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interviewed | Night Vale’s Tamika Flynn

Welcome to Night Vale, is a podcast, presented as a radio show, reporting on the strange events that occur in the fictional town of Night Vale.  Their latest show All Hail, a live incarnation of Welcome to Night Vale, is touring Auckland and Wellington this January. All hail is a stand-alone story for long-time fans and newcomers, featuring the fan favourite character, the Glow Cloud.  We chat to Symphony Sanders who plays Tamika Flynn in Welcome to Night Vale

What will fans of Night Vale expect from All Hail?
A fun and interactive night full of laughs, emotion, and music with some of their favorite characters !

Can you tell us what doesn’t happens to The Glow Cloud in All Hail?
The glow cloud doesn’t completely destroy the town.

How do you choose the music for the shows?
Our show musician and production director Jon Bernstein chooses and plays the ambient underscore during the show. While our weather artist choose a set to open for the show and another song to perform during the show to compliment the script!

Who has been the best guest star performer you’ve worked with?
We have so many wonderful guest stars but one of my favorite people to have with us is Hal Lublin who plays Steve Carlsberg. He is a talented, hilarious actor and improviser. He is just a sweetheart of a person

Do you record each podcast in one take or multiple takes?
It usually requires a couple of takes to perfectly record an episode and to try a few different options for the guys to choose from when editing!

How do you choose your ‘weather’ for each podcast episode?
That decision is up to Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor.

What is the next story line for Night Vale?
You’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, if you had to sell the All Hail show to a non night vale fan …. how would you go about it?
It’s a funny, weird, and touching show about a town where strange things happen when a omniscient glow cloud takes over and it features mind control, group chanting, and, you might have to hold a strangers hand.

Welcome to Nightvale takes place in Wellington on Tuesday 30 January and Auckland on Wednesday 31 January.  Click here for more information and tickets.

NZFW 2017 | Liberation in the form of leopard print

Model Max Stroomer loves collaborating with a team to express an idea, look and attitude.  

He says, “Everyone comes from different areas of expertise and experience to bring their own creative touch to the final product.  Whether that be a photo shoot or show.”

Professionally, he’s modelled for just over three years but prior to this he’s worked with some of New Zealand’s leading agencies as a brand ambassador.

Max walked the runway during this year’s New Zealand Fashion Week.

“I got lucky this year, I had a show each day.  I was pretty stoked!”

Max walking for Federation

For him, fashion week is a chance to show off his personal style.  It’s what he loves about it.

“It’s not secret everyone does weeks of prep to get outfits together for each day.  It’s something everyone attends takes part in.”

While his personal style may be relaxed, the most memorable show for him was the one for World Brand.

“I wore a leopard print jacket and had purple and pink glitter lips with a gold glitter wig.  I’ll never forget it; it was such a liberating experience.”

Max for World. Image courtesy: @worldbrandinnz

When asked about what happens backstage, he said it’s where all the action is.

“Picture a dozen models, each having a minimum of two dresses, show directors, makeup artists running around frantically trying to do touch-ups and photographers with cameras in your face.  It seems like chaos, but it all somehow works.  You have to stay focused, alert and happy all at the same time.”

So, does he get nervous before the show?

“The nerves are the best part.  Everyone has their remedy – mine is to dance and sing to myself to whatever song is playing on the runway.”

Max walking for Barkers, NZ Weddings Magazine

As a professional model, Max needs to take care of himself.  What’s his routine?

“Diet is number one; portion control and eating mostly vegetables is key.  But generally, it’s staying on top of living a balanced life.”

Image courtesy: @maximilianstroomer 

With the rise of ‘Insta-models’, we wanted to know his thoughts; love ‘em or hate ‘em?

“To be honest, I don’t think there’s a difference anymore between a model and an ‘Instagram model’.  Being proficient at social media is essential; we have to be successfully utilising all platforms to make sure we maintain and gain more of a following.

“The more people there are wanting to see your content, the better opportunities you get with work with brands and photographers.  A lot of overseas clients will specifically ask us how many followers we have; to them it’s another avenue to reach an audience.”

Image courtesy @maximilianstroomer

Max Stroomer is an Auckland-based model who is currently signed to 62 Models & Talent.  When he’s not walking the runway or pouting in front of a camera, he can be found at Chemistry Interaction, an integrated advertising agency where he spends his days as an Account Executive.

NZFW 2017 | From rookie to runway ready

Lyle Adams has always been creative; doing everything from drawing to making and designing.  It wasn’t until he picked up a camera that he actually considered himself a creative.  For him, the camera services as the halfway point to quenching his creative thirst.  However, he struggles to label himself as a photographer.

Born in South Africa, Lyle emigrated to New Zealand 8 years ago with his family and recently became a citizen. He studied at Unitec Institute of Technology, receiving a Bachelor in Design and Visual Arts / Photography & Media Arts.

As a photographer, he’s still on a journey to find his signature style. For his fashion and beauty photography, he always looks for a connection.

“I want the model to be immersed in the process; to get lost in the tone and style of the shoot. I encourage the models to do what they want according to the ideas I give them in the beginning.”

This year, Lyle joined the mac+mae crew as one of our official photographers covering New Zealand Fashion Week.  While our more seasoned crew prepped him, the week that unfolded was still a new experience.    

mac+mae crew, Sin-Mae Chung & Christine Mansford

“My first New Zealand Fashion week was awesome.  I met so many cool people and learnt so many things; overall it was a cool experience.

“For the most part it went well, although at some points I felt like I was part of a herd of sheep being shoved into a pen.”

Photo pit at Katherine Victoria

As one of our main photographers, it was Lyle’s job to ensure we had maximum coverage across the week.

