NZICF 19 | Lauren Pattison: Peachy

You can take the girl out if Newcastle but you can’t take Newcastle out if the girl, which in the case of Lauren Pattison is definitely a good thing. Quirky, awkward and spectacularly funny, life really is ‘Peachy’ for Lauren, as she brings her second show to the festival, following its smash hit run at the Edinburgh fringe.
Packed with Lauren’s unique, quirky, yet warm style, she takes you on a journey through her skilful story telling, pulling apart the British class system with her signature brutal honesty as she documents the differences when she finds herself dating a ‘posh’ boy, which is especially funny as she describes wrapping herself up in multiple layers of clothing like a human pass the parcel as “he loves to undress a lady”!
Easy to watch and a definite star in the making, Lauren Pattison is not to be missed, as she delivers a level of comedy way ahead of her years in the business…this girl Is going places, although she will need to make sure she tells her mum first!
4.5/5 stars