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seen | The Spark, the Fire, and the Dark

Faerie Tales Exhibition

Faerie Tales, part of the Auckland Festival of Photography Fringe Programme is quite a different sort of exhibition in that it is as diverse in the mediums used as it is in the topics that it explores.

Joe Macdonald explains in his essay entitled The Spark, the Fire, and the Dark that “Faerie Tales, as an eclectic whole, shifts the focus from singular identities to relationships and connections between embodied beings.”  and further elaborates that “Faerie Tales refuses to cement meanings of bodies or identities, encourages interpretation by context, centres on the interactions between humans.”

The curator of this “provocative” exhibition Rebecca Swan features an interactive photographic installation exploring queer narratives. Rebecca sums up on her blog that “The viewer is privy to the making and un-making of moments, the spark, the fire, and the dark.”

Other artists include composer Charlotte Rose, photographers Katy Jo Carter and Melanie Church, comic artist Sam Orchard and painters Eli Orzessek and Kestin Stewart. With tantalising performances starting at 9pm on opening night.

Faerie Tales Exhibition: 5th- 18th June

Snake Pit Gallery 33 High Street, Auckland CBD

Opening night June 5th 6pm – 9.30pm with performances from 9pm- 9.30pm

Gallery hours Tuesday- Friday 11am-5pm, Saturday noon- 5pm

“Faeries Tales” is part of the Auckland Festival of Photography Fringe Programme.


New Zealand 2012

Duration: 68min.
Director Grant Lahood. Producer John Keir.
Mani Bruce Mitchell

Intersexion touches on a subject that very few people are aware about, though it is an uncommon subject to speak about casually, it is still an important and common issue that exists beyond the male and female gender roles. Classed as an abnormal condition, the definition of intersex is where a person or animal is born without a clear distinction of either gender.

One in two thousand children are born intersex-ed (which is quite a staggering number if you think about it) and are often labelled ‘I‘ on birth certificates and other documents while struggling to fit into the social constructs of the gender ‘norm’.

The film interviews several Intersex-ed individuals that reveal their deepest and perhaps darkest secrets of themselves and their family, while they each bravely go on to recall the physical and emotional trauma in their upbringing and learning the truth about themselves. They also expose the harsh realities in medicine, the facade in bringing hope that they could help ‘cure’ the problem often through cosmetic surgery and instructions to lie and cover up the truth. As the film goes on, one can not help but feel the underlining tones of shame that these people and their families were made to feel, yet one can also admire their determination and strength on their road to overcome their differences through self exploration.

Follow  Mani Bruce Mitchell on his/her journey to America, Ireland, Germany, South Africa and Australia to find and share the stories of those that share his/her unique trait. Go on to discover their roller coaster ride through medical history, theories and treatments used to ‘treat’ intersex babies, learn of their abuse, their mutilation, their anger, secrecy, battles, triumphs to self discovery and pride.


Intersexion is showing as part of NZ Documentary Edge Festival 2012

For more details, session times and booking visit here


Wednesday, 2nd May: 8:45pm
Event Cinemas, New Market

Tuesday, 8th May: 12:45pm
Event Cinemas, New Market


Friday, 18th May: 9:00pm
Angelika at Reading Cinemas Courtenay

Wednesday, 23rd May: 7:00pm
Angelika at Reading Cinemas Courtenay

Tuesday, 29th May: 12:45pm
Angelika at Reading Cinemas Courtenay