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NZFW2015 | NZ Weddings Magazine Collection

New Zealand Weddings Magazine Show! A time for wine, flowers, pretty dresses and dreams of happily ever afters. Where children in their flower girl and ring bearer outfits can evoke an ‘aww’. Weddings is typically a very long show and with 7 different designers showing, you understand why. The designers (in order) were Natalie Chan, Crane Brothers, Hera Bridal Couture, Working Style, Robyn Cliffe, Barkers and John Zimmermann.

I can go on and on forever about how wonderful this show was but I wont do that to you. We all know a picture speaks a thousand words so here are some of my favourite designs.




N Chan 1

Bridal Gown ‘Botanical Delight’

N Chan 2

Bridal Gown ‘Dazzling Charm’



Crane B 2

Suit Harrisons ‘Frontier’ Pale Grey

Crane B 1

Suit Ariston ‘Quattro Stagioni’ Cobalt Plaid



Hera B 1

Hera B 2



Working S 2

Red washed soft cotton jacket / Elephant tie

Working S 1

Plain blue suit with / Blue Mandras check tie



R Cliffe 1

R Cliffe 2



Barkers 1

Powder blue jacket / Dinsdale print shirt / Carnaby chino shorts

Barkers 2



J Zimmermann 1

J Zimmermann 2

Photos by Sin-Mae Chung

NZFW2015 | ITZME & Julian Danger

Designers: ITZME (Shuai Zhang) / Julian Danger (Amy-Rose Goulding)

Season: Autumn/Winter 2016

About the Designers: Shuai Zhang worked with Karen Walker after graduating from Massey University with a fashion degree. She eventually left her role to travel the world then returned to create and debuted her label ITZME in 2014 at NZFW.

Amy-Rose Goulding the lady behind Julian Danger is inspired through pop culture, everything from art, music to film. Amy is based in Dunedin, her garments are hand made with love in China working with a small factory in an ethically sound community.

Aesthetics/Style of Clothing:  ITZME uses elements of traditional men’s tailoring in her strong feminine designs. Her goal is to produce a style that is delicate and daring, “Itzme is playful and empowering”. Her garments match the young and determined, fun and flirty.

Julian Danger’s collection titled Honey is romantic, her garments are both soft, elegant and powerful. She states that she is “fuelled by romantic power of youth and the discord between the worlds of urban sportswear, the street and rock culture”. Honey is a very warm and light collection with delicate pinky-peach, sandy and cream colours paired with grey, navy and black.

Overall Impression: The show was light and fun, overall I really enjoyed both collections. I was extremely impressed with the detail and tailoring in Itzme’s range. However, I am personally drawn to Julian Danger as I can imagine wearing most of her collection.

Favourite looks:


Cute, playful and whimsical designs by ITZME.









Pretty, flowing, elegant pieces by Julian Danger.


Makeup by M.A.C & Hair by Wella Professionals.

NZFW2015 | Fashion Weekend Day 2 – Highlights

The last day of NZFW was a gloomy day but that didn’t keep the people away. The day had plenty of visitors, there were huge crowds around the hair, nail and makeup stalls.  People pampered themselves with $10 make overs, designed and painted their own shoes at TOMS, had a relaxing facial at Triumph & Disaster. I ran around with a camera so much that I ended up using one of the many bars at the facility to rest in. I discovered another floor of designer sales which I completely missed on Saturday, I had intended to check it out but skipped it due to time restraints. Overall I had another fun day, the only thing I regretted was missing out on more sales!

NZ Weddings Magazine held another show of their 2015 collection seen on Wednesday. Kronenbourg 1664 gives the boys and men a reason for attending NZFW by hosting the Metro Men’s show. MAC cosmetics held a technique session before Fashion Quarterly Presents show. Trelise Cooper was the last to rule the catwalk at NZ Fashion Week showing off her Spring/Summer 2015 of Coop, Cooper and Trelise Cooper labels.


