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been | The launch & pop up of Invis-Able

We meet one of New Zealand’s most unique fashion labels to launch this year… Introducing, Invis-Able, a label dedicated to making high quality, ‘topsy-turvy’ unisex garments full of fine details and hidden features.

Creator and designer, Marc Jun plays a game of ‘hide-and-seek’ with wearers, whilst creating a versatile garment.  Find hidden pockets and zips or buttons that connect to nowhere, removable sleeves, sweaters disguised as jackets, and trench coats that are reversible.  This is like the Winchester Mystery House… of fashion.

I had the pleasure of meeting Marc at his Auckland pop-up located in Ponsonby Central.

Q: Where did Invis-Able come from?

A: I wanted to create a New Zealand based clothing label that re-imagine and creates wearable unisex garments. My aim is to design with unique details to enhance the options and versatility of your wardrobe. My work is deeply inspired by invisible things in life such as one’s thoughts, feelings, words and experience; these are the things that define who we are, and we are all different. Invis-Able is an expression of the invisible, to make it or us Able to be seen, that’s where the name comes from.

Q: What is your current collection about?

A: ’What Fakes Me Happy’ started when I asked myself “What makes me happy?” And I quickly found that ‘things’ that often entertain us and make us happy are short term. Material items or meaningless relationships are satisfying at first but are costly to maintain, the initial happiness will wear away. Instant gratification for long term happiness is fake and unrealistic. I express this in the details and functionality of my garments and challenge the wearer’s “ideal reality”. Just like a playful game of ‘hide and seek’ – you will find all the unexpected features and hidden details. Invis-Able Fakes You Happy!

Q: Describe your aesthetics/style in a few words…

A:  Clean cut, refined, stand out multi-functional unisex wear.

Q: What is your colour palette?

A: Monotone – Black, greys and currently dark green.

Q: Who’s been your most influential designer?

A: Kris Van Assche

Q: What is the ‘must have’ out of your collection?

A: The reversible trench coat

Q: Describe the type of person who’d wear your clothing…

A: Young, 20’s to 30’s working professionals. People whom often transitions from work to going out and seeks trendy and versatile wear, suitable for day and night, serious or play.

Q: Name three celebrities you’d like to see wearing your brand…

A: G-Dragon (Big Bag), Kris Van Assche & ASAP Rocky

Q: Where do you imagine Invis-Able in 10 years?

A: I would love to see my brand everywhere in the world, a global brand.

Head along to Invis-Able’s pop up store to meet Marc and nab yourself 20% Off everything. Be quick, it ends this Sunday! Located opposite Bird On A Wire inside Ponsonby Central. Open from 9am till 6pm.







|           www.invis-able.com           |           Invis-Able on Instagram           |


been | Britomart Fashion Sessions 2015


At the start of every Autumn is the Britomart Fashion Sessions hosted at Britomart’s Atrium on Takutai. Recently city goers got to see Britomart’s atrium transform into a runway aimed at showcasing Autumn & Winter collections from over five designers with six separate shows in over two days.


Above: Images of Trelise Cooper’s runway show at Britomart

On day 1 we saw Trelise Cooper kick off Britomart Fashion Sessions with a generously lengthy show featuring labels Coop, Boardroom, Cooper and Trelise Cooper.


Above: A snippet of Kathryn Wilson’s collection

Later that evening Kathryn Wilson celebrated an alluring range of winter shoes on models dressed in 1950’s fashion. Her collection featured polka dots and pink floral patterns among soft blue, tan, black, white and a lot of gold detailing.


Above: Taken at Zambesi A/W15 Britomart show

Zambesi ended the day showcasing their XXXV range with fantastic oomph and style. Just like NZFW2014 their models strutted down the runway in time with Queen‘s Flash Gordan soundtrack.


Above: Mindfood Style solves winter wardrobe blues

Day 2 began with Mindfood, confused? I was to begin with till I learned that Mindfood now has a new magazine titled Mindfood Style. This show presented around 39 different looks created by Mindfood’s stylists selecting and combining pieces found in stores located in and around Britomart.


Above: Models of Taylor Boutique

Later that afternoon Taylor Boutique presented a stunning show full of simplicity and elegance. Once again Taylor kept the colour palette clean focusing only on black, white and tan adding emphasis in the details of texture, pattern, lines, shapes, layers and cuts.


Above: Images taken backstage of WORLD’s Britomart show

To conclude Britomart’s very fashionable weekend was WORLD, and fortunately I was stuck backstage to experience the mayhem of it all. I felt like I  watched a riddle unfold, a riddle where Carmen Sandiego and Jessica Rabbit decided to rock and roll in an M.C Escher painting. There were geometric prints, sexy fedoras hats, quirky bow-ties and cute bunny ears. The make-up was stunning! The light bulbs were interesting and the atmosphere was totally awesome!

There are plenty more photos available to view, for more images make sure you check out our Britomart Fashion Session Facebook photo albums.

