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NZICF 18 | G.O.D (God. Oil. Drugs)

Who says you have to go to church to hear a sermon?

Being heralded as the UK’s answer to Chris Rock, our expectations for Dane’s debut NZ show were high …and he didn’t disappoint.

Gracing the stage to Stormzy, Dane opened his sermon by stating he likes to educate; not just entertain. He then divulged into growing up black in a Catholic household. What followed was an hour of side splitting comedy of observations that contribute to not living in an equal society.

Dane compared the double standards of gender neutrality, fair trade chocolate, and foodies. He also deeply analysed growing up to TLC’s 90’s chart topping single, No Scrubs and how it contributed to a lack of getting girls.

Dane has a unique talent for delivering punchlines and relating to the audience, a talent which only a select group of comedians have mastered. I’d say that he’s my generation’s answer to Eddie Murphy in his prime.

5 stars.