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NZFW17 | Mitchell Vincent AW18

Mitchell Vincent showcased an understated, cool and laid back collection that focused on prints and comfort. The prints varied with a couple of abstract and monstera deliciosa leaf prints.

Monstera deliciosa is of course the ‘it” plant of Insta at the moment making an appearance in everyone’s styled shots.

Layered pieces provided some interest and contrast which gave the collection an added value of being able to mix and match. The casting for the show was perfect, as you really got a sense of who the Mitchell Vincent client was.

Overall an easy to wear collection with some stand-out outerwear pieces that you could wear to take you from the city to the beach.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Lyle Adams. More here.

NZFW2015 | Miromoda

Three days of fun and intensity flew by too quickly and here I sit in front of my keyboard missing and reminiscing about it. I am talking about, New Zealand Fashion Week. There were a lot of great shows with reputable brands but only a select few impressed me. I am the type of person who like to save the best for last and Miromoda is one of the best. Miromoda strives to support, expose and launch emerging indigenous designers or culturally charged creatives. It combines some of the strongest known, unknown and lesser known designers in one spectacular show worthy of high praise.

With 13 designers and labels showing in Miromoda this year we got to see everything from casual street-wear to extravagant and artistic pieces.


STEVE HALL – Abandon Man

Steve H 2Steve H 1

Abandon Man is a collection that draws heavily on Japanese culture. The look of strong, masculine and military inspired warriors are seamlessly counterbalanced by soft cuts and shape.


KYLIE MANGAN – Black Meets White

Kylie M 2Kylie M 1

Kylie creates effortless fashion with timeless designs and staple pieces she says every woman needs in their wardrobe, her designs are minimal, street and chic.


AJ BRADLEY – The Hungry Years

AJ Bradley 1AJ Bradley 2

“The Hungry Years is an exploration into the culture and envrionment of an epochal time for American music, literature and photography”.


CAMPBELL LUKE (Bobby Luke) – Bespoke Memories of a Pā kid

Bobby Luke 1Bobby Luke 2

Campbell Luke is a brand driven by kaupapa Māori and modern aesthetics. Bespoke Memories of Pā kid is based on nostalgic work wear and the of matriarchal societies within family and culture.


AHO (Kristy Bedi) – Aho Manawa


Kristy Bedi’s work draws on concepts of culture, identity, hybridity and whakapapa. Aho Manawa translate to ‘the heart line’ which draws on the complex and elegant pattern of the kōwhaiwhai.


SYRE (Aaliyah Jobe) – CAPT

Syre 1Syre 2

SYRE creates defiant street wear for the rebellious and disobedient inspired by American pop culture and sportswear. CAPT is a collection that address the debate on the new flag using satire to bring light the issues of sovereignty and colonisation.


HIAKO (Tasmyn Roach) – Hiako

Hiako 1Hiako 2

Hiako embraces traditional and contemporary Māori prints reflecting the designer’s Māori and Pakeha cultural heritage. Hiako is a sportswear collection made out of sports enhanced materials aimed at catering to all cultures.


HORI & MIMI (Hohepa Thompson & Mia Brennan) – The Hangi Collection

Hori and Mimi 1Hori and Mimi 2

The Hangi Collection represents whanau, food and bringing people together. The fabrics used in this collection were dyed by a process of being buried in a hangi along with cooking ingredients and allowed to simmer for days.



Jordaine B 1Jordaine B 2

Adjust 2.0 is Jordaine’s first collection and it is about finding her own path, aesthetic and her own feet. The collection aims for simplicity and comfort creating a look good and feel good wear without elaborate embellishments.


DARLENE GORE – Darlene Gore A/W 2016

Darlene G 1Darlene G 2

The collection is influenced by climate and settings of the South Island. Darlene Gore creates finely tailored pieces that transcends fashion fads to become lasting pieces.



