NZICF 19 | Two Hearts: The Winery Tour

Big bold and boisterous, The Winery Tour signals a high octane evening of songs and entertainment, featuring some boomer bashing, Skype sexting and a delightfully filthy rap about Dave Dobbyn.
Plenty of costume changes and lashings of buttery Chardonnay, Daniels and Moore throw themselves in with gusto. The theme however is a particularly loose thread throughout, which could have been tightened up and exploited and the hologram section frankly doesn’t work, with the pair definitely throwing in lots of ideas, some work but unfortunately a number of them just don’t land.
That said Daniels voice is exceptional and Moore provides the perfect balance and together Two Hearts definitely offer a full on experience. Some excellent songs and great banter certainly make the show worth a watch, but I’d like to see a much better execution of their theme.
3/5 stars