NZFW 2018 | Rachel Mills

Rachel Mills opted to present her non-seasonal collection “Ongoing” in an installation similar to her presentation at last year’s New Zealand Fashion Week.

This year’s presentation though was a stripped down affair, with live music provided by the beautiful haunting voice of Lilly Carron. Held at The Studio section of the venue, chiffon drapes hung from the ceiling with a black and white film projection.

Walking around the installation, I encountered models languidly posing at each of the film projections. The collection felt really easy and effortless, the sort that you can slip in and out of without fuss. A muted color palette reinforced that ease within the collection.

What makes Mills’ work even more special is her use of dead-stock and organic fabrics. This does limit the types of silhouettes you can achieve with it but Mills’ pushes herself to create covetable pieces; some which feature a wrap and tie style giving you the option to wear it in more ways than one. Utilising fabric selvedges in her garments, Mills reinforces her sustainable approach by limiting her textile waste.

Embracing a non-seasonal approach Mills wants her pieces to stand the test of time. Ongoing is now available for pre-order.

Images by Phil Walter/Getty Images