The rainbow umbrellas come out again giving the gloomy day some extra colour.

Finally, a show dedicated to style conscious men.

Flowers and more flowers everywhere! I have a feeling that people are seriously looking forward to spring.

M.A.C cosmetics is pictured holding a session describing techniques, tips and tricks on how to use M.A.C products to achieve that perfect daytime & night-time look.

Trelise Cooper presents Coop, Cooper & Trelise Cooper Spring/Summer 2015.


Well that is it, New Zealand Fashion Week 2015 is over. So happy that we can relax and catch up on sleep but deeply saddened for waiting another year to experience it all again. It has only been days since it all ended and I am showing withdrawal symptoms. I miss the fast and energetic environment, I miss using NZFW as an excuse to overdress, but what I will miss the most is the friends I made and worked with (this may sound like it is the end but there are more posts, more photographs, and more illustrations to share so watch this space).

I would like to thank Barbra Ho for periscoping, snapchatting, video editing & writing. Shonya Singh for photographing, editing & watermarking. These ladies have worked so hard and missed out on a lot of sleep during NZFW. I thank Meenal Maharaj and Andrew Douglas for providing guidance cause without them we would be lost. Also we would like to thank Deborah Zhong & Christelle Valeriano for the beautiful fashion illustrations they created for us. Lastly a really huge THANK YOU to you, our reader, without you we have no reason to do what we do, it really means a lot to the people we profile, the macandmae crew and me especially, so thank you.


NZFW2015 | Fashion Weekend Day 1 – Highlights

Welcome to the highlights of Day 1 of Fashion Weekend. We took a little break on Friday to relax, despite fashion week taking place on three days they were long days with show after show. We wanted to rest up so we were ready to tackle fashion weekend and boy that was a good move.

Upon entering the Viaduct Event Center we walked into a scene of huge crowds and stalls. There was so much excitement in the air, everyone was so pumped and full of energy bouncing from one stall to another. Both Barbra and I were very surprised in the change of atmosphere, as people darted about looking all happy we couldn’t help but be pulled along with all the excitement.

The first show was the Smashbox Session, we attended the seminar learning tips and tricks for perfect makeup. We then took advantage of the Nude makeup stall and got a free make over. We attended several fashion shows throughout the day and spent most of our time going through the designer sale upstairs. Check out some Day 1 Fashion Weekend instagrams we took:


Lovely young ladies sit patiently as the crowd fills up the room, these lucky ladies get their face put on in front of a crowd.


We go visit some makeup stalls for ummm.. makeup. Took this one of the M.A.C wall before this fella jumped into my shot, must admit, we’re not complaining.


Taken this at @cleomagazine #coop #runway #nzfw #NZFW2015 #fashionweekend video by @omgwtfork

A video posted by macandmae (@macandmae) on

We attend some fashion shows to see what is in season. Models flirt with cameras while they wear COOP, this video was taken at the Cleo Presents show.


How does someone show jewellery on the runway? Looks like Nick Von Klarwill figured it out, think giant jewellery on models in full body suits, human fairy light and an astronaut.


There we so many photo booths to choose from, so far we’ve done three of them.

New Zealand Fashion Weekend is on for one more day, come check it out at the Viaduct Event Center (Auckland). Stay tuned for Fashion Weekend Day 2 highlights!

NZFW2015 | Andrea Moore AW16 – The Poem

Designer:  Andrea Moore

Title of Show:  The Poem

Season: Autumn/Winter 2016

Inspiration for the Collection:  Large part of the collection is influenced by Japanese culture, it is titled The Poem as it is particularly inspired by Japanese Haiku. The I AM range is related to the theme of the jungle and the cheeky creatures that live in it.

