FRINGE 18: Cool Behaviour

Tina and Tonya (aka.Ava Diakhaby (Flaps, ATC’s Boys) and Frith Horan (Mating in Captivity, Album Party) the self-proclaimed Doctors of Cool, bring you an energetic and frenetic fueled performance as part of Auckland’s 2018 Fringe Festival.

Featuring numerous satirical sketches that include themes such as: teenage angst and the joys of binge-drinking, Instagram, self-love and incessant posting of our most mundane daily routines.  ‘Cool Behaviour’ was a fast-paced spectacle of short sketches and well planned transitions between.  With open dialogue and funny rapport with the audience, including an honourable mention to one particular unsuspecting member (we shall call Tony).

A French/Art parody, was the highlight for me.  Not without the undoubtedly Gallic beret and a nod to the art of the classic french mime.  The performance wrapped up with a concluding lesson in modern life; the inevitable drain and exhaust on our sometimes inane and ordinary existence, when one strives to reach the unattainable apex of limitless ‘coolness’.

Dr Tina and Dr Tonya provided a light-hearted and fun-filled ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ experience with their show Cool Behaviour.   Which although, having just a smidgen of cliched cheese in places, definitely lifted my spirits with it’s self-deprecating humour and relatable insights.  Leaving me towards the end of the evening, with an urge to bust out the Boney M (Daddy Cool reference) and an inexplicable urge for Doritos …


~ Cool Behaviour is currently showing at the Vault – Q Theatre from Thursday 22 – Saturday 24th February