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been | We Will Rock You

Thunderbolt and lightning! The NZ Musical Theatre Consortium and Bruce Mason Theatre bring the magnificent musical production ‘We Will Rock You‘ to the stage over the next two months.

Created by the lords of rock ‘Queen’, not to mention the genius of ever-evolving writer, Ben Elton –  this West End musical comes to our shores, with the help of an outstanding cast of actors, ensemble and exceptionally talented band.

With an auditorium packed literally, like sardines, the draw and excitement that enveloped the filled-out crowd was almost tangible.  The audience are immediately drawn in to this musical odyssey with flashing projection of words and visuals to set the scene, and to provide a narrative that is reminiscent of the sci-fi classic ‘Star Wars’, with a somewhat post-apocalyptic feel ….

The orchestra (or band) are also projected above the imposing stage.  An element of this stage setting, that I found both impressive and artistically effective.   A chorus of dancers with costumes emblazoned with the song title “Radio GaGa’ were visually striking and immediately piqued my attention as they set the pace for the rest of the show, as did the eponymous ballad  ‘We Will Rock You’, welcoming us to a musical anthology  full of historical humour, that we were set to enjoy for the remainder of the performance.

We Will Rock You is full of hilarious rock-references and clever dialogue that reflects the glory of a by-gone era of music.   With futuristic themes and cleverly placed classic Queen ballads throughout.  One most noteworthy track being ‘Killer Queen’ which sets the stage for  NZ’s own musical royal, Annie Crummer.  Annie exercises her theatre chops with unexpectedly brilliant and powerful delivery!  She is perfectly cast as the arch nemesis of the ‘Bohemians’ a group of misplaced yet passionate rock-loving, breathing beings.  The main protagonists in said group (and indeed the entire musical), are portrayed by William Deane as ‘Galileo’ and his love-interest, ‘Scaramouche’ played by Bridie Dixon.

They are supported by other key members of the Bohemians: ‘Brit’ (Caleb Muller),  ‘Buddy’ (David Mackie) and ‘Oz’ (Rebecca Wright), who alongside the Killer Queen’s right hand man ‘Khashoggi’ and of course the star-crossed lovers Galileo and Scaramouche themselves, entertain the audience with such convincing character portrayals, and moving vocal performances from Queens catalogue of hits.








The choreography, lighting and set-design of  We Will Rock You is fantastically polished. The sheer attention to detail, for a production of this magnitude, is no mean feat and the creative team of: Director Emma Carr, Musical Directors, Mark Bradley and Edwin Randall and choreographer, Rebekkah Schoonbeek-Berridge should be applauded for their success!

An ambitious production on every scale, but that is brought together so brilliantly with the energy of it’s entire ensemble, the faultless score from the show’s musicians, and of course Annie Crummer’s seemingly limitless vocal-range.

‘These are the Days of our Lives’ is performed by the entire chorus towards the end of the show, an ominous ode to demise of the legend himself (Freddie Mercury).  Yet within it’s words are a message and a lesson, in living your life whilst also being true to yourself.  A fitting piece of classic Queen to wrap up this musical journey!







*4.5 Stars!

We Will Rock You is currently playing at the Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna:                                                              20th August – 7th September



NZBAA: A journey into the unknown

Registrations are now open for artists, models and volunteers for the 2012 NZ Body Art Awards which returns to the Bruce Mason Centre this September.   With a futuristic theme, the awards will take audiences on a journey into unknown dimensions and show them never before seen creatures.

Registrations close 22 August and forms are available on www.nzbaa.co.nz.

The seventh annual NZ Extreme Make Up and Special Effects extravaganza has always offered the audience both contemporary and indigenous styles of body painting, but this year artists are asked to give their “glimpse into the future.” Gleaming scaly monsters, glow in the dark creatures and extraterrestrial beings glide across a continual catwalk, prophesising what we may come to expect in the light-years ahead.

This annual event has helped promote, showcase and celebrate excellence in extreme make up and special effects. Each year the event becomes more prestigious as the calibre and pool of contestants continue to grow. NZ Body Art Showcase has the ongoing support of Sir Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop and Auckland City and the hallowed event has become a destination for Hollywood to come and sample some of the imaginative, creative and simply stunning special effects New Zealand has garnered a strong reputation for.

The showcase has also in part helped New Zealand’s film industry gain a competitive advantage internationally. With the development of the film and television industry in New Zealand, this NZ Body Art and Makeup Extravaganza will again be a landmark for special effects make-up, body art and the art of illusion throughout the world. This brings with it international interest and helps to ensure the sustained future for special effects make-up artists in this country.

Prior to the event, the Fine Art Body Painting Workshops, hosted by international body painting and world awards winners Alex Hansen and Tim Gratton,  will take place on the 15th and 16th of September  2012. If you want to participate in exploring the craft of body painting in a spirit of joy and communal artistry, the NZBAA urge you to register now!

Visit their homepage www.nzbaa.co.nz and find them on Facebook for more information.

NZ Body Art Showcase 2012
Saturday 22 September 2012 at 7.30pm
Bruce Mason Centre, The Promenade, Takapuna, Auckland
Buy tickets at www.ticketmaster.co.nz

*images sourced from NZBAA website