NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Herriot’s Bron Eichbaum

Herriot is designed and made in New Zealand using local production and craftspeople. It’s all about small runs and sustainability, Herriot is the opposite of fast fashion. The approach is to understated, high-quality pieces that are contemporary and lasting. Clothing for women and often men-made.

What inspired your collection?
My inspiration comes from the street and gut first and foremost. The inspiration for the silk print was an immediate reaction to seeing Jacqui Colleys work – it was perfect and I loved that she was so open to coming on board. Her talent is incredible. The silk spoke of flow which inspired the garments themselves – and also sat beautifully with the utilitarian feel of the rest of the collection. I love this juxtapostion.

Name 3 NZ designers we should watch out for….
Can I say herriot here? 🙂
I love Jake Studios – I’ve been following them on Instagram and reckon they are both directional but very commercial at the same time – I don’t like using the word commercial but I mean that as a compliment.
Havilah is a young label from Wellington who is also showing at NZFW this year – I worked with her on Project Fashion last year and was really impressed with what she was doing. Her take on it is different again – lots of colour and volume. She’s really talented.

Describe your quintessential customer…
Strong, independent, and loves clothing that is both stylish and comfortable. Men and women buy herriot which I love. I love people that are prepared to take a risk with their styling and be unique.

What’s your social media of choice?
Instagram for sure. I’ve organically gone away from the others – if you see anything on Facebook it’s usually a link from IG.

Who do you love to follow and where?
Nili Lotan in New York. I’ve followed her for years now – initially she a fledgling label but has now gone global. I loved the interactions with her and her husband David – it reminded me of Max and myself and made her label feel very real and relatable.
Icon Accidental also in New York. Lyn has posted herself in our signature sweatshirt which was both fabulous and disastrous. My phone kept pinging on a Sunday with sales from all around the world and I thought I’d been hacked. I then realised it was because she had gone live but the disastrous part was that the stock was ordered but not loaded on the website so I was not just missing out on sales, I had old stock on sale! Live and learn.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
Right now ‘Hope – 3 generations walking remix” Fat Freddys Drop because this is my selection for the show at NZFW.
Woo – Erykah Badu
Wish You Were Here – Wyclef Jean
I’m obsessed with making Spotify playlists!

Word association
New Zealand – home
Fashion – comfort
Music – essential
Art – subjective
Winter – open-fire
Holiday – happiness

Herriot shows as part of the Sustainability Show during New Zealand Fashion Week