NZICF 18 | I Am Your DeeJay

K-Rd? Check.  Deep,dirty underground?  Check.  Whammy Bar ….. ?

These opening adjectives and location alone, suggest that this will be no ordinary show from the NZ International Comedy Fest 2018.

A throwback to late nights and bacchanal activities,  ‘Juan Vesuvius – I Am Your Deejay’s’ run of sold-out performances this season, is proof enough that this is one event not to be missed.  Upon initial research and the sold -out status of his show, Juan had me chomping at the bit even before opening night!

‘Decked’ in 1970/80’s tennis garb, sports towel draped over shoulder and Pablor Escobar’esque moustache, comedian Barnie Duncan‘s alter-ego Juan takes us through a journey of house music from Chicago to Ibiza.

His show is packed full of interesting and historical facts, as well as being awesomely entertaining as well.  From the anti-gay laws of 1960’s New York, fascinating references to the infamous after-hours gay bar – the ‘Stonewall’ and consequent riots; the private apartment/nightclub – ‘The Loft’ and equally as legendary DJ & proprietor Dave Manhuso, with his particular penchant for attractive, towel-clad men …..   Juan’s knowledge of the foundations of house, audiophile equipment and progression of high-fidelity sound is second to none.

As this audio trip takes us into the next decade, we are treated to the hyper-sexual vibe of disco, in the most clever, crazy and side-splitting way …. drawing parallels to Donna Summer, horny flowers and exploding pollen.

Of course classic, ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and the inevitable fate of disco make a notable mention, as does the succeeding warehouse sound of Chicago and development of club culture through Manchester’s ‘Hacienda’ – a hedonistic playground and home to ‘The Smiths’, ‘Happy Monday’s’, ‘Depeche Mode’ (my personal favourite) and much more of electronica’s finest still.

Hilarious observations of house music’s nemesis, David Guetta and his sound slaying of popular artists such as; Snoop Dogg and The Black Eyed Peas, are undeniable.

This is a comedy production that is out of the ordinary, indescribable, and from the reaction of the audience I was lucky to be a part of; a show that people will definitely be talking about for a long time after ….

Juan Vesuvius: I Am Your Deejay.  To put it bluntly, ‘fucking brilliant’.


*** Juan Vesuvius is playing from 15th – 17th May @WHAMMY K-RD

Note: All shows but Thursday 14th are now SOLD OUT  so get in quick!