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DocEdge 19 | Buddy

Netherlands | 2018 | 86 min | Dutch | Heddy Honigmann

Buddy is a sensitive exploration of the relationship between service dogs and the people they are paired with. The film clearly illustrates the importance of the animal assistance, and the emotional support these dogs provide for their humans. These people suffer from physical disabilities ranging from blindness, mobility issues, degenerative and genetic disorders, through to PTSD and autism.

Heart-warming at times, the film takes on a fleeting darkness of tone when Trevor, a sufferer of PTSD, gives a brief recount of his experience as a soldier, and some harrowing events which may have contributed to his PTSD; in addition to this he also suffers from a degenerating physical disability on-set by stepping on a landmine during his service. You develop the distinct impression day-to-day life would not be manageable for Trevor without his service dog Mister.

Honigmann effectively communicates the significance of these dog/human partnerships, using measured pacing and background score, making Buddy a must-see for animal lovers.

Screenings: Auckland 5 June, 4.30PM & 8 June, 4.15PM at the Q Theatre; and Wellington 21 June, 4.30PM & 22 June, 2.15PM at The Roxy

The 14th DocEdge Festival takes place Auckland 30 May – 9 June and Wellington 13 – 23 June – www.docedge.nz

humans of mac+mae: Maggie Collins

So I’m actually a guide-dog / puppy raiser for Guide Dogs NSW, ACT in Australia.

I’ve looked after a couple of dogs this year – Gilbert, Annie and Utah. The last dog I had was Utah and he’s a very special boy.  He’s not going to make it as a guide dog puppy because of some health reasons but he is a super sweet heart and he’s very dear to me.

The thing that made Utah special was because he was really difficult at the start when I was first looking after him.  

I became quite connected to him through a situation of being really frustrated with him.  He was going to the toilet inside the house multiple times because of his health reasons but I saw him really try and fight through it and eventually he just completely stopped doing it and fixed that behavioural problem, with the help of both of us.

We really worked through that together as me and Utah.  Naturally his temperament is super soft and sweet and gentle and friendly and that just makes him extra adorable.


Australian Maggie Collins is the wearer of many hats – she’s a festival programmer (Bigsound, Brisbane), artist manager (multi-ARIA award winning duo DZ Deathrays) and radio broadcaster (triple j).

Maggie was in the country earlier this year for Going Global Music Summit.  Going Global is a 3-day summit that brings together world-class panelists from all over the music world. A must-go for anyone related to the industry, whether you’re an artist, a promoter or a music journalist.

Inspired by the ‘Humans of New York’ series, we’re talking to our network find out what’s special to them, whether it’s a place, a thing, or a memory – Meet the “humans of mac+mae” –    http://bit.ly/HoMaM