“I was invited to many shows and I had the option of ‘photographer in the pit’ or seated.  While you can’t beat the ‘pit view’, I must admit I wanted the backstage pass.  I saw so many interesting shots other photographers were able to get.  Maybe next year.”

For Lyle, some of the best moments from across the week was meeting the plethora of characters outside the venue.

Photographer, Aki Ang

“I loved meeting people outside and doing some street style shots.  You see these bloggers, models and photographers online with tens of thousands of followers and assume they’re unapproachable, but most/all of them are down-to-earth, friendly and easy to talk to.

“There was a moment in the photographers pit where I put down my camera and just absorbed the atmosphere that is NZ Fashion Week.”

Mercedes-Benz presents Zambesi

Lyle photographed over 14 shows across the week and his favourites were Zambesi and Andrea Moore.

Andrea Moore

“I loved photographing Zambesi and Andrea Moore because of the atmosphere they created with their lighting props.  Another show that stood out was the Graduate show, some of the designs were detailed, unusual and interesting.

The Graduate Show

It was clear pretty early on in the week that our rookie photographer was more than runway ready, but hindsight is a powerful thing, and there were some lessons learned.


“With the power of hindsight, I wish I didn’t try to go to all the shows and end up with thousands of images each day then try to edit/process them.  Eventually some shows started to blend and look the same, while the ones I missed were the interesting/different ones.”

Katherine Victoria

You can check out Lyle’s NZ Fashion Week photos for mac+mae on our Facebook page and to check out his other work, visit his website.

NZFW17 | Ovna Ovich AW18

For Ovna Ovich’s presentation, Chapter nine ‘Tread Softly’, lush dream-pop duo Purple Pilgrims provided the live music for what appeared to be a stripped back show with seating arranged on only one side of the runway. The runway itself was white with wet paint splatter that matched the colours within the collection as we later discovered.

Models came out treading softly onto the runway with smudges of paint on their bare feet; there was a rather meditative feel to the show which reinforced the whole concept of the collection.

The clothes itself were beautiful, relaxed with the sort of Japanese minimalism that’s been evident in other collections. There was a play on tension and ease with gathers and ruffles but it was balanced with the collection’s fabrication of denim, linen and knitwear. Such fabrication has a sturdiness to it that makes the collection feel grounded.

Colour palette was muted and again we saw mustard making an appearance, making it a popular colour for next year’s colder months. Beauty look appeared natural with a light green eye shadow and hair pulled back that complemented each look of the collection.

The show’s liner notes asked “How often do we stop to think about the origins of what we wear?”. Transparency is such an important issue within the fashion industry especially after the horrible Rana Plaza incident of 2013 and the fact that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. It’s admirable that labels such as Ovna Ovich call on consumers to be conscious of their clothing consumption but what is even better is that labels are dedicated to creating socially and environmentally aware work, something which Ovna Ovich prides itself on.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Lyle Adams. More here.

NZFW17 | Salasai AW18

Salasai celebrated their 10th year at NZFW by showing a collection that drew from their past offerings. Showcasing at the Hilton it was the final show for day 2 and a great way to end a long day of shows.

When pulling looks from your archives for a new collection, there’s always the risk of having the collection not look cohesive at all, but that was not the case for Salasai.

The collection felt fresh, youthful and luxe with striking prints, thick knits on a relaxed silhouette. The looks were styled perfectly with a combination of kitten heels, white socks, birkenstocks and woven wide brim hats.

The colour palette was neutral with an offering of camo pieces and a pop of fluro yellow that kept it interesting and gave the collection a global feel. The Buddhist prayer beads, Indian garland and the flag prints on the dresses reinforced this global notion.

In a time when every developed country is, or is discussing restricting immigration, this collection served as a reminder that borders may separate us but should not restrict us.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Lyle Adams. More here.

NZFW17 | Lela Jacobs AW18

The concrete silos down at Silo Park are quite special for shows that incorporate live percussive music as we witnessed with Lela Jacobs’ offering on the evening of day 2. All silos were completely packed out with space made for the runway that wove through each silo.

As the drums started beating, the sound of recorders joined in and models walked out in monochromatic looks with a punch of colour provided in a royal blue. The looks were grounded by black high-top shiny rubber boots that offset the ethereal look and styling.

Ensembles were layered and draped with the fabrication exploring luxe textures in silk, cotton and merino. Loose knits fell from the shoulders with peeks of flesh coming through.

The collection felt comfortable, luxurious and easy to wear. It was a loose silhouette with two outwear pieces that had architectural sleeves which encompassed the body like a duvet.  Overall the show was ethereal with beautiful acoustics and a unique collection to match, a highlight of fashion week.

 Lela Jacobs-Lyle-4

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Lyle Adams. More here.

NZFW17 | Hailwood AW18

Mister state trooper, please don’t stop me,
Please don’t stop me, please don’t stop me

When Bruce Springsteen’s State Trooper opens up the Hailwood show, you know you’re in for a sultry collection.

It’s funny because earlier in the day I was reading about Kim Kardashian channeling Jackie O for her recent photoshoot in Interview magazine with her daughter North. Jackie O of course sported a voluminous bob which is what we saw on the runway at Hailwood.


Giving us a 70’s vibe, the collection was hedonistic with velvet pants, sequined wrap dresses, faux fur coats and floor length gowns. Opening up the show was Ashleigh Good who previously served as Karl Lagerfield’s muse at Chanel; so it was perfect to see Good embodying the Hailwood woman.

It was a sophisticated callback to the 70’s without it being dated or over the top. The beautiful thing about the collection was Hailwood’s love for women. It was evident in the way the garments flattered and respected a woman’s body. The 70’s were a time when there was the women’s liberation movement; women felt free from sexual identities and this collection carries beautifully that same energy.

Words by Dru Douglas.
Images by Lyle Adams. More here.