FRINGE 18: 5 mins with Hamish Russell

How can we peer into the world of female friendships? Use two men in wigs?  Tom Sainsbury (Paula Bennett parody) and Hamish Russell (Drag Wars 2016 winner) put on a couple of wigs and sashay onto the stage.  Wigging Out promises lip-sync dripping with awkward relatability, melodramatic monologues and self-deprecating asides. Along with plenty of sequins and slipping eyelashes a whole new level of outrageousness ensues.

We speak to Hamish Russell, ahead of popping his  Basement cherry with Wigging Out.  Hamish dipped his pointed toe into Auckland’s drag scene in 2016, and in the same year picked up the drag wars crown.

Is this your first Fringe Auckland? If yes, what are you looking forward to about performing in Auckland?
This is my first Fringe ANYWHERE. Apart from the odd drag performance over the past two years I haven’t been on stage since university. I’m looking forward to everything! The crowds, the other shows, and getting to share a stage with Tom Sainsbury, a true hero.

Describe your show in three words or less…
Heels, humour and heaving.

Fringe Festivals are known for the weird, wacky, and utterly wonderful – what’s the most bizzare thing you’ve come across during your Fringe history?
The show is the beginning of my Fringe journey so drawing from this experience, most bizarre thing would be the transformative power of wigs.

What are your top 3 picks for Auckland Fringe?
Cool Behaviour, Drowning in Milk and MacKenzie’s Daughters

Where will we find you during the festival?
Backstage with a makeup brush in my hand, or in front of a high powered fan.

What would we find if we raided your fridge?
A packet of plunger coffee, butter and a jar of pickles.

Tell us about your spirit animal?
I want to say my spirit animal is a fox but that’s really only because we share the joy of being orange. In reality my spirit animal is probably something more like a manatee or a walrus. Something slow moving but always near water.

Word Association:
Fringe – Hysterical
Fridge – Fue
Auckland – Hubbub
Festival – Laughter
Lights – Sweat
Chocolate – Life-blood
Winter – Imminent
Theatre – Necessary

Hamish Russell performs in Wigging Out at Basement Theatre 27 Feb – 3 Mar as part of Auckland Fringe Festival. Buy your tickets here.