeds throughout fashion week. Meet three of our macandmae members who will be delivering you NZFW news fresh from their cameras, phones and macbooks.




Barbra Ho | Instagram @Sugarbubs

Meet Barbra, the bubbly and always happy chappy digital motion graphics guru of our team, she is very good with video (see her work here) and she can Snapchat a storm. All Snapchat and Periscoop feeds will be from the smartphone of this human being. I asked her to name the top three shows she is really looking forward to seeing this year.

  1. Stolen Girlfriends Club
  2. Twenty Seven Names
  3. Sean Kelly (Winner of Project Runway)



Shonya Singh

Meet Shonya, the newest macandmae member. Shonya is very good with design and photography, in fact is a co-owner of Boutique Design & Web. You may have guessed, Shonya is macandmae’s photographer at NZFW. I asked Shonya to let me know what her top three is and she sent me that list and even gave me a little explaination, how cool!

  1. NOM*d: I’ve always been really drawn to NOM*d, anything a bit edgy or dark piques my interest.
  2. Helen Cherry: For nostalgic reasons – When I was about 18 I bought a singlet/blouse from Helen Cherry, made of recycled Sari fabric. It was bright turquoise and hot pink, it was summery and sexy as hell and I treasured it.
  3. Stolen Girlfriends Club: I’m excited to see what they do with the newly refurbished St James Theater and how it will all work. Again, my curiosity gets the better of me. I have a feeling this will be memorable and I’m looking forward to it.



Sin-Mae Chung | @omgwtfork

Meet me, Sin-Mae. You may have seen my name once or twice on macandmae’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I also go by the name @OMGWTFork. I contribute with write ups and reviews on macandmae.com and I am one of the oldest camera monkeys on this site. I am an artist who happens to love fashion, loves photography and drawing them when I have the chance. This year my main focus is to deliver written content for the website, I will also be photographing on site and will be updating our Instagram daily. The three shows I am really looking forward to seeing are:

  1. Stolen Girlfriends Club – Surprising shows at surprising places each and every year.
  2. Nom*D – Unsual, defies trends, moody and unique.
  3. NZ Weddings – Just because I like girly things too.


Want to get in touch with us, use our hashtag #macandmae and let us know how we are doing or feel free to comment.

NZFW2014 | NOM*d – Noise

NOM*d kick started New Zealand Fashion Week with their Winter 2015 presentation titled NOISE. For those who aren’t too familiar with NOM*d their creations are often dark and sombre, absent of bright colours meaning it wont date and details in construction and textures stand out more in their designs. They pride themselves in being unaffected by trends allowing freedom to express and create, it is this commitment for such practice which redefine trends making them one of the most leading and valuable labels to derive from New Zealand.

How often do we say “I don’t want to go first”? Quite often I think and I am not the only one. The pressure of being first most likely means to express yourself and demonstrate your abilities which may or may not have lasting first impressions. I have no doubt that NOM*d realise this, their first show will set the mood and standard of NZFW 2014. They will need to deliver a great and memorable performance and what better way than to be loud and proud with Noise.


In the first time in my four years of attending NZFW this was the first time I have seen the main runway converted to a standing show. Last year we saw Trelise Cooper deliver an ambitious show by converting the stage and changing the seating arrangements. This year we see the same space stripped back and bare setting a minimal but mysterious tone.


The crowd arrives and are asked to stand on one side of room, across the room cloaked in the shadows lined five or six drum kits and behind each set sat a very still dark figure. One drummer began to play, then another joined in, and another joined in, each being slowly lit up as they began to play… that was when the first model appeared.


In an interview NZFW had conducted with designer Margi Robertson she stated that the show was about the affirmation of noise, their show is fresh and unexpected but the show is “true to the voice of NOM*d”.


Each model had their ears painted, hair gelled straight on sides and tied up back like in ancient Oriental fashion.


They walked to the sound of the drums marching like soldiers.


Overall NOM*d’s stage performance really blew me out of the water. Even though it was stripped back and minimal the show was stunningly simple and innovative, it had me talking about it for days. The photos just doesn’t give it justice you miss the loudness, the reverberations, the moment you fall into a rhythmic trance and move to the beat. These are the moments you miss in your absence.



For more photos on this show check out our Macandmae Facebook page.


