DocEdge 19 | China Love

Australia | 2018 | 96 min | English, Mandarin, Korean | Olivia Martin-McGuire

China Love premiers as the DocEdge festival this year, a fascinating look into the competitive and lucrative business of planned pre-wedding photography in China – the growth of entrepreneurialism at it’s finest.

The $80+ billion-dollar industry is no doubt, at least in part, a result of China’s relatively recent and rapid economic growth, with clients paying as much as $400,000 USD for their perfect wedding shots advertising marital bliss. Often planned and carried out months in advance to the actual wedding – multiple costumes, sets, backdrops, and sometimes even travel to exotic locations can factor into these packages, which range from smaller-budget options to ostentatious and lavish portrayals of affluence and wealth and status for the nouveau riche.

China Love provides insight into what has now become the “dream” of many young couples in a thriving China, this social expectation and norm for the soon-to-be wed; Well-worth the watch.

As a bonus, Director Olivia Martin-McGuire will present China Love and take part in Q&A sessions at the following screenings; Auckland | Rangatira, Q Theatre | 2 June | 1:45 PM
Wellington | The Roxy 1 | 15 June | 4:00 PM

Other Screening: Auckland 30 May, 2.45PM & 2 June, 1.45PM at the Q Theatre, and Wellington 13 June, 4.45PM & 15 June, 4PM at The Roxy

The 14th DocEdge Festival takes place Auckland 30 May – 9 June and Wellington 13 – 23 June –