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NZICF 18 | 5 mins with El Jaguar

Originally from the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico, luchador wrestler turned comic, El Jaguar is returning to New Zealand with a brand new show, Telenovela. Be prepared to weep on command, get caught up in a love triangle, grow a thin moustache, and fall in love with all the characters and their cheesy accents.

Describe your show in three words or less…
Melodrama! Margaritas! Mexicans!

What’s the inspiration behind it?
The desire to write, direct, and star in my own Mexican soap opera.

Where will we find you during the festival?
If not in a death battle with Giapo the gelato king, then probably flyering my show on Queen Street.

NZ Comedy Scene – would you swipe right or swipe left?
El Jaguar swipes both ways.

Do you have any top picks for this year’s festival?
Is Foster Brooks coming?

What song or movie best describes the story of your life?
If ‘Shape of Water’ had Dwayne Johnson playing all the characters.

What are you currently binge-watching on Netflix?
Season 5 of M*A*S*H.

And your top 3 songs on Spotify?
“Weird” Al’s Hamilton Polka,Xanadu” by ONJ, and the Coco Soundtrack.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
Probably sleep. Or frozen Cokes.

World Association:
Comedy- piñatas
New Zealand – laser kiwi
Woke – snooze button
Adulting – food porn
Basic – as
Trend – Minature Schnauzer crossed with a Malteaser.
Joke – see above.

El Jaguar plays 16 – 19 May at Auckland’s The Classic as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo. Buy your tickets now.

NZICF 18 | Our top picks for the NZ International Comedy Fest 2018

It’s that special time of year when comedians from across the globe descend upon our great land for the NZ International Comedy Festival.  Like the years that have passed, this one is no different; there’s a plethora of great comedians to choose from.   To help you out, we’ve listed some of our top picks below.

For more information, tickets, and a bunch of other things, check out the Comedy Festival website.


El Jaguar: Tele Nova

A Tele Novela is a Mexican soap opera, and El Jaguar is bringing it to New Zealand, so get ready to weep on command, grow a thin moustache, and fall in love with cheesy accents.

Alexis Dubus: Alexis Dubus versus the World

Lyrical tales from the road mixed with iffy wordplay and first-rate bullsh*t. Alexis has been seen on Comedy Central At The Comedy Store, Set List, The John Bishop Show, Ricky Gervais’ Derek and Red Dwarf.

Marcel Lucont: Marcel Lucont etc. – a chat show

France’s multi-award-deserving flâneur interviews different guests every night in his own unique style. Expect top Festival names, bawdy badinage, classy sex poetry and a house band. 

The Big Show: International Comedy Showcase

Looking to check out some international talent but don’t know where to start? May we introduce Edinburgh Fringe heros, Lauren Pattison, Fin Taylor, Phil Wang and Ian Smith from the UK, all packaged together as part of the Big (two hour) show.

Paul Chowdhry – Live Innit

After completing a phenomenal 100 date sell-out 2017/2018 tour and becoming the first Asian stand-up to play a sold-out show at London’s Wembley Arena, comedy powerhouse and star of Taskmaster, Live at The Apollo and Stand Up for the Week, Paul Chowdhry will be coming to New Zealand.  Hurry, this will sell out!

Luke Heggie – Tripat

No lowbreeds please.  You heard him.

He’s been here before – read our interview and show review.

David Correos: The Correos Effect

Love him or hate him, he’s back for another year. Billy T Award winner David Correos has developed a reputation for delivering a maelstrom of comedy that has seen him get five star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe. This is full noise, powerful, messy comedy; defying genre and labels. Sometimes it’s paint, sometimes cinnamon, could be a bread knife – it’s hysterical nonsense.

Rose Matafeo: Horndog

Rose has kissed nearly 10 men in her life. So I guess you could say, this girl’s a horndog. Join Rose for another classic hour of stand-up and sketch.

Bridget Davies: Bridget Davies’ Diary

Can you pass up the chance to read someone’s diary? You can’t resist can you!

Bridget Davies is all set to take you through hers and the latest year of her life with material described as “fresh, relatable, poignant and most importantly VERY FUNNY!” – Backbeat Comedy.

Guy Williams: I wanna hear what I have to say

Guy wants to do a political show that doesn’t suck. While he can’t promise he’ll achieve this, he’s got to do something to fill in the time before he dies.

We’ve got a lot of love for Guy – read all about it here.


The NZ International Comedy Festival takes place 26 April – 20 May. Get your tickets for all shows here.