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been | Here Lies Love

If you love live musical performances, then this is a show for you.

The life of Imelda Marcos is narrated through the operandi of music, thanks to the writing genius of David Byrne and Norman Cook (aka.Fatboy Slim).  Directed by Sophie Roberts and with musical direction by Robin Kelly.

The anticipation upon arrival was palpable, and the energy high, as one looked around the lofty quarters of the Rangatira stage, to see a sprinkling of ‘who’s-who’ in NZ TV, Music & Theatre.

The disco themed concept was evident and most welcomely embraced, from the slick and sequin clad 5-pieced band, to the elaborate and glistening staircase, which reflected the luminescent costumes of the show’s star divas.

Ethereal lighting and a gospel-inspired backdrop fall upon songstress Ria Hall, as she opens the stage with powerful and intoxicating vocals, followed by equally as alluring performances by: Villette Dasha, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Colleen Davis and Sarah Nessia.

The suave and polished band deserve a notable mention, with their acoustically flawless rendition of a concept most unusual,  keeping the heady disco rhythm shaking, to the very end ….  A standout for me in particular,  was the percussionist Antonio Karam, whose vivacity and mad musical ability had not only myself, mesmerized.

Conveying the remarkable rise (and subsequent fall) of such a politically controversial icon was never going to be an easy task.  Yet this unexpected collaboration from influential and allying artists (Byrne & Cook) combined with the stage and musical talent of our very own, individually successful artists –  ‘Here lies love’  is a production of great expectation and certain delivery.

By the end of the show, you will be literally dancing in your seats!

Here Lies Love is now showing over these following dates:
November 22 – December 08th
Rangatira @ Q




seen | Simply BREL-liant!

Silo Theatre has outdone itself again with its latest production – BREL – a musical tribute show to Jacques Brel. Brel a Belgian singer-songwriter wrote over 300 songs in his lifetime and is renowned for his poignant theatrical song style.

BREL transports you to a smokey 60’s jazz lounge where four regulars take turn telling you of their twisted tales of heartache. The four are Shihad’s Jon Toogood, Julia Deans of Fur Patrol fame, the statuesque timeless beauty Jennifer Ward-Lealand and the effortlessly melodic voice that is Tama Waipara.

The songs are sung in English and French and a superb song delivery by Ward-Lealand in Dutch. The cast will mesmerise you with their unique abilities – Toogood’s powerful vocals are electrifyingly passionate, Deans’ almost angelic high notes transcends you, Ward-Lealand’s power and command of the stage keeps you engaged and Waipara’s vocal acrobatics sends tingles to your very soul, all together a force to be reckoned with.

Definitely a great night out.

Silo theatre website

Buy tickets – 1st November – 24 November | Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall