seen | Mosley

Mosley follows the story of the fictional race of “Thoriphants”; Intelligent, gentle and powerful creatures that possess the ability to speak, of which have been forced into servitude by the humans race.

Having been separated from his family as a child, Mosley has spent his life working and treated as livestock by his master (although he has found a mate and had offspring during this time). Motivated by a mysterious cave-discovery, Mosley begins to wonder if there is more to the history of Thoriphants than they thought to be true, and a story of adversity, hope and aspiration develops.

Marking the first official animated co-production between China and New Zealand, Mosley is animated in New Zealand by Huhu Studios. Director Kirby Atkins boasts an impressive resume, previously working as a director and Senior Animator at Laika Studios and DNA Production. Atkins penned the screenplay, as well as voicing the protagonist Mosley, and the film features the voice-talents of John Rhys-Davies (LOTR), New Zealand’s’ own Lucy Lawless (Xena, Warrior Princess), Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords), and Temuera Morrison (Star Wars) – giving the film a distinctive Kiwi-stamp.

This all-ages film does have a slightly darker edge, touching on themes such as systematic oppression and marginalisation, however the conclusive positive message spoke volumes, and Mosley was thoroughly enjoyed by the children in the theatre (including the 10 year-old I had in tow).

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PG | 97 mins
Director | Kirby Atkins