been | The Vultures

Nominated for Five Wellington Theatre Awards 2016 including Best New New Zealand Play  –  ‘The Vultures’  written and directed by Miria George tells a bitter tale of sibling rivalry and greed, set among an old world of land and privilege.

Performing to a near packed-out audience.  The intimate yet lofty setting of the Rangatira stage provided the ideal backdrop for this indigenous collaborative production by Tawata Productions

Set within the parameters of sacred land and an idyllic lake, the plays theme, together with the polished and engaging performances, highlighting the very distinct character traits within whanau, was simplistic yet highly effective.

Starring Nicola Kawana, Te Kohe Tuhaka, Ani-Piki Tuari & Erina Daniels; the actors are the heart of this production. Honest and kind Sister Nurse Hinemoa is a polar opposite to her successful yet ruthless and intimidating sister, magazine magnate – Atawhai.  Superbly cast alongside their imposing and calculating brother, the dubious businessman Petera, and not least, their more virtuous niece and nephew, the prodigious scientist Kiwi and her cousin, budding gymnast, Te Rāwhitiroa, who have long been estranged.

I was particularly impressed with the metaphoric use of costume throughout the production, the grand and regal cloak of feathers worn by Petera, which throughout his descent into uncompromising rapacity and his physical stature, came to resemble that of an actual vulture.

‘The Vultures’ success lies within it’s characters and the underlying message.  A powerful portrayal of family loyalty vs greed, and the insatiable lust for material wealth which ultimately becomes soul-destroying.

With a very limited few days left of viewing to go, be sure not to miss this superbly crafted piece of Maori theater.


Now Showing @ Q !

Wednesday 18 October – Saturday 21st October