Been | Run Rabbit

Darkness befalls a velvety-clad ingenue upon a miniature topiary.  Cue a Highland march …

Charismatic and entirely engaging, Victoria Abbott beguiles us, as she introduces the play ‘Run Rabbit’, explaining the context and it’s performers.  Albeit the one; as she introduces the many facets of Victoria Abbott throughout the 60minute run,  invariably flitting fleetingly from shrub to burrow, akin to a hasty rabbit.

Meet Black Agnes, awoken straight from a dirty siege amidst an invasion of the 1300’s,  Victoria shows brilliant inclusion of the audience as she takes us on a convincing narrative, that traces back from her ancient lineage to present day 2018, with tales of tertiary days, questionable encounters and personal experiences that purport this play’s underlying theme …

Run Rabbit, directed by Kate McGill and produced by Alice May Kirker,  is a production that utilizes the most minimal of props, yet is filled with creative and visually stimulating prose – thought provoking metaphors, alliteration and recurrent use of homophones keep the pace of the play throughout.   It is definitely strange and confusing at times, and being a bit under the weather myself that day, took a little focus to keep abreast of it’s direction initially.

She delves into dark quarters, relaying incidences of sexual innuendo and unwarranted attentions.  Victoria confronts the audience in order to make us aware of the unease that she herself felt in these very situations she portrays to us.  But with the inclusion of comical parody, such as one particular scene straight from the film  ‘Love Actually’ and energetic games of ‘insults, metaphors & threats’,  it was all drawn together, with a strong sense of clarity and purpose that touched many a heart in the room ….

Victoria Abbott, with her impressive comedic timing and skill, as well as incredibly strong presence on the stage, shows that she is an artistic force of femininity to be acknowledged .

Run Rabbit, a one-woman show created by Victoria herself, is intelligently crafted to engage the intimate audience of the Basement Theatre, whilst delivering a message that was at times confronting, yet incredibly powerful and necessary, regardless of time.


*** Run Rabbit runs (he he, excuse the pun):

24 Jul – 4 Aug