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been | The Pickle King

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Indian Ink Theatre Company – whose humble beginnings saw them in a rehearsal space in Wellington – have chosen to share their highly acclaimed The Pickling King with audiences across New Zealand.

The story centres around two hotel workers, an overbearing Ammachy (South Indian aunty), a mysterious guest and a haunting piano player, in what was once the finest hotel in town. Like a pickled onion, as you peel the layers, the play explores socially taboo subjects, which kiwis have come to accept and Indians don’t want to discuss.

Indian Ink’s founder, Jacob Rajan has passed the baton for this anniversary tour; with Vanessa Kumar (Boys Will Be Boys, Peter Pan) and Kalyani Nagarajan (The Brokenwood Mysteries 3, Polo) taking the helm, along with Andrew Ford (Le Sud, The Lady Killers) and Ayrton Foote on piano.

Ford as the pickle man and Kumar as the overbearing aunt give a strong performance and will have the audience in fits of laughter.

It’s easy to see how this show has won so many awards – it’s better than poppadum’s with mango pickle! Catch it at Q Theatre until Saturday 19 August.

1DP | Day 91 of 100 Days, 100 Individuals

Actress, producer, director.  Meet Nisha Madhan.  Best known for her character Shanti on Shortland Street (the first ever core cast Indian character that show has ever had), Nisha’s real life couldn’t be more different.  Working artistically with two independent companies, Nisha can be found doing lots of theatre and Shakespeare.  Having spent time living in Paris and Brussels, her work has a strong European influence.  We talk to her on Day 91 of our 100 Day Project.

What’s your biggest fear?

An artless world.

What’s your purpose in life?

To bring people together and make them feel like they aren’t alone. This usually ends up in either a theatre show that I make or a party that I throw.

What are you passionate about?

Theatre making is my obsession. It boils down to a group of people coming together to experience change. Everything I do in the theatre, I do in order to amplify that feeling.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Hunger for inspiration.

Everyone has a dirty little secret, what’s yours?

I’m addicted to Masterchef (hanging my head in shame).

If today was your last day on earth, what would you do?

Probably drink a martini then cover the world in confetti… The kind that cleans itself up the next day.

What is your happy place?

In a theatre. A perfect little world. Looking out at empty seats that are soon to be filled with beautiful audience members. The moment before it all starts and you’re nervous as all hell but you go out anyway. The moment when you decide you aren’t afraid of failing.

What will you be doing for the rest of 2013?

Figuring out new ways to bring people into the theatre and researching self-cleaning confetti.

Nisha is part of Indian Ink’s latest work KISS THE FISH playing Q Theatre until 5 October.  Click here for more info.