AWA18 | 5 mins with Tipare

Artist, Tīpare examines citizenship from a wahine Māori perspective through her multimedia exhibit at Mangere Arts Centre. Her work explores protest movements, the #metoo phenomenon, matrimonial land ownership and dual citizenship.

Describe your piece of work/installation in three words

uwha, fierce, complicated

What inspired it?
Every female I’ve ever known.

What’s your creative process?
I’m a multimedia artist. I let whatever the intention of the piece is to decide what media will speak its purpose best. I don’t have any fixed way of approaching art, I literally get a million things running through my mind about a subject, take their attached emotions and try to create something simple with a lot of layers you might feel but not know why.

What do you think of the Art scene in Auckland? New Zealand?
I love coming home to NZ after being oversees. The art we have here is world class and it’s unique. NZ gives space now for every facet of society to have a voice, and on top of that, the execution of these works is as competitive and differentiating as you’d find internationally. Māori artists are reaching and expressing way beyond any paradigm ever set and are delivering truly incredible works that would make our tūpuna proud while also just shaking you as a human being.

Are there any artists/pieces of work that you’re looking forward to seeing this year?
Frank Oceans new album

What is your social media of choice?

Who do you follow and where?
Willie Verse, Solange, Erykah Badu – all on Insta

What are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist right now?
Nina Simone -‘Since I fell for you’
Travis Scott ‘Sicko mode’
Prince ‘The Ballad of Dorothy Parker’

Word Association:
Auckland – 1000 lovers
Art – #
Festival – overwhelming
Creative – life
Collaboration – trust
Summer – vitamin D

See Tīpare’s exhibition Uwha 13 October – 17 November at Mangere Arts Centre, as part of Artweek Auckland 6 – 14 October