Show was sponsored by:

M.A.C, Stephen Marr, Pullman, O&M, Green & Black’s Organic, JED’S Coffee Co.








seen | NOM*d Spaced Out

Like a visitor from another planet, or the girl who fell to Earth, NOM*d’s AW 13 collection ‘Spaced Out’ navigates the inner universe of trans-dimensional fashion on a trajectory that reaches back into time before blasting into the future. The Robot’s call may have been “Danger! Danger!” But it is Margi Robertson, not Will Robinson, who has landed a collection that features the hallmarks of design, construction and conceptuality to excite both existing inhabitants of the NOM*d star and the newly arrived.

Stellar moments infuse the collection in shapes and patterns. The kaleidoscopic diamonds, the Vs, scoops and cinematic panels all reference classic science fiction travellers; from the wayward Robinson family, lost endlessly in space, to the teleporting crew of the Starship Enterprise and the hapless ‘freak’ played by David Bowie in Nicholas Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth, this is clearly a collection that does compute.

Black remains the dark star of the colour palette but the fusion of ‘Beatroute’, ‘Wildfire’, ‘Truffle’ and Cobalt creates a beautifully symbiotic and cohesive colour cluster from which to mix and match pieces with nomenclature to suit; The ‘Sputnik’ shirt can of course dock with the ‘Alpha’ skirt whilst the ‘Trooper’ shirt sits comfortably atop the grounded ‘Dune Baggys’.

There is an element of symmetry: panelling that forms the shape of a rocket ship, plaid patterned panels fused with diamond patterns and concentric curves yet the galaxy of classic NOM*d concepts and tailoring is omnipresent. The collection time-travels, too, zapping the monster and skeleton from the famous ‘Red’ collection of a decade ago and giving them new life on sweaters, t-shirts and socks whilst the new ‘Seeders of Humanity’ t-shirt print forebodingly proclaims that “Life’s shocking secret is about to be unveiled,” classic NOM*d appreciation of vintage and pop art.

Whatever her transportation, or from which star she shines, the Spaced Out girl who fell to Earth is a mysterious creature, shifting in her own time-space continuum, her own interstellar fantasy with her feet firmly planted on Planet Earth.

Available in stores and online now.

Check out the t NOM*d Spaced Out campaign video here:

NOM*d _SPACED OUT from delphine planqueel on Vimeo.

Fashion Festival Fun

Fashion is back on the agenda big time up in Auckland. Yup, the New Zealand Fashion Festival is getting closer and closer. Hope you’re as excited as we are. The Festival kicks off on Friday 24 February and runs through til Sunday 4 March. And what a week it’s going to be. Everyone and we mean everyone can get a chance to rub shoulders with New Zealand’s fashionistas. Check out the latest clothes an score some real bargains in the Designer Garage Sale at the end of the week.

One of our real faves, Nom*D have just announced they’ll be showcasing their threads for the coming season in Tuesday’s Collections Show, Karen Walker will be kicking it up with the Viva Live team on Wednesday while Ruby and Liam take the Friday night slot. Check out the full schedule here.

And this year, get an extended fashion fix with Fashion Fine Dining at Roxy with the most fashionable ticket in town!

Tickets to this year’s New Zealand Fashion Festival not only give you entry to see the latest fashion trends from some of New Zealand’s best designers, but also score a free drink after the show at participating bars, discounted carparking in Britomart Carpark (yawn) and a $40 discount in selected stores (yuss!)!

Behind Closed Doors

What lurks behind closed doors? Something crazy, something twisted, something beautiful.

Do Not Disturb, the AW2012 collection from NOM*d, celebrates this murky, hidden world with a concise collection of oversized layers and intricate contrasts.

Revelling in the tension between the immaculate and the horrific, NOM*d’s distinctive shapes and signature details come alive in a sludgy colour palette of slate, army and nightshade – with splashes of lime and purple conjuring a slightly monstrous way of life.

Here in this realm, secrets and subtleties hide beneath elongated shirt-tails and giant overcoats. Clothing drapes loosely while at times is constricted; multiple fastenings reign in supreme volume. Man style suiting conceals the potential monster within folds of fabric – striking wool cashmere jackets and vests take on exaggerated silhouettes.

Leather edges run through the collection, sleekly trimming pockets, cuffs and coat ties for a modern take on armour. Button detailing and chunky two-way zips enclose the wearer completely – or not at all.

Take note of the iconic horror print on t-shirts and remember to peek through the key hole before entering… And disturb only if you dare.