NZFW 2019 | 5 mins with Good&Co

GOOD&CO aims to intelligently amalgamate fashion and art. Each scarf turns its wearer into a walking artwork, though only those in the know are aware of the detail. Feminine and functional but never fussy, the GOOD&CO aesthetic appeals to those who like their luxury to come with a playful twist.

What inspired your collection?
Our SS19/20 scarf collection is an architectural study of modernist Le Corbusier Haus (1958 Berlin), and its surrounds. Elemental geometric forms iconic of the Eastern Bloc, deconstructed into wearable art.

Describe your quintessential customer…
Professional, driven, confident, understated cool.

What’s your social media of choice?

Who do you love to follow and where?
Creative minds from all over the world. I find the best content comes from unexpecting individuals usually collecting imagery for their own creative outlets rather than posting curated content.

What are the top 3 songs on your Spotify playlist?
LCD Soundsystem (every song ever written!), All the colours: “Let Me Drown”, Florence and the Machine: “South London Forever”

Word association
New Zealand – Inspiration
Fashion – Inspiration
Music – Inspiration
Art – Inspiration
Winter – Inspiration
Holiday – Inspiration

Good&Co shows as part of the Accessories Showcase at New Zealand Fashion Week 2019.