Click here for Day One   |   Click here for Day Two

been | Amber Whitecliffe ‘Mrs Pinto’ Launch

Amber Whitecliffe released her summer 14/15 collection titled Mrs Pinto earlier this month, we attend an exclusive preview at Amber Whitecliffe’s store to celebrate this launch.

I will admit that I am not the most qualified in fashion (actually not qualified at all) which means I am not very knowledgeable in this field, but I have taste and know what I like when I see it. And believe me when I say this.. I truly like and would wear what I see in the Mrs Pinto range. We all got a glimpse of Amber’s summer collection at this year’s NZ Fashion week. Her designs were among the New Generation collection, a part of NZFW dedicated to showcasing emerging and up-and-coming fashion designers.


The thing I love about Amber’s work is that she approaches her designs with a positive outlook on life resulting in garments that are both cheerful and elegant to wear. There is an overall bounce and energy in her work that I swear can brighten up anyone’s day.


Her current collection represents her exciting new role of being a wife, she was inspired by her husband’s Indian and Portuguese heritage generating designs inspired mostly by Portuguese food, colour, and culture. The collection is predominantly red and cream featuring flecks of golds and greens. I am absolutely in love with the floral print (see below), the print is a watercolour painting inspired by the colours of the Portuguese flag.

DSC_3213 copy 2   DSC_3216 copy 2

(More images of Amber’s NZFW2014 show can be found via link below)

Amber’s Mrs Pinto collection is stunning and was one of my favourite collections at NZ Fashion Week. Go check out Amber’s store in Parnell it is located right next to the Chocolate Boutique so you can’t miss it. The Mrs Pinto collection is currently the newest and exciting thing there but there are plenty of reason why you should visit the store. Amber Whitecliffe stocks Veronica B jewellery, Karen Murrell cosmetics, candles, leather bags, floral head bands and more!


For more images of Amber’s NZFW runway show check out our Facebook photo album here – Amber Whitecliffe’s Mrs Pinto. Give Amber Whitecliffe a call or drop in and say hi, I guarantee you will love this season’s Mrs Pinto collection.


Shop 3, 323 Parnell Road
Parnell, Auckland 1050
New Zealand
+64 9 377 4060

Opening Hours
Sunday & Monday 11am-4pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10.30am-5pm

Thursday- LATE NIGHT! 10.30am-8pm


WEB   |   FACEBOOK   |   INSTAGRAM   |   Mobile: +64 27 477 4127



been | BLAKCHAOS store launch

If you are a regular of Ponsonby you may have noticed some nifty changes happening on Mackelvie Street. Between the trendiest part of Ponsonby Road that stretches from the Ponsonby Food Court to Richmond Road sits a development of shiny boutique stores full of marvelous goodies that will make every fashion lover flip the **** out!


One of the most recent stores to celebrate their launch last week was BLAKCHAOS. This is their first store in Auckland but second store in New Zealand with their original flagship store located in Mt Manganui. BLAKCHAOS is a collaboration between BLAK (a New Zealand clothing label) and Chaos & Harmony shoes.


The store is small but packs quite a lot with racks of clothing and shelving of shoes. The space is clean and simple with white walls, white floors, concrete ceiling, black finishes and metal features. For a good hour that I was there I couldn’t help but take in the details of the place, following are photos of me admiring some of the fine touches.


Photograph taken of the mirror outside the changing room


Pictured is the concrete ceiling and lighting (May I add that I want this feature at home)


Above photograph was taken behind the curtain (very space age)


Above is a black screen that divides the changing area from the main store

When it comes to attending store launches alone I get a bit nervous. It doesn’t matter how old I am and how many events I have been to there is that moment where you think “Oh crap I don’t know anyone! Please don’t let me be that weirdo standing alone in the corner”. It turns out I had nothing to worry about, I recognised a few faces, greeted those I knew and got to meet plenty of darn happy chappy and welcoming people of BLAKCHAOS.


Ladies enjoy a good discussion


Delicious cocktails were served by the door


I took this photo for the splash of orange among the black and white setting


Admiring the details in Chaos & Harmony’s latest SS15 collection. Featured above is the Lottie Metallic Rose Brogue retailing at $279.00 NZD. Just look at the emboss, this is also available in a gunmetal (emboss), matt black (plain) and a metallic sky blue (plain)


MORE SHOES cause why the heck not?! Check out more of the range here at Chaos & Harmony



Time for the question that matters for most, How is parking? Not much of a problem if you avoid certain hours of the day such as lunch and dinner hours, but there is plenty of off street parking if you know where to look. Come and check out the new changes on Mackelvie street and while you are there make sure you drop in to Blak Chaos, they have all new Spring Summer goodies in store!

Lot 3, 130 Ponsonby Road
(Shop 8, on the Mackelvie St side)





NZFW2014 | Huffer – Aim

Huffer presents their new line titled ‘Aim’ by Aimee McFarlane. On day three of NZ Fashion Week Huffer invites guests to their Queen street (Auckland) studio for an informal hang out offering breakfast, brunch and coffee. The event was not a fashion show but an exhibition of fashion photography.