Mitchell V 1Mitchell V 2

Simple, sophisticated and proudly New Zealand owned. Mitchell Vincent produces internationally influenced, ready to wear garments that reflects the relaxed culture and lifestyle of New Zealand.



Shona T 1Shona T 2

Shona Tawhiao productes stunning flax woven pieces by combing traditional Māori weaving skills and her eye for contemporary design creating pieces that are literally a work of (wearable) art. Her designs combine modern materials with Harakeke (native flax).



Dmonic Intent 1Dmonic Intent 2

Aiming to make Avant Garde the norm, Dmonic Intent design what they want rather than aiming to please the masses. Their label’s philosophy focuses on development, experimentation and innovation; individualism is their goal and they focus on being design and made in NZ.


More images of Miromoda will be uploaded to our Facebook page so make sure you head on over there and follow us see them all.


been | Miromoda – NZFW13

It debuted in 2009 after being formed in 2008, Miromoda continues to showcase some of the best creative talents that the New Zealand’s fashion industry has on offer. Miromoda identifies and prides itself on the contemporary renderings of indigenous stories and cultural inspirations. We had a quick chat with one of the founders Ata Te Kanawa, a well spoken, driven and determined woman. She shared with us a vision, and this vision was to share and popularise Maori and Pacific influences in fashion on a global scale.

This year was Miromoda’s fifth year in showcasing at New Zealand Fashion Week with an impressive line up of nine collections from seven local designers and two Australian guest designers. This was exciting news as it meant Miromoda is developing international recognition and relationships which in turn will benefit Maori and Pacific fashion designers.

Showing this year from New Zealand were Mitchell Vincent, DMONIC INTENT, Lei Lei, Hori, Pia Boutique, Muka and Adrienne Whitewood. And guest designers from Australia were MIMI and Grace Lee.


Exploring the idea of geothermal energy and stream, Mitchell Vincent presents a range of white jumpers, beanies, shirts and pants. Some outfits used translucent fabrics that expose the skin and layers used in the construction of the garments. I liked the way the stitching is used to generate lines, in my mind it forms and suggests a structure and solution to contain or control the natural elements within.


DMONIC INTENT unleashed a fun collection of monochromatic patterns layered with textures and thick fabrics, they founds ways to brighten up their line by throwing in bold fluorescent colours into the mix. Their garments were mildly Bauhaus and is a great demonstration of play, experimentation and imagination.


Lei Lei exhibited a unique range of capes, ponchos and coats featuring reptilian scale like patterns. Her colour palette was kept simple, red and green prints on a semi-glossy (water resisting) black fabric.


Hori presented another collection of funky printed T-Shirts. This time exploring the idea of why Maori people are leaving their native land and residing in Australia.


With a successful solo runway show earlier in the week, Pia Boutique presents a range of colourful pinks and blue dresses with gold sequined shorts for added appeal. The print used in this line features a unique mixture of triangular shapes, with a tie dye effect due to the gradual changes of dark and light colours. The collection is bright, light and spring like, soft and flowing, and beautifully feminine.


Muka revealed a darker colour palette which brought down and contrasted the colourful high of Pia Boutique. They used black, a touch of smoky grey and a lot of blue/green tartan.


Adrienne Whitewood added a touch more colour with cream and red on top of deep and steal blues. The collection featured triangular prints, chains and leather tassels made to mimic the look of indigenous clothing.


Mimi was the first Australian designer to show, the collection reflected her Aboriginal heritage focusing on warm tones that echoed the Australian landscape like browns, beige, soft purple hues, and bold uses of bright orange. The use of feathers is noticeable throughout her collection, my favourite is the feather print tights.


And last to show was Grace Lee, a Melbourne based designer. Her work featured a beautiful pattern of intricate and tribal designs printed like it was stamped repetitively from woodcut. Another feature in the garments were the use of rope, assembled around the neck and embellishing the wearer like jewellery.


Watch this show here on 3 news.