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AWA17: 5 mins with Mardo El-Noor

Mardo El-Noor is a chai-latte drinking, left-handed, hybrid creative. Armed with a Masters in Art & Design (AUT), Mardo’s work can be found globally.

New Zealand music lovers will be familiar with his conceptual music videos, including ‘Shine’ by the Modern Māori Quartet, ‘Treat you better’ by Theia, ‘Sunday’s best clothes’ by Opshop, ‘Hometown’ by Salmonella Dub, and ‘Jump’ by Kings. He’s also made three animated short films, screening at NZIFF and other film festivals around the world.

Mardo’s most recent work; a series of ground-breaking images with renowned political commentator and editorial cartoonist, Tom Scott (ONZM) can be found in the NZ Parliament Buildings and (next year) at the Waikato Museum.

Mardo was 2016’s ART Venture recipient, an acceleration programme for experienced creative entrepreneurs working in Auckland.

This Artweek Auckland, check out Mardo’s hyper-real photo-illustrations depicting people as characters in elaborately staged scenes that tell their personal stories.

Describe your piece of work in three words
Family-friendly David LaChappelle.

Baby by Mardo El-Noor

What inspired it?
People. People. People. Everyone has a story but not everyone is a storyteller. I’m a curator of people’s stories.

What’s your creative process?
I depict people as characters in elaborately staged, highly-detailed scenes that tells their personal stories (Imagine a freeze-frame in a non-existing movie, with you as the star!). The process starts with a conversation/interview, which leads to a pitch of a sketch, then a photoshoot, then a long post-production process.

Havana by Mardo El-Noor

What do you think of the Art scene in Auckland? New Zealand?
I’m not familiar with it – as my background is in commercial art & advertising. New Zealand market is quite small, which makes it easier to stand out.

Unnamed by Mardo El-Noor

What is your social media of choice?
Facebook. You can customise your newsfeed to follow all your fave websites (& block out all social noise from ‘friends’)

Who do you follow and where?
I mainly follow trending videos on Vimeo, Nowness & the likes. Behance is a huge source of inspiration too.

What are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist right now?
The Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation (album)
Future Islands – The Far Field (album)
The National – Sleep Well Beast (album)

Word Association:
Auckland – Traffic
Art – Stories
Festival – Festival
Creative – Job
Collaboration – Synergy
Politics – Status Quo
Summer – Recharge

Mardo El-Noor, Personal Stories at Ponsonby Central as part of Artweek Auckland.
2-15 October, Find out more.

DocEdge 17 | Max Gimblett : Original Mind

Australia / United States | 2017 | 50 min | English | Rhys Mitchell

‘Max Gimblett : Original Mind’ is a glimpse into the life of Max Gimblett – one of  New Zealand’s most outstanding living Artists – and gives us insight to the workings of his Loft Studio in New York, which he acquired in 1974.

Gimblett talks about some of his earlier inspiration; being influenced by Matisse and starting ink drawing while he was in San Francisco in the mid 60’s, and becoming more strongly influenced by Japanese Calligraphy a few years later, when he was in Indiana. This influence helps us understand perhaps why he moved to Buddhism; He is now an avowed Rensai Zen Priest. These concepts and belief systems are evident in much of his work, and his spirituality seems to be a driving force behind his studio practice, as well as his everyday life.

Gimblett’s approach of creating, doing and feeling before over-thinking results in much of his extraordinarily expressive yet minimalist paintings and drawings. Over the years he has built an impressive and immense body of work, and this is continuously growing – his creative genius seemingly no where near exhausted.

‘Max Gimblett : Original Mind’ is 50 minutes of enjoyment and insight into one of New Zealand’s most relevant and intriguing artists, and well worth viewing.

The 12th DocEdge Festival takes place Auckland 24 May – 5 June – www.docedge.nz

guest blog | Marc Conaco

Illustrator Marc Conaco is a long-time friend of mac+mae who won ‘best comic art’ for his debut comic, haunted at Chromacon 2017.  Marc is on a mission to get to know his pre-colonial self better by drawing inspiration from his own culture and heritage.  We asked him to share his Chromacon experience with us…

A little about me:
Hello! My name is Marc Conaco. I am an illustrator who exhibited at Chromacon 2017. The comic I debuted, ‘haunted.’ won best in comic art. My stories revolve around the celebration of Philippine pre-colonial culture and mythology. The reason for this goes back early 2016 when I began my journey of decolonisation, which is another long post in itself.

