NZICF 18 | 5 mins with Alexis Dubus

A man, a poet, a lyricist, and a comical genius, Alexis Dubus’ returns to Auckland for his latest show, ‘Alexis Dubus versus the World’. A mix of iffy wordplay, stand-up, verse, and first rate bullshit, this show has been shortlisted for the Best Comedy Award 2018. We caught up with Alexis in between vocal training and episodes of Transparent on Netflix.

Describe your show in three words or less..
Jokes, poems, yes

What’s the inspiration behind it?
I thought I’d take a break from making shows with a narrative arc, purpose or point. I watched John Hegley doing an hour of absolute joy and nonsense at a UK festival and realised why I got into comedy in the first place.

Where will we find you during the festival?
April 27th & 28th – Vault at Q Theatre, Auckland (7pm)
May 8th – 12th – The Fringe Bar, Wellington (8.30pm)

NZ Comedy Scene – would you swipe right or swipe left?
Oh, I think the NZ Comedy Scene deserves a classier reception than that. I’d take it out, get to know it, and form an opinion of it based on its overall personality, attitude and manners.

Do you have any top picks for this year’s festival?
Andy Zaltzman has one of the finest minds on the circuit, haloed by one of the finest hairstyles, I’m very excited to see what The Fan Brigade have composed this year and if you think I’m missing Jesse Griffin’s Late Night Jazz Scat you’ve got another thing coming.

What song or movie best describes the story of your life?
Do Your Best And Don’t Worry – Morrissey

What are you currently binge-watching on Netflix?
I’m a bit late to it, but Transparent is ridiculously watchable, often through the fingers.

And your top 3 songs on Spotify?
Current favourites are:
Bad Losers On Yahoo! Chess by Half Man Half Biscuit
Two Pints Of Rasa by Sultans Of Ping FC
Wizard Bounce by Ed Harcourt

When I’m away from home for a long time, I need the occasional bout of British silliness in my ears.

If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
Night sledging.

World Association:
Comedy – Dromedary
New Zealand – Zoo Kneeling
Woke – Croak
Adulting – Bad culting
Basic – Facelick
Trend – Scrend
Joke – Floke

Alexis Dubus plays 27 & 28 at Auckland’s Q Theatre and 8 – 12 May at Wellington’s The Fringe Bar as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo. Buy your tickets here.