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Been | I didn’t Invite You Here To Lecture Me


Ding! The class bell rings and we are ushered into the university auditorium.  Today we shall be attending a number of lectures: Law, Shakespeare, German, Music, Political Policy, Linguistics, Literature and Education … it’s a busy day.  Yes, we the audience are once again impressionable and wrought students back in our old lecture hall haunts.

‘I didn’t Invite You Here To Lecture Me’ –  written and produced by Amy Mansfield, has been compiled using endless reams of her own (and surprisingly well-kept) university recitation.  Our orator, played by Mika Austin, masterfully emulates the teaching style of each of the individual lecturers; Seamlessly flitting from one character to the next and then back again, as we are taken on a journey through the complexities of the English vernacular and interweaving each personality through the myriad of lessons.

Given the heady and high-brow subject matter, it will hardly be surprising, that there are opportune moments of student (i.e. audience) participation in this play, but fear not!  For it is all very frivolous and engaging, provoking thought and consciousness.  I myself at times, found myself wistfully reminiscing of university days long gone by …

Mika Austin provides a sublime performance with her shrewd intellect and highly witty script, as well as her lightning-fast personality changes mid-discourse.  Her masterful acting talents are only further demonstrated, by the very timely improvisation she breaks into when one of the classmates (audience) commits a phone faux pas part way through the performance.  The lecturer humorously reminds us of our obligations in the auditorium and immediately falls straight back into stern pontification without missing a beat.

This play will bring back colourful memories for many, from the testing (both literally and figuratively) times of their tertiary years.  It will also have you chuckling away at the tedious nature of a lot of those past tutorials and the seriously comical and character-driven anecdotes from their educators.  A superb performance with talented and flawless delivery.  Be sure to catch it before it heads offshore to the Melbourne Fringe Festival!

I Didn’t Invite You Here To Lecture Me – is now showing @Basement Theatre from the following dates:

Tue, 10 Sep 2019 – Sat, 14 Sep 2019

FRINGE 19 | 5 mins with Eden Mulholland

Eden Mulholland is a well-respected composer, gifted multi-instrumentalist and a sound producer for theatre, film and dance. He’s a creative collaborator at Movement of the Human (MOTH) –  a movement and performance design company developed by Malia Johnston that is about to take over Auckland Town Hall’s Concert Chamber for 4 nights as part of Auckland Fringe arts festival.

Eden has racked up some impressive accolades in the last decade. He was the winner of the 2009 & 2010 Best Music at the Tempo Dance Festival and was nominated for a Qantas Media award for Best Music for a TV series for his work on World Kitchen.

We caught up with Eden to talk Fringe, Spirit animals and other weirdness over a cup of tea with milk – just the way he likes it.

1. Is this your first Fringe Auckland?   How different is an Auckland audience to other audiences?

No. Aucklanders stay out later and drink more.

2. Describe your show in three words or less…

Dance AV CrayCray

3. Fringe Festivals are known for the weird, wacky, and utterly wonderful – what’s the most bizarre thing you’ve come across during your Fringe history?

It’s all a blur sorry..

4. What are your top 3 picks for Auckland Fringe?

Desperate Late Night Energy
Pussy Riot

5. Where will we find you during the festival?

In a darkened room, or anywhere with a power outlet really, headphones on, being antisocial, but getting lots done…

6. What would we find if we raided your fridge?

Someone else’s food! I’ve been living with colleagues for 3 weeks. 3 to go before I get home. There is always milk though for my tea. I like tea.

7. Tell us about your spirit animal?

Can it be a spirit comic? Larry David for the win. I love LD

8. Word Association:

Fringe – Plug

Fridge – Fudge

Auckland – Snorkland

Festival – Westeros

Lights – Chihuahua

See Eden Mullholland’s work Movement of the Human as part of Fringe Town during Auckland Fringe festival on 21 – 24 February 2019.

Buy your tickets here

FRINGE 19 | 5 mins with Aria Dehar

The Ugly Girls Club presents PSUSY Backyard Screening as part of the Auckland Fringe Festival 2019. A promising intimate affair where creators of the New Zealand based web series will open up to their audience in a deep and meaningful panel discussion, while showcasing some of their never before seen footage and bloopers.

PSUSY is a women-led, NSFW, comedy web series starring Jaya Beach-Robertson and Aria Dehar. Recently back from Los Angeles, where they picked up the Best Web Series Award at the LA Film Festival – we catch up with Aria to talk Auckland Fringe, Spirit Animals and other general weirdness:

1. Is this your first Fringe Auckland?  

Yes. We are looking forward to screening Psusy in front of a live audience. We’re also excited for our audience to see some never-before-seen extra content. I haven’t even seen this content so that will be fun for me as well.

2. Describe your show in three words or less…

Colourful, current and courageous.

3. Fringe Festivals are known for the weird, wacky, and utterly wonderful – what’s the most bizzare thing you’ve come across during your Fringe history?

I can’t answer that yet but I have a long history of bowl cuts and fringes – thanks mum.

4. What are your top 3 picks for Auckland Fringe?

It’s so hard to choose. I like the look of Maui, Girls to the Front – A Poetry Film Extravaganza and then of course Psusy Backyard Screening. Life is too short to be humble.

5. Where will we find you during the festival?

Refer to answer #4.

6. What would we find if we raided your fridge?

Coconut water, vegetables, supplements.

7. Tell us about your spirit animal?

My Patronus is a white mare, according to Pottermore (2017). It means I have a free soul, loyal heart, high emotional intelligence and I connect well with others. I just googled that and it is the nicest compliment I’ve ever received.

8. Word Association:

Fringe – childhood

Fridge – mum

Auckland – city of cranes

Festival – cat lady

Lights – dopamine

See Psusy backyard screening as part of Auckland Fringe Festival 2019  at Our Backyard
13 Ariki Street, Grey Lynn Thurs 21 and Sun 24 February; 19:00

Buy your tickets here

FRINGE 18: Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster

Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster (created and directed by John Burrows) opens in dramatic fashion to the theme tune of Law & Order and the background voice of ‘that’ infamous Sesame Street character.  The stage is set like that of a criminal courtroom and stage show all at the same time, with the audience itself becoming the jury.

Throw in a plethora of widely known brands and allegoric puns surrounding baked goods, alongside popular daytime TV game-show references – and a night of irreverent slapstick ensues!

It’s main players: Courtney Eggleton, Kirsty Bruce, Lucas Haugh, Rishab Kapoor, Will Moffatt, Sneha Shetty and Kyle Shields become the: Shewsburys, Graham Crackers, Belgian’s and Swiss Cremes – a cameo panel of the accused and the accuser, each presented with the alleged crime and interrogated with the most ridiculous of motives.

‘Judge Jury & Cookie Monster’ uses the most entertaining and unusual of interactive theatrics to solve the crime, in the spirit of such game shows as: Deal or No Deal, The Chase and the contemporary social card game, ‘Crimes against Humanity’, as a process of elimination and acquittal of suspects one-by-one ….

A Krypton-Factor styled task to re-enact a probable crime-scene scenario, was extremely amusing and reminiscent of a skit from ‘Whose Line is it Anyway’, showcasing particularly clever mechanics by one very laterally thinking jury member.

Drawing us all to the conclusion of the show (and in turn the case itself).  Judge Jury & Cookie Monster sedge-ways into a conversation between the plaintiff and the judge, that exposes a most unexpected background story, and subsequently, the most unpredictable of outcomes.

With a surprise guest plaintiff each performance night and fantastic moments of comedic improvisation, you are guaranteed an evening of unbridled excitement, and if you’re so lucky, a complimentary cookie upon leaving the courtroom, being just the icing on the cake!


Now showing at the Q Theatre ~ 27th February – 3th March

seen | Gorge – Auckland Fringe Festival

Crazy, magical and wildly entertaining, Frankovich and Mason’s GORGE is a real feast for the eyes as well as the belly’s, a must see at this years Auckland FRINGE Festival – this show is not to be missed!

 Opening night of Virginia Frankovich and Phoebe Mason’s GORGE was a one-stop shop full of treats, madness and food galore. “Welcome to Pick and Mixes Carnival of Treats” the talented duo announced, as they invited us into their World of make believe; where little girls eat gallons of cakes and flies tell tales of triumph over who ate the most cheese ball.

Some of the delicious treats at the GORGE 'Sweet Stall'

As you entered the venue you become lost in the magic and delight of the GORGE, the play itself was a feast for the eyes, with giant lollipops, candy canes, cakes and plenty of cream buns to go around. At the door, you were given a token, which you could exchange for a delicious treat at the ‘sweet stall’ as you eagerly waited for the show to start.

GORGE centres around little Mollie’s sixth birthday party at the ‘Carnival of Treats’, where wonderland becomes reality and flies talk, where little girls like Medina learn the truth about food and a darkening reality slowly begins to brew beneath the surface.

As Frankovich states “Consumption and excess are the essential themes of the play, asking us to think about the way we feel about ourselves and how we treat our bodies.

The idea for GORGE has always been at the back of Frankovich’s mind. “As a child I always loved Willy Wonka and Roald Dahl…I have always been interested in food excess [and] I thought it would be nice to do a play that was different from the average romance comedy….[GORGE] can relate to people as we consume food in our everyday lives and I thought it would be an interesting idea to investigate through theatre

This play is wickedly funny and wildly entertaining, these girls bring to life the characters within GORGE through emotion, physicality and great comedic timing. All whilst delving into the character’s psyche to get an in depth look at what it is to consume food, whilst making us think about the un-necessary excess we gorge on a daily basis.

Virginia Frankovich and Phoebe Mason after the show

Frankovich and Mason prove that more really is more when it comes to food and theatre. GORGE is a great interactive and audience friendly play with an explosive finale that will make you shiver. As Frankovich states “it’s exciting, nostalgic and it will make you laugh [plus]there will be plenty of sweets to eat!” A wonderful two women show on food, excess, greed and consumption and a must see at Auckland’s Fringe Festival – this show not to be missed!


Get your GORGE tickets at http://www.iticket.co.nz/events/2013/mar/gorge

Check out the GORGE website and facebook page:




Words: Nathalie Owen

Images: Nathalie Owen

GORGE Poster: Chris Stratton and Oliver Rosser

Registrations Open for Auckland Fringe 2013

Auckland Fringe is planning its comeback in February 2013 and is calling all performers, artists and creative types to register to participate in a global arts festival phenomenon.

Following the success of 2011’s festival, which saw 1296 people involved in 99 shows, with an audience of 51,888, Auckland Fringe is looking to once again eclipse that number – building upon the initial foundations laid down in the inaugural 2009 season.

Anything can happen at the Fringe, given its open access arts mentality; performances in the past have ranged from incredible theatrical events (Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer, When Animals Dream of Sheep), music (Fringe vs. Mum, Affetto), dance (Weg: ‘A Way’) through to interesting art pieces (The Safety Device of Elisha Otis, Pigs In The Yard). If Auckland Fringe could be summed up in two words, those two words would be “anything” and “goes.”

Registrations for the 2013 season can be submitted via the Auckland Fringe Website, www.aucklandfringe.co.nz.
Artist registrations: 1 August – 28 September 2012
Auckland Fringe: 15 February – 10 March 2013
Auckland Fringe runs concurrently with NZ Fringe in Wellington and is closely followed by the Dunedin and Hamilton Fringes, creating a Nationwide touring network.