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AWA17: 5 mins with Mardo El-Noor

Mardo El-Noor is a chai-latte drinking, left-handed, hybrid creative. Armed with a Masters in Art & Design (AUT), Mardo’s work can be found globally.

New Zealand music lovers will be familiar with his conceptual music videos, including ‘Shine’ by the Modern Māori Quartet, ‘Treat you better’ by Theia, ‘Sunday’s best clothes’ by Opshop, ‘Hometown’ by Salmonella Dub, and ‘Jump’ by Kings. He’s also made three animated short films, screening at NZIFF and other film festivals around the world.

Mardo’s most recent work; a series of ground-breaking images with renowned political commentator and editorial cartoonist, Tom Scott (ONZM) can be found in the NZ Parliament Buildings and (next year) at the Waikato Museum.

Mardo was 2016’s ART Venture recipient, an acceleration programme for experienced creative entrepreneurs working in Auckland.

This Artweek Auckland, check out Mardo’s hyper-real photo-illustrations depicting people as characters in elaborately staged scenes that tell their personal stories.

Describe your piece of work in three words
Family-friendly David LaChappelle.

Baby by Mardo El-Noor

What inspired it?
People. People. People. Everyone has a story but not everyone is a storyteller. I’m a curator of people’s stories.

What’s your creative process?
I depict people as characters in elaborately staged, highly-detailed scenes that tells their personal stories (Imagine a freeze-frame in a non-existing movie, with you as the star!). The process starts with a conversation/interview, which leads to a pitch of a sketch, then a photoshoot, then a long post-production process.

Havana by Mardo El-Noor

What do you think of the Art scene in Auckland? New Zealand?
I’m not familiar with it – as my background is in commercial art & advertising. New Zealand market is quite small, which makes it easier to stand out.

Unnamed by Mardo El-Noor

What is your social media of choice?
Facebook. You can customise your newsfeed to follow all your fave websites (& block out all social noise from ‘friends’)

Who do you follow and where?
I mainly follow trending videos on Vimeo, Nowness & the likes. Behance is a huge source of inspiration too.

What are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist right now?
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation (album)
Future Islands – The Far Field (album)
The National – Sleep Well Beast (album)

Word Association:
Auckland – Traffic
Art – Stories
Festival – Festival
Creative – Job
Collaboration – Synergy
Politics – Status Quo
Summer – Recharge

Mardo El-Noor, Personal Stories at Ponsonby Central as part of Artweek Auckland.
2-15 October, Find out more.

been | Design, inspiration, & innovation… This is Semi-Permanent

The conference comes across the ditch from Australia with dates in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney,  as well as Hong Kong and two satellite conferences in London and New York; stretching it’s reach into becoming a unique global event.

I’ve been waiting to go to this event ever since I found out about it last year. And thanks to @semiglobal I won a VIP ticket to the Auckland event. This week long creative conference known simply as Semi-Permanent, comprises of art installations, side projects, workshops to name a few and culminates with a two day conference.

I went to two of the workshops yesterday, Trans Media or Multi Platform storytelling – Past, Present and Future presented by Florian Schmitt @jesusbeuys from hi-res. Schmitt touched on how the age old art of storytelling still holds true today when you try to sell your brand / tell a story. And with modern technology the average person has come to expect more and engages better with your brand or story experience when there’s a concise multi platform approach. And a half day concept art walk-through with Christian Alzmann from Industry Light & Magic who are one of the front-runners when it comes to computer graphic design and special effects. Chris provided some great insights into the industry and various projects he’d worked on, as well as the process an animated creature goes through before it hits the big screen, all the while crafting a brand new creature on screen before our very eyes.

Some highlights for me for today and tomorrow’s two day conference are Gmunk, Wallpaper, Alex Trochut, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Hi-Res, oh pretty much all of them!

If you’re not able to make it today, there’s a grabone deal going for tomorrow. If you have any creative bone in your body this is a must see!