Upon entering the space I was greeted with loud music and a room full of people, each with a drink in hand happily chatting away. Within this crowd I see the darting work of busy photographers. After spotting and joining with some friends I eventually noticed the music was a live. Performing and providing a backdrop beat to the event was Chelsea from WATERCOLOURS, the sounds she generates is just beautiful.

Since the place was packed and I am not a very tall person it was hard to see the photographs and tough to take pictures, so I went about holding a camera over my head snapping what ever I could. Here are some pictures taken at Huffer’s launch of ‘Aim’ by Aimee McFarlane (available in November).

DSC_4273 DSC_4287

Chelsea from Watercolours perform at Huffer’s launch of Aim, here she steps off stage and serenades the audience.


Lovely ladies catch me snapping a quick photo.


I take a quick glance of the prints hanging from the ceiling.


People stand in a room full of fashion and portrait photograpy.


Chelsea back on stage and sings one last song.


I enjoy a quick breakfast sample of oats, yogurt and berry.


As the crowd starts to fade I get the chance to step back a bit to see more prints.


Natalie from Remix TV interviews Connie Cao on Episode 05 of the series


Two fashion loving peeps Chanel from Pinkandsparkles and Barbra of Macandmae get a photo taken by me.

“Aim is an effortlessly beautiful and wearable collection for women. A finely defined range that speaks confidence, quality and takes presentation to higher levels of sophistication.” – HUFFER

If you haven’t heard of WATERCOLOURS I encourage you to check out this clip below. The music is enchanting and video is beautifully edited.


Check out more photos on our Macandmae Facebook page


NZFW2014 | Salasai – “Self Portrait”

Salasai presents their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection in a show titled Self Portrait, a show that “tells a story of the contemporary woman and her layers”. The range plays with graffiti imagery and juxtaposing light and dark. Sheer fabrics are combined with heavy and boxy shapes generating a feminine and masculine look that reflects a sophisticated androgyny.



“We started with the print. It’s about art, colour, texture, shape and volume” – Salasai (NZFW Backstage Blog, 2014)


In this collection they chose a palettes of white, soft pink/nude, burgundy and black.


As mentioned Salasai uses a (designed in house) graffiti print of painterly smears and squiggles along with pin stripes, grids and dots.



Some prints and patterns reminded me of Len Lye’s work, drawings that are very instinctive and primal.


Each model had their hair tied back, make up kept neutral with a wash of gold on the eyes. This is a simple (androgynous) and elegant look that doesn’t overpower the clothing.


One of my favourite pieces is an over sized black jumper that had a hand drawn face on there with the words “world famous”, I love oversize and comfort and can picture myself wearing that all day!


“The Salasai woman is of all senses, poised, alluring, confident and mysterious” – Salasai.




The creative force behind Salasai pictured above.

For more awesome pictures like these check out our Salasai photo album here on Macandmae’s Facebook page.



NZFW2014 | NOM*d – Noise

NOM*d kick started New Zealand Fashion Week with their Winter 2015 presentation titled NOISE. For those who aren’t too familiar with NOM*d their creations are often dark and sombre, absent of bright colours meaning it wont date and details in construction and textures stand out more in their designs. They pride themselves in being unaffected by trends allowing freedom to express and create, it is this commitment for such practice which redefine trends making them one of the most leading and valuable labels to derive from New Zealand.

How often do we say “I don’t want to go first”? Quite often I think and I am not the only one. The pressure of being first most likely means to express yourself and demonstrate your abilities which may or may not have lasting first impressions. I have no doubt that NOM*d realise this, their first show will set the mood and standard of NZFW 2014. They will need to deliver a great and memorable performance and what better way than to be loud and proud with Noise.


In the first time in my four years of attending NZFW this was the first time I have seen the main runway converted to a standing show. Last year we saw Trelise Cooper deliver an ambitious show by converting the stage and changing the seating arrangements. This year we see the same space stripped back and bare setting a minimal but mysterious tone.


The crowd arrives and are asked to stand on one side of room, across the room cloaked in the shadows lined five or six drum kits and behind each set sat a very still dark figure. One drummer began to play, then another joined in, and another joined in, each being slowly lit up as they began to play… that was when the first model appeared.


In an interview NZFW had conducted with designer Margi Robertson she stated that the show was about the affirmation of noise, their show is fresh and unexpected but the show is “true to the voice of NOM*d”.


Each model had their ears painted, hair gelled straight on sides and tied up back like in ancient Oriental fashion.


They walked to the sound of the drums marching like soldiers.


Overall NOM*d’s stage performance really blew me out of the water. Even though it was stripped back and minimal the show was stunningly simple and innovative, it had me talking about it for days. The photos just doesn’t give it justice you miss the loudness, the reverberations, the moment you fall into a rhythmic trance and move to the beat. These are the moments you miss in your absence.



For more photos on this show check out our Macandmae Facebook page.


Show was sponsored by:

M.A.C, Stephen Marr, Pullman, O&M, Green & Black’s Organic, JED’S Coffee Co.