Fabric: Colours are bright and bold throughout the majority of her collecting. Moore pairs bright orange bags and knits with ultramarine blue coats. Red, blue and black are more her signature colours. Patterns used were painterly brush strokes, orchards, floral silhouettes, giraffe spots, ivory horns arranged like fish scales and


Aesthetics/Style of Clothing:  For working and determined women. Perfect for formal occasions and easily dressed down for casual meetings. Adds oomph to any grey day and is a very positive thinking label.

Atmosphere: Very upbeat. The show had storm loads of gold confetti rain down the runway, it added a fun and glamorous element to the event.

Overall Impression:  Prior shows were very mute in colour and it was very refreshing to see bold colours on day 1.

Some of my favourites:

10 6 2 8

Words & photos by: Sin-Mae Chung


NZFW2015 | Dmonic Intent & Syre – Contemporary Salon

Designers: Dmonic Intent / Syre

Season: Autumn / Winter 2016

Title of Show: Contemporary Salon Show


About Designers: Dmonic Intent is an Auckland based and family owned label that deliver Avant Garde, experimental and edgy wear. They strive to design for themselves rather than pleasing others, their craft is directed to those whom aren’t afraid to reject norms, bold and dare to stand out and “have a voice and opinions that align with” their own.

Syre (Aaliyah Jobe) is a young and talented teen who creates defiant street wear, her designs are bold and rebellious. She is related to the designers of Dmonic Intent but don’t think that the family bond has any affect to her aesthetics and style.

Aesthetics/Style of Clothing: Dmonic Intent presented a range of extravagant, dark and spiritual line of clothing. While Syre showed a strong collection of black and white street wear.


Above: Clothing by Dmonic Intent


Above: Clothing by Syre

Overall Impression: The show was visually dark as the majority of clothing were black. Syre’s collection had pieces that would grab the attention and interest of youths, Dmonic Intent was somber but visually stunning and mind blowing.

Favourite looks:


My two top picks from Dmonic Intent.



My top two picks from Syre’s collection.

NZFW2015 | Day 3 – Highlights

Day 3 marks the end of New Zealand Fashion Week, however, marks the beginning of Fashion Weekend! But before I dive into that lets talk highlights of Day 3. From marriage proposals to Sean Kelly’s debut show, the day got better and better.

Day 3 started off slow but quickly changed with Miromoda. You may already know this but Miromoda strives to support, expose and launch emerging indigenous designers or culturally charged creatives. This year we witnessed a quick and sweet proposal on the runway between two designers. Confitex unveiled a really sexy range of lingerie. Hailwood dazzled us with lights. Zambesi held another fully packed show and Sean Kelly impressed us all with his NZFW debut show. Scroll down to see our highlights of the day.

Work by Shona Tawhiao from her Battle Cry collection featured in Miromoda.


A marriage proposal happened between two designers. Hohepa Thompson (Hori) & Mia Brennan (Mimi) collaborated for this year’s Miromoda to show their collection titled Hori lovs Mimi, to the surprise of Mia and everyone Hohepa went down on one knee.


Confitex shows off his very sexy, very sensual and modest range of underwear.


Winner of Project Runway (season 13) Sean Kelly had his first NZFW debut show constructing a scene of mirrors that transcends the catwalk and into a surreal environment of hypnotic illusions.

We couldn’t get any closer to the models at Hailwood but this shot here shows a stunning scene of blue. Photograph was taken from the end of the runway.


Last to show was Zambesi, they presented a heavily dark and warm coloured collection. This photograph was taken just at the entrance of the runway. The model had eyes of steel and her stride was confident and powerful.

Now back to Fashion Weekend! Today marks the start of Fashion Weekend with the opening ceremony happening tonight. We will be there Saturday & Sunday to see some of the Spring/Summer 2015 collections. Fashion Weekend is open to the public and tickets are available for some of the shows and seminars to purchase. Head on over to New Zealand Fashion Week’s official website and to read more about the weekend shows, or you can just click here to Buy Tickets now.

Stay tuned for more write ups on some of our favourite shows and highlights of Fashion Weekend.