interviewed | Night Vale’s Tamika Flynn

Welcome to Night Vale, is a podcast, presented as a radio show, reporting on the strange events that occur in the fictional town of Night Vale.  Their latest show All Hail, a live incarnation of Welcome to Night Vale, is touring Auckland and Wellington this January. All hail is a stand-alone story for long-time fans and newcomers, featuring the fan favourite character, the Glow Cloud.  We chat to Symphony Sanders who plays Tamika Flynn in Welcome to Night Vale

What will fans of Night Vale expect from All Hail?
A fun and interactive night full of laughs, emotion, and music with some of their favorite characters !

Can you tell us what doesn’t happens to The Glow Cloud in All Hail?
The glow cloud doesn’t completely destroy the town.

How do you choose the music for the shows?
Our show musician and production director Jon Bernstein chooses and plays the ambient underscore during the show. While our weather artist choose a set to open for the show and another song to perform during the show to compliment the script!

Who has been the best guest star performer you’ve worked with?
We have so many wonderful guest stars but one of my favorite people to have with us is Hal Lublin who plays Steve Carlsberg. He is a talented, hilarious actor and improviser. He is just a sweetheart of a person

Do you record each podcast in one take or multiple takes?
It usually requires a couple of takes to perfectly record an episode and to try a few different options for the guys to choose from when editing!

How do you choose your ‘weather’ for each podcast episode?
That decision is up to Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor.

What is the next story line for Night Vale?
You’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, if you had to sell the All Hail show to a non night vale fan …. how would you go about it?
It’s a funny, weird, and touching show about a town where strange things happen when a omniscient glow cloud takes over and it features mind control, group chanting, and, you might have to hold a strangers hand.

Welcome to Nightvale takes place in Wellington on Tuesday 30 January and Auckland on Wednesday 31 January.  Click here for more information and tickets.