been | A Brisk Wind Whistling Down Twin Oak Drive

Unexpected.  Quirky.  Nouvelle.   Just a smattering of the adjectives I would use to describe this solo thespian act, created and performed by the very talented and astute Phoebe Mason.

Currently playing at our very own Basement Theatre –  ‘A Brisk Wind Whistling Down Twin Oak Drive’ is a 50 minute experience of satirical metaphoric prose, filled with intermittent humour and cunning observations of seemingly trivial and ordinary every day conundrums …  With tactility and the senses; sound, smell, instinct, central to the core of this performance.  (Lighting and Design by Amanda Tito).

“Fairly useless puddle of a human” and a “Pigsty of discontent” are just a taste of the brilliant analogies used throughout, among some uncanny and poetic musings upon nature, time lapses and the consequential pull of gravity.  Phoebe Mason’s turn of phrase and absurd, neurotic, yet rather sentimental reverie from figurative dreams to the meeting of eccentric strangers, is entertaining as well as judicious.

From the saccharine scent of rosemary upon entering, to the prominent and timely use of cue cards to set the course of the show;  A Brisk Wind Down Twin Oak Drive is an aesthete’s dream and Phoebe narrates it with unconventional wit and acuity, laced with moments of tenderness.


~ A Brisk Wind Whistling Down Twin Oak Drive is now showing at Basement Theatre:  Tuesday 20th – Saturday 24th March