Zine cover of haunted

Zine cover of haunted


I got confirmation that my Chromacon application was accepted on the 21st of January 2017. I was already working on a very rough draft of ‘haunted.’ so the confirmation was the push I needed to finish the comic. It is a sort of love story wrapped inside a Philippine pre-colonial history and mythology lesson. I would do my writing and sketching at the Auckland Library after work – I find that I can concentrate there better without the distractions of the TV and iPad at home.

Dalikamata: Goddess of health & ailments

Dalikamata: Goddess of health & ailments

I knew that I wanted to get a range of items for my booth just to keep it exciting and varied: I had high-quality A5 prints, printed using archival inks. I had my comics (I’m from an Auckland ZineFest background and adore DIY printing using coloured paper and a photocopier) and I had cheap-as-chips stickers.

Maklium sa Tiwan - God of the plains, forest, animals

Maklium sa T’wan – God of the plains, forest, animals

During Chromacon:

I really like interacting with people during Chromacon. The reason I do my comics is so that I can share them with people, especially people of colour who share their own stories back – stories that parallel my own experiences and come from unique perspectives. I really like it when Filipinx* and half-caste Filipinx* come to my booth and are amazed and most importantly, inspired, by the wealth of culture and heritage that they were unaware that their ancestry has. It’s an exciting 2 days.

I’m pretty bad with taking breaks as I get super amped up that I forget that I’m hungry until quite late in the day. It actually helps that friends pass by and randomly give me coffee, or a cake, or a piece of candy. Hahaha! All donations are welcomed!

Chromacon has a number of very helpful volunteers who can watch your booth while you go on toilet or food breaks so it is very convenient for exhibitors like me who are a one-person show.

Booth at Chromacon

My booth at Chromacon 2017

Post Chromacon:

I’ve done all the Chromacon events (2013, 2015 and 2017) and every single time I come home exhausted with all my extroversion depleted. I don’t feel like talking to anyone for a whole day and I literally curl up on the couch for a while not talking. Which is hard because I have work on the Monday.

man and dog

A sticker I made dedicated to #dogs

If you want to know more about me, please follow me on Facebook or Instagram.
If you want to read my comic about my journey of decolonisation, please click on this link.

* I use Filipinx, because it is the gender-neutral term for people who’s ancestry link back to the Philippines. Filipinx includes people who are trans, queer, agender, non-binary, gender non-conforming or gender fluid. When we were colonised by Spain, they forced their heavily gendered language on us: Filipino is male, Filipina is female, which excludes people who don’t identify as either.

humans of mac+mae: Hannah Jensen

Humans and Nature are special to me; especially when combined.

This is a photo I took of a good friend, Casey Potatau. We were out paddle boarding one morning, a few weeks ago. I never usually have my phone on me as I love being offline, out in nature and getting back to basics. But this particular morning was a cool crisp morning and there was a slim chance I would be diving in (passing dolphins would have changed my mind), plus I had great company and therefore a lovely opportunity to capture this gorgeous wahine on the divine languid ocean.

We are team mates for the $10 Queenstown Challenge for Cure Kids and are racing together at the end of March 2017. We spent a weekend up North at my favourite beach, Langs, with a bunch of inspiring woman.

We are lucky to have a family home at Langs and every time I return I am grateful and more so when I can share it with others. Good conversations, fresh air, walks on the beach and sharing delicious food with loved ones at Langs is so special to me.

I am honoured to spend time in nature and surrounded by amazing humans. It is rejuvenating, heartwarming and soul filling.

Hannah Jensen is a multidisciplinary artist most well-known for her carved work.  She’s an active member in the community, a volunteer at Starship Hospital, a Lululemon Ambassador and a nature lover who lives to create.  In 2004, she was nominated for a Mazda Emerging Artist award; in 2009, she was a finalist in the WOW World of Wearable Arts competition; and in 2012 she was one of four artists selected to present site-specific installation work at New Zealand Fashion Week.  In 2014, she lived and created in Venice Beach (California) for the ‘Kiwis in LA’ exhibition and has since returned home and is carving her next solo show WILD – seven impressive large scale animal works to be exhibited in 2017.

In the meantime, Hannah Jensen’s exhibition View Point can be seen at Endemic World as part of Artweek Auckland 8 – 16 October, visit http://artweekauckland.co.nz/.

Inspired by the ‘Humans of New York’ series, we’re talking to our network find out what’s special to them, whether it’s a place, a thing, or a memory – Meet the “humans of mac+mae” –    http://bit.ly/HoMaM

heard | Someone’s Left the Attic Door Open Again – by Antoinette Ratcliffe

Come along and see a cute zombie invasion this Friday the 4th of July. An animal lover and vet by day and a mad artist by night, Antoinette Radcliffe exhibits a fun loving and colourfully mad installation at LOT23, Auckland.


