been | Basement’s Spring Launch 2019

Soaking up the culture, on an otherwise quotidian Monday eve, myself and friend were treated to a wonderful night of entertainment and conversation, covering a sneak-peek selection of enticing performances and an invitation to celebrate in Basement’s latest inception, the upcoming Spring Season 2019.

Newly appointed Programming Coordinator – Nisha Madhan,  tickled my creative senses within the first ten minutes, as she provided us with a live run-down of the program as well as an introduction to the contributing artists this season, and the latest additions to the Basement family.  Also discussed were; new developments in store for the renowned theatre company – including a much needed boost in funding, increasing creative opportunities and assisting the development of its artists in residence, as well a discussion of the Basement’s commitments for 2019, these included: The sustainability of artists, promoting an honest and genuine representation of the Aotearoa that we live in today, affordability and diversity, as well as cultural responsibility to name a few …

We were indulged with a powerfully stirring excerpt from the very stoic and passionate poet Carrie Rudzinksi, from her performance piece entitled, ‘How we Survive’ which created with collaborator Olivia Hall, is an expression of feminism and power,

A selection of reviews chosen to share by members of the online publication ‘Pantograph Punch’ – was an offering of critical writing, with one of it’s leading contributors, George Fenwick, pushing the importance of pause and consideration within the structure of a review.  Another excerpt which was superbly articulated by fellow Pantograph writer Rachel, reiterates the purpose of the reviewer; acknowledging and encouraging their role in the creative world.  As a budding writer myself,  I found resonance and motivation within these words spoken.

The love and dedication displayed by all artists and collaborators involved in these prospective productions, was both evident and inspiring.

The night was rounded off with another brilliant extract from a must-see show of the season, entitled ‘First World Problems 2.0’ – an anthology of music inspired by their respective homelands and the current state of our world with it’s (questionably) trivial problems. A most engaging and heartening performance.

A low-key, yet resoundingly successful introduction to Spring Season 19, the performers and their supportive networks.  An impressively diverse range of shows, with much-needed cultural inclusion, which left me and I am certain many others, blessed to be part of, and in eager anticipation for the rest of what this season has to offer!


Part of the Basement Family: Mya Morrison and Kimmi Rindel

Enjoying the culture-soaked atmosphere: Luke Courtney and Debbie Teale

Basement Proud: Hamish Russell