AWA18 | 5 mins with Fatina Chan

Formed by the existing fixing points along Upper Vulcan Lane, ‘Lane Wave’ delineates the invisible dynamic verticality of the laneway, introducing vitality, boldness and sense of scale.

This temporary installation offers a spectacular to slow down or pause; as well as a viewing lens to re-evaluate and rethink our relationships with the city.  We caught up with Fatina Chan to find out more.

Describe your piece of work/installation in three words
Bold |Dynamic | Incongruous

What inspired it?
From the very beginning we knew Upper Vulcan Lane would be our preferred site. We like its existing vibes and the connectivity that it is offering to the public. The inspiration came from the laneway itself, its intimate scale, verticality, materiality and the pedestrian movement. We came up with the idea of injecting an intervention that is bold, but soft and dynamic with-in the laneway, something that is unexpected and contrasts to the surrounding.

What’s your creative process?
The creative process of this project is slightly to my own personal creative process. It is collaborative work, and I am working with Zee Shake Lee (link) who has experiences in public-art/installations.

We started with questioning of the ‘big picture’ of what we want to achieve, how we want the public to perceive and sense it, and what kind of experience or memory we would like to offer to the public. Then we went away to brainstorm individually, followed by multiple discussions around our ideas and thoughts. We discussed, discussed, and discussed and came to an idea which we both agreed on.

What do you think of the Art scene in Auckland? New Zealand?
The art scene in Auckland New Zealand to my mind is very inclusive nationally, providing good platforms to local artists. I would like to see more international exhibitions in New Zealand/Auckland in the future.

Are there any artists/pieces of work that you’re looking forward to seeing this year?
Portrait without a Face in FOX JENSEN McCRORY.
The Bubble Illusion by Rebecca Heap.
The Suffrage of COVEN by Coven Collective.

What is your social media of choice?

Who do you follow and where?
Ben Young
Mikael Christian Strøbek
Christo and Jeanne-Claude

What are the top 3 tracks on your Spotify playlist right now?
Mediation | Sophie Meiers
Ain’t Callin’ Me Baby | vbnd
#0000FF | Jasmine Sokko

Word Association:
Auckland – Hilly
Art – Expression
Festival – People
Creative – Doubt
Collaboration – Fun
Summer – Sea

Fatina Chan is one of the creators of Lane Waves for Changing Lanes, as part of Artweek Auckland 6 – 14 October.