Opening : Friday 4th July 2014 (6 – 9 PM)

Venue : LOT23 (23 Minnie Street, Eden Terrance AUCKLAND)

Hours: Mon – Sat (8 AM – 3:30 PM)

End Date : (To be announced)

Entry : FREE


Antoinette Ratcliffes installation practice explores thematic narrative derived from horror conventions, comedy, banal situations, hybridity and anthropomorphic association.  B-grade horror films have influenced her current body of work, giving the large scale installations an awareness of a quiet sinister suspense as the visitors are watched by the shiny candy coloured zombie animals. Antoinettes installations have been described as being  ‘like a graphic novel we’ve all read at some point in our lives, but can’t quite find that copy of it just at the moment. But it’s there, just under the surface like the story we’re all actually characters in’ (Joe Citizen, 2012). In this show a feast of vampire ladybirds have attracted a colony of bat bunnies into Lot23.

Antoinette completed her MA at The School of Media Arts in 2011 where she created an installation based project that has become ‘The Sick Bay’. The following year Antoinette gave a talk at the Auckland Art Gallery about her practice called ‘Blood, Guts and Carnivorous Zombie Bunnies’. Her work was shown the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail, in the Wallace Arts Trust Pah Homestead, Satellite gallery, and Matchbox Studios. She had also previously exhibited at the Waikato Museum of Art and History, in the Auckland Fringe Festival, at Ramp Gallery, and had numerous solo and group shows in artist run spaces in New Zealand.  Antoinette is currently working on another large scale installation for Saatchi and Saatchi opening at the end of July 2014.


a ratcliffe sample image


heard | The Artist Dinner

The Artists Dinner is back with another fine selection of New Zealand artists selling limited and selected works.
On Thursday 26th June 2014 the following artists will be creating a unique opportunity for aspiring artists, art lovers and culturalists to purchase original art from their studios for the art lover to begin or add to their collection.

On the night each artist will be selling 20 signed works inspired by ANIMALS for $40 each. In addition to this the artists will have hand-picked works available.

WHEN 5:30–8:00pm, Thursday 26th July. WHERE The Golden Dawn, 134 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

ON SALE Treasures selected from the artists’ studios and a limited number of prints for $40 each, signed by the artists, inspired by ANIMALS and printed by Fine Art printer The Print Room.

 Flox imageFlox – www.flox.co.nz

fionaFiona Pardington – www.fionapardington.blogspot.co.nz

LiamLiam Gerrard – www.liamgerrardart.com

michaelMichael Kennedy – www.malangeo.com

StephenStephen Langdon – www.stephenlangdonphoto.com


THE EVENT In-tune with tales from turn of the century Paris – where artists paid for their dinners by sketching on table napkins, The Artists Dinner aims to re-integrate fine art back into the daily cultural fix of local society. All artists will be present on the night. All welcome. Bring cash. Child friendly.


ANIMALS-banners 2.0_543x252px

Press enquires libby@theartistsdinner.com
Artist enquiries aimee@theartistsdinner.com


artist dinner
The Artists Dinner is made possible by:
The Print Room – www.printroom.co, Elam the 90’s and The Golden Dawn

heard | ‘Silver Linings’ by Jordan Barnes – art exhibition

If you are free and in Auckland this week make sure you head along to K’Rd and check out Jordan Barnes’ show titled Silver Linings held at Thievery Studio Level 2 – Suite 206, 203 Karangahape Road, Auckland. Jordan Barnes is truly an amazing artist. Don’t believe me? Then check out his website www.jordanbarnesartist.com. This show is only on for 5 days, so don’t miss out!

Jordan is recognized as an artistic all-rounder. his creative endeavors involve a number of artistic disciplines including painting, music, filmmaking and acting. He has been involved in projects along side some of New Zealand’s top artists such as Dick Frizzell, and also collaborated with NZ actress Anna Paquin for the 2011 WWF ocean views campaign. in 2010 at 24 years of age, jordan was awarded the inaugural NZAAT $15000 artist grant, beating a field of 500 applicants – ”we recognize in Jordan a real star quality” stated Carla Russell, executive director of The New Zealand Art Show.




When: Tuesday, 10th June 2014

Time: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Admission: FREE


When: (Tuesday) 10th June – (Saturday) 15th June 2014

Time: